V8C15 Part 2


On the other hand, the girls also set up the wooden pile. The boys skewered the fish with wooden sticks, lit the wooden pile with flames, then put the fish on the fire and grilled it.

“It would be great if I could have some beef.” A guy murmured while looking at the rare earth buffalo not far away.

“Catch it if you can. Besides, the skin of rare earth buffaloes is very thick, it is difficult to break, and the meat is hard, so it is not delicious at all.” said the companion.

“I was just saying it…”

…After lunch and a short break, we continued our journey, and as we didn’t know where the exit was, we were just walking aimlessly. Fortunately, everyone talked and laughed from time to time, and we were not bored. This made me feel like participating in an outing, not a trial.

The sun went down, the sky turned dusky and yellow, the birds all returned to their nests and the woods looked extremely quiet. Just when we were about to find a place to rest,  a wolf’s howl broke the silence.

There was the sound of the surrounding grass moving, and the students all looked vigilant. Some girls even leaned towards me and Remi.

“Wow!!!” There was another howl, then, there were many black shadows leaping out of the grass.

A large group of wolves surrounded us, all of them were showing sharp teeth, they were grinning at us, as if they would jump on us any time.

“How lucky, these are the iron-tailed wolves.” A guy cursed secretly.

“What are they?” I asked.

“Iron-tailed wolves are a species with an unusually hard tail, they can smash stones with a sweep of the tail, but that’s all, when they’re alone, they’re usually not that powerful. However, since they know about this, they often take action in groups. My teacher told me before that if you encounter one or two iron-tailed wolves in the maze, you don’t need to be afraid. But when you encounter a group of them, you must leave immediately and don’t try to fight with them, as they’ll try to wear you out and attack you when you’re exhausted. Moreover, the wolves in front of you are not all of the wolves. There are more wolves waiting somewhere. If their companion dies, they will come forward. They will entangle with the prey and continue fighting after their companions die. Anyway, they’ll make sure to exhaust you.” A guy with glasses pushed the frame on the bridge of his nose and explained to me.

“Wait, what if the food isn’t enough?”

“It’s fine, they still have the bodies of their companions to eat.”

“Well…” Isn’t this too scary? I looked at the wolves around and swallowed my saliva. I was not afraid to be injured, but I was worried that they would hurt the group of students.

“Oh~Oh~Oh!!!” There were three consecutive wolf howls from the grass. The wolves around us gradually became agitated, then there was another wolf howl, and the iron-tailed wolves opened their mouth and rushed at us.

————In the human’s world.

Thanks to Silent Water and the girls, the End Zero team won the championship without any pressure.

The top ten teams were eligible to participate in the team battle of the friendly match.

A total of four schools participated in the friendly match, including Pillar Nofu Academy in our city and Daojie Holy Spirit Academy. There would be also two colleges in the neighboring city, I couldn’t remember the names of those two colleges, since they were not very famous, and because they were not on the first and second places of the friendly match, so people usually didn’t remember them.

There were two types of friendly matches, one was individual and the other was team match. As the name suggests, the individual match is a single player’s battle, while the other one is a team play. There would be eight players on the field. If the opponent was defeated or admitted defeat, then it’s considered the winning one. In short, it’s just like the team match held the day before, the only difference was that the opponents would be people from other schools, and we were no longer fighting for our own honor, but for the honor of the school.

In friendly matches, there were no differentiation of grades for individual and team matches. Except for the third grade, the first and second grades were both mixed competitions. In the competition, there were also no differentiation of seniors and juniors. As long as you knock down your opponent, you’d be the winner. This sounds like a disadvantage for the first-year students, but this arrangement can encourage them further to fight. As the second-year students did not want to be knocked down by their juniors, they would face the match seriously. Therefore, both parties would use their full strength and release their potential.

“My dear Risa, are you thinking about Lin Xiang again?” I heard mother’s voice behind me.

“I…I’m not.” I panicked and put the photo with Lin Xiang back into the drawer.

“Then what are you hiding from mom?” Mom asked as she stretched out her hand to open the drawer.

“Mom~Why are you like this? Your daughter also has privacy.” I pushed my mother’s hand back.

“If you have privacy, why didn’t you wear pants when you were born?” Mom said with a serious face.

“Oh, mom, what are you talking about…” I was dumbfounded by my mother.

“Haha, I’ll stop teasing you, now go to eat.” My mother touched my head.


—-The next day.

When I came to school, the table on my right was empty. He hasn’t come yet…God, I hope you will bless Lin Xiang and let him pass the trial safely. And I can see that Silent Water and the girls really miss him very much. It’s just that I still don’t understand the relationship between them and Xiang. Xiang said that they were the daughters of his uncle’s friend, and I don’t believe it. Would such a beautiful girl would live in a strange guy’s place? Even if this is acceptable to me, it is still strange that Silent Water and Dusty call Lin Xiang as their master. They aren’t spirits, so the only possibility is…

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