V8C15 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C15_Trial of exorcist (4)

“Brother Lin Xiang, be careful!” Ryoko, who was standing uphill, called me with a worried look.

“No problem!” I turned around and avoided the buffalo rushing towards me.

It was the fourth day of the trial. I originally thought it would be a simple one. Let’s forget about finding the exit, as these wild spirits were difficult enough to deal with.

Just now, when about 20 of us were walking, some students told me that they were thirsty, but I didn’t feel anything. I could see that they were thirsty and tired, so I suggested that we’d look for some water. Then, we found some water and there were also about dozens of rare earth buffaloes.

To be honest, when I found this river just now, I didn’t notice more than a dozen buffaloes lying in the water. Their color was the same as the land beside the river, which were grey and silver, and there were some big bumps on their bodies. It’s like a few stones on ordinary flat ground, and since they were in the river, it made them even harder to notice. As we didn’t find them, we walked down the river and wanted to get some water to drink. Unexpectedly, the group of buffaloes saw us as invaders. They all climbed ashore, lowered their heads, and aimed their horns at us, ready to attack.

However, those buffaloes didn’t attack the students, as they were all diverted away by me and Remi…

“Lin Xiang!” Remi that ran towards me and he was smiling a little wickedly. Just like me, there was a buffalo chasing after him furiously. I knew what he was going to do.

I nodded, speeded up and ran towards Remi. Just a second before we bumped into each other, we ran to a side without saying it.

“Bang!” The two buffaloes howled in pain, they fell to the ground and were then unable to get up.

“There is one left.” Remi and I stood side by side, we were staring at one of buffaloes with its red eyes and it’s staring at us too.

Under normal circumstances, Remi could beat down a group of buffaloes with any electric magic, but he couldn’t do so with these earth buffaloes. It’s all because they were of earth-type. The earth element is undoubtedly a nemesis to the electric element. They could not be paralyzed by the current at all. Although there would be a pause within the second after the current hit, the effect was basically minimal.

“Humph~” The buffalo snorted, its gaze was fixed on me and Remi, and its front feet kept sweeping backwards, and there’s a lot of dust, “moo!” With a long howl, the earth buffalo rushed towards us at a very high speed.


“Leave it to me.” Remi said, and he rushed towards the earth buffalo. “Thunder cut!” Remi quickly hit the ground with a thunder cut, and there’s a small crack on the ground immediately. The crack was extended to the feet of the earth buffaloes.

The rare earth buffaloes were already very heavy. The original small seam immediately sank after being trampled by the buffaloes. The earth buffaloes turned a few somersaults and slipped towards us.

“So amazing!”

“Big Brother Lin Xiang and big brother Remi are really great.”

I heard the students cheering on the uphill behind us.

As for those earth buffaloes, I did not let the students take their spirit crystals. After all, they were not evil creatures, they just thought that we were invaders.

These rare earth buffaloes were very strong, and soon they all woke up. After seeing that we ignored them, they stopped attacking us. They just stood far away, watching what we were doing from time to time.

The river was clear and there was no pollution at all. We could see fish swimming inside there would be lunch waiting for us.

“Hey, let’s eat some fish today.” I suggested to the students who were resting on the shore.

“Yeah, let’s eat some fish.” After hearing me, the students all stopped looking tired.

The boys took off their shirts and jumped into the water to catch the fish, while the girls went to find wood to make a fire together. As Remi and I helped them get out of danger, we were exempted from the tasks.

“Lin Xiang, it’s been so long, is it really okay for you to stay here?” When we were sitting on the shore, Remi looked at the sky and asked me.

“I don’t know, I also want to go back, but I have to wait until the trial is over.” I sighed. Although life in the wild was interesting, I still felt a bit uncomfortable without Silent Water. This was perhaps the bonding between family members.

“Son, if you continue like this, you either get lost or you can’t find an exit, and you end up in failure. “

“Freed, why did you say so?”

“This maze feels weird to me. Except for some special things, everything else is constantly changing. Something seems to be controlling the trees beside the road. If you can go up high, you should be able to see the problem.”

“If you can go to higher places, I would climb up to the tower tree to find an exit. Unfortunately, the trial field here has a special barrier. Except for flying things, it’s not possible for anyone climb trees more than ten meters high. I think that is why you can’t contract spirits before getting the exorcist level. It’s to stop those flying spirits find the exit.”

“Well, you’re right, it’s true.” Freed agreed with me, “this maze doesn’t  look only like a trial to test your ability to fight against wild spirits, it’s more like a test of your luck. Only those lucky ones can get out of the maze.”

“To test the luck?”

“Yes, you know, besides strength, luck is the most important thing on the battlefield.”

“Is that so…and I never seem to be on the lucky side.”

“Well…work hard anyway.”

Ten minutes later, the boys had caught many fish as big as a palm. In fact, they just needed to release magic to the fish under the water to catch it. The weather was hot and they got in the water mainly to cool down. All in all, guys that age really liked to have fun.

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