V8C14 Part 2

“You are not bad either, since you killed that big bear.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. What do we do with them?” Remi asked me, looking at the ten students who were shaking.

“Do with them? Don’t make it sound so harsh. We’re not killers. We just continue our way and ignore them.”

“Well, whatever, none of them are qualified to fight with me anyway.” Remi nodded.

“Master…how did you…” Azart walked up to me and he looked really surprised.

“How to put it? Um…this is my ability, I…” Damn it, Lex was a real bastard.

When I was talking to Azart, I saw Lex waving the magic wand in his hand, and there was a condensed fireball shooting towards Ryoko, who’s approaching me…

I immediately stood up, rushed over, put my arm around her shoulder and punched at the flying fireball.

“Hey! It’s not an honor to attack girls!” I sounded a bit cold, as I was really angry. I hated people bullying the weak.

Lex obviously didn’t expect that I would act so quickly, he was a little frightened and he kept releasing the fireballs. There were about five, and this time, I didn’t break them up, but I took them all and condensed them into a big fireball.

“Who are you really…” Lex and the people in his class stared nervously at the fireball in my hand.

As for magic, whoever could condense it more would be the more powerful one. , When five fireballs were condensed into one, its power increased not just five times, but ten times.

“Me? Didn’t you just say it? I’m from that side, and we asked Azart to take us to the trial.” As I said, I threw the fireball at Lex’s feet, and the ground was immediately on fire.

As a fire-type mage, he took a few steps back in panic, and he happened to trip over the bear fallen on the ground behind him. He was looking at me with horror on his face.

“Lex, let me tell you, he is my master, so are you afraid now?” Azart seemed to be very proud, he raised his head and looked down on Lex.

“I don’t care what you are… and, I will never spare you…now let’s go, hurry up.” Lex got up, returned to the people in his class, and he left without looking further at the corpse of the fiery bear.

Of course, I couldn’t be bothered with him anymore.

Oh, by the way, I felt two soft things pressed against my chest. What were they?

When I looked down, I saw Ryoko in my arms.  Her smell was as pure as milk. I could see her chest moving and I could feel her breathing quickly. Well, it’s actually more like she couldn’t breathe.

“Uh…sorry.” I let go of Ryoko and I felt a little embarrassed. She took a deep breath after being let go. And when she exhaled, her cheeks looked red.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Ryoko lowered her head and her voice was as low as a mosquito.

Uh…Since she said it’s okay, it should be okay, right? Then, I asked Remi, “Remi, weren’t you too heavy-handed?” I looked at the bear corpse and I felt a little uncomfortable.

“I thought this bear was very powerful. I didn’t expect it to die after . It’s really disappointing.” Remi didn’t seem to reflect at all. Maybe it’s normal for him to kill these harmful spirits…

“Brother Remi, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful. However, compared to the master, you still have some way to go.” Azart walked to the side of the bear with a smile, squatted down, then muttered something.

“Ryoko, what is that guy doing?” I asked Ryoko.

“Brother Lin Xiang, he is extracting the spirit crystals of the spirits.” Ryoko’s face was still red, but she didn’t feel sorry for the death of the bear, she acted just normally. It seems that for the people from the sky outside the sky, killing spirits is a normal thing. They were right – these evil creatures weren’t useful anyway. Also, if we let this bear go, Lex might use it to hurt the others again. I was relieved when thinking of it.

It’s just that I have a question. After the spirits die, wouldn’t they become dusty? Why would there still be spirit crystals left?

“Son, don’t always use the common sense of the mainland over there to judge the things here. The spirits here are not the same as those of the demon realm. Although they are both spirits, they are fundamentally different. According to my inference, the spirits of the Demon Realm, under the influence of the abundant magic power of the Demon Realm, have certain abilities, and this ability is called magic. The spirits themselves do not produce magic power. If they live in the human’s world, they will die without magic power. And the spirits here can condense the magic of the outside world into a kind of crystal-like thing. That kind of crystal-like thing is probably the spirit crystal, and this kind of spirit crystal can produce magic power by itself, do you know what I mean?” Freed explained to me.

“Well, I only understand half of it. By the way, Freed, you’re so powerful, you know so much about spirits.”

“Nonsense, can’t I not know at least a bit about spirits?” Yalide sounded a bit bitter, it’s probably because I never praise him.

“Please pay attention to your attitude when you speak to me.” Yalide was angry.

Aside from Yalide, I wanted to see what kind of thing spirit crystals are. After returning to my senses, I looked at Azart, and at this moment, the bear’s corpse emitted bursts of red light, and all the red light converged to one point. Gradually, a red crystal stone floated out of its body.

Azart took the spirit crystal, walked back to my side joyfully and handed it to me, “master, this is the spirit crystal of the fire element, which is very good for the fire-type spirits. I’m guessing you own fire-type spirits, right?”

“Fire spirits?” I thought of Fire Dance and Dusty. After taking the spirit crystal, I felt that this thing would be of little use to me. With the dragon energy in my body, Silent Water and the others wouldn’t need this kind of thing at all to have endless magic power. As long as they rested enough, they would be able to release strong magic.

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