Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C12 Part 2


“Brother, this isn’t nice, is it? If that bastard knows, won’t he kill us?”

“Ishihara, when did you become so timid? Are you scared? I tell you, BOSS will return tomorrow, what is there to be scared of?”

“Hehe, you’re right…”

“Give way, all of you!”

What jerks! After hearing their conversation, I couldn’t help but feel my heart tightened. Damn it! Why was it so crowded still? I was still trying to squeeze myself through the crowd.

“You trash from the old society, let’s not mention that you were just trying to stop me from recruiting first-year students, now you’re planning to commit a crime in public? I won’t allow it.”

“Big brother, be careful!”

At the moment Ishihara yelled, there was a popping sound, it’s the sound of the wooden sword colliding with the titanium sword.

“Hey, stinky woman, how dare you ambush us? You don’t need it.”

“It’s you who’s trash! For scum like you, I don’t need to ambush.”

“Humph! You are like your abominable dad. You’re full of excuses. If it wasn’t for your good looks, I’d have cut you open and sent you to hospital already.”

“You’re full of crap. Do you think that you can beat me? Don’t joke around.”

“Pappappap!” I heard a series of attack.

I struggled to squeeze myself out of the crowd, and saw a tall girl with ponytail fighting at the edge of the arena against a bald man with a sword. Yorikawa, who was in a daze with tears in her eyes, was surrounded by Ishihara and a guy called dog.

The girl was constantly attacking the bald guy, who’s blocking his head with the sword. I found the way of her attacking a bit familiar.

How weird, where did I see this kind of attacking method?

With a clear sound, the bald man’s titanium sword broke apart. He looked as if “so this finally happened”, and took a few steps back.

“You stinky woman, don’t think that the swords skills of your Suehiro family is that powerful. Comparing to us, the Kamikawa family, you guys aren’t even relevant!”

“Huh! Only the Suehiro family would have a shameless descendant like you. Your father is a powerful swordsman, the owner of you, the Kamikawa family has taken my father’s sword skills as if he’d invented them. And I haven’t even mentioned that to you!” The girl in a ponytail just finished talking, and she immediately waved her sword toward the bald guy, who immediately took two small ones behind him and blocked the attack.

“Huh! Is it a sword of second grade? This is also my father’s improved sword skills. It’s shameful that you, the Kamikawa family, can use other people’s modified sword skills and be so open about it!”

“Your father is just an ordinary sword master, and the Kamikawa family is known as the master of kendo. Do you think anyone would believe you?”

“Then, all of you from the Kamikawa family will be knocked down. Someone will believe it!” After the girl finished talking, she lifted the wooden sword in her hand. The sword in the bald guy’s hand had blocked the girl’s attack. After she was blocked, a slash came quickly and kicked sideways, hitting the bald man who had just blocked the slash to the ground.

The bald guy who fell on the ground climbed up, grinning sternly, “you bitch, I admit that your sword skills are excellent, but do you want to defeat our family? Don’t dream anymore, our family has more than 100 apprentices, plus our family members, there’re over 150 people, how about you and your dad? Are you two going to fight us, the 150 people together? So ridiculous! Also, don’t expect that you can recruit anyone here! Anyone who joins you will be beaten to death by me!” The bald guy yelled at the surrounding students.

“You’re such a jerk.”

“Whatever you say, the team will be dissolved if there are less than 5 people joining anyway. After tomorrow, the team that you worked hard to apply for will be gone for good.” The bald guy smiled kinkily at the girl.

“Sorry, but I want to join!” I shouted.

After seeing this scene, I probably understood what was going on. The girl’s father probably belonged to the same sect as that of the bald guy or something. The girl’s father was a master in swords and he’d created some amazing skills himself. He also improved some existing ones. Later, out of an unknown reason, the bald guy’s father took the skills of the girl’s father and claimed that he’d invented them, and even got famous out of it. He’d then formed the  Kamikawa sect. On the contrary, the girl and her father remained unknown to people…

All in all, the bald guy was a bastard. His family was also evil. Although I had nothing to do with the relationship between him and the girl, just because of what he was trying to do on Yorikawa, I had to beat him down. Also, no matter what happened, I had to make sure that he stopped bullying me or anyone around me.

Ok? That bastard called dog was going to touch Yorikawa. No way, I couldn’t allow their dirty hands touch Yorikawa.

“Hey, that bastard is coming…Ah!” Just before Ishihara finished talking, I hit his chin and he flew out instantly like a gyro.

The girls there started screaming. Yorikawa finally reacted, and tears rushed out from her eyes. She buried her head into my arms and kept repeating, “Lin Xiang, I’m so scared, I’m so scared…”

I stroked Yorikawa’s head and smiled bitterly, “there’s no need to be afraid, aren’t I already here? As long as I’m here, no one can harm you.” It seemed that what the bald guy said to her had really scared her…I couldn’t let these bastards walk away.

“Okay.” Yorikawa raised her head and looked at me with tears, “I’m so sorry, Lin Xiang, I shouldn’t…”

“It’s okay. If I see my friend’s friend giving me a bad face, I will also leave. Also, there’s something I need to tell you. Satsuki and Kamiki were just trying to be friends with you, although the way they did was a bit strange…” I looked at the students around me and the bald guy, the girl in ponytail and the guy called dog who were approaching me.

“Big brother…please let me go, I beg you…” Dog was just about one meter away from me. He started begging me after seeing the unconscious Ishihara.

“Sorry, I have heard what you just said. I won’t let you go if you dare to touch Yorikawa.” Afterwards, I let go of Yorikawa and kicked him on the back of his knees, forcing him to kneel on the ground. Then, I kicked the center of his chest, the guy called dog flew out like a stringed arrow. Of course, I controlled my strength, and he only flew out to a short distance. Even so, he still kept crying and moaning on the ground.

“You… Hum! Since you hurt my brother, I can’t bear it until tomorrow, I will beat you up right now!” The bald guy clenched his double knives and rushed towards me .

With a loud and clear sound, the bald guy stopped and blocked the girl’s attack.

“You bitch! It’s none of your business. Hurry and die a side.”

“No, he just said that he wants to join my team, and I can’t allow you to beat new members!”

“You bitch, you’re so shameless!” said the bald guy. Then, he started waving his double knives vigorously. His action was smooth like flowing water, every attack was aimed at the most vulnerable parts of a girl’s body.

The girl was extremely quick in dodging. She used only a wooden knife to block the attack of the bald guy, and she wasn’t even panting. She sneered at the bald guy casually, “it’s such a second-grade sword…haha, looks like you guys still haven’t learnt the real skills of my father.”

At the end, the girl pushed the sword like a baseball and pushed the bald guy away.

“Damn it! You bitch! How dare you fight at school! You scumbags, just wait for me!” The bald guy was furious. He turned away from the path given by the students, ignoring the painful moaning guy called dog on the ground, and Ishihara whom I’d already knocked out.


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