V8C14 Part 3

This was something that I only learned recently. When using magic, something called mental power was also required. Magic is something beyond science and it’s fascinating. It is the result of the imagination of the one using it. Imagining something requires imagination. Since everyone has imagination, what they need next is mental power, and it is very abstract. In short, if one’s mental power is strong enough, then he can release more powerful magic. I don’t know what it is actually, as I have never thought of learning magic. Magic requires memorizing spells or something like that, and it can be annoying.

“Hey, Azart, I don’t need this thing, don’t you guys have any spirits?” I asked.

“Spirits? No, the academy stipulates that you must be a D-level exorcist or above to be able to contract spirits.”

“Is that so? Well, let’s give this thing to Ryoko then.” I think Ryoko’s family conditions were not very good. Even if she did not contract with fire spirits in the future, this thing could still be used to sell money, I remember Aiko once said that you could sell spirit crystals for money.

“Huh? Brother Lin Xiang, I don’t need such a valuable thing. Moreover, this is from brother Remi.” Ryoko waved her hand quickly.

“What are you afraid of? Accept it. Remi, do you mind?” Since Remi killed the bear, then Remi would be the owner of the spirit crystal. It’s normal to ask for his opinion first.

“Heh~ You are holding it in your hand already, why would I mind? Also, I don’t need these things.” Remi waved his hand very freely.

“Well, you see, Remi agreed already.” I grabbed Ryoko’s little hand and placed the red spirit crystal on her palm, which surprised her a little.

The students there all showed envy. Actually, it’s not that I favored Ryoko particularly (well, perhaps I favored her a little). All in all, I was staying at her place and her parents even spared me from paying. It would make sense for me to give her a spirit crystal.

After drinking the medicine, the students were much better. After resting on the spot for a while, we continued our journey. Occasionally, we met a few more powerful spirits, but with Azart, neither Remi and I had to take action. They might as well take it as an opportunity to train.

————Three days later.

Time passed by quickly. I didn’t expect that we reached the place called Tower Tree in only three days. Any trial site in the sky outside the sky was enormous. It’d be difficult to estimate its size.

The tower tree was indeed just like its name. It’s a tree as tall as a tower, but not as wide as a tower, it only had the thickness of a sycamore tree. It was about fifty or sixty meters high. This is something I didn’t understand – how could something so thin to grow so long? There was no sturdy tree body. Wouldn’t it fall if there’s a big wind? The sky outside the sky was such a magical place.

Under the tower tree, I could see a group of people talking and laughing there. They were probably Ryoko’s classmates. When they saw us arriving, they showed a happy smile and they all stood up to greet us. I was sitting under the tower tree and surrounded by a group of students younger than me, listening to them telling me how to avoid other trialists and how to kill the evil spirits during the trial. It’s such a warm feeling for me. It’s like they were all my friends and everybody got along regardless of our age.

————In the human’s world.

“Silent Water, please.”

“Okay.” Silent Water answered me, and with some noises like flowing water, there’s a high-pressure water tower in the palm of hers, hitting directly the enemy’s chest.

“Great! Another one down.” Seeing the enemy fall, I jumped up happily.

“Satsuki, don’t be happy too early.” I heard Reidy’s slightly cold voice. I turned my head and saw a guy holding a sword, ready to hit me. I saw him getting stiff all over his body and there’s golden electric current running through his body. Before he attacked me, Reidy released her magic and numbed that guy.

“Um…well, thank you.” Although I was reluctant to admit it, Reidy was pretty powerful.

The team competition held by the academy officially started the day before. There were only dozens of teams (out of hundreds of them) left. Our end zero team was one of the remaining teams. And our team was the most likely to win the champion. If you want to ask why, that’s because we had Silent Water, Reidy and Dusty. Although Dusty only knew a few earth-type magic spells, but when combining them, she could really beat up the enemy. And since Silent Water and Reidy had so many different kinds of magic, it could bring great damage to the enemy. Basically, they could defeat anyone in one blow, and it made me feel a little inferior, as I didn’t have to make a move at all.

“Thunder cut!” Reidy knocked the last contestant to the ground with her palm charged with electricity. Our team got promoted again.

There was a big applause and we had successfully entered the semi-finals. As long as we won the semi-finals, we would be able to compete for the championship and represent the academy and compete with other academies, which would be the friendship game the day after the next day. This game was very important and was related to the reputation of the academy.

The Pillar Nofu Academy did not have a profound history as that of the Daojie Holy Spirit Academy, but it was famous, as it had won the title of champion in the academy’s team competitions, so its reputation had also greatly increased. Starting from the first friendly competition, the academy won the championship twenty times in a row. However, it was overtaken by Daojie Holy Spirit Academy three years ago. For the honor of the school, we all  wanted to make a contribution. And now, our opportunity finally came, and that was the friendly match 3 days later.

When I was looking at the clouds in the sky, I suddenly recalled a person’s smiling face. The applause around me seemed to disappear completely.

Xiang, you are also a member of the team, can you come back?


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