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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C12 Part 1

The disgusting weak type, the girl with her hair tied, the familiar swordsmanship

“There are so many people~Did everyone come to join the team?” After seeing the students who gathered like a honeycomb on the playground, Yorikawa covered his mouth in surprise and opened her eyes wide.

“Yorikawa, isn’t that a bit too exaggerated?” Kamiki, holding her elbows in both hands, looked at the crowded recruitment field and shook her head. Speaking of that, Kamiki hated it when too many people were gathered together.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I won’t do it next time… I’m really sorry.” After hearing Kamiki’s words, Yorikawa seemed startled. She kept bowing and apologizing, making Kamki somewhat embarrassed.

Kamiki glanced at me and made a signal, asking me to stop Yorikawa.

Even if Kamiki didn’t ask me to, I also intended to stop Yorikawa.

Although Yorikawa was timid, she’s modest and humble, it’s rare to find girls like her nowadays.

I took two steps forward, grabbed Yorikawa’s shoulder, and looked at her very seriously, “Yorikawa.”

The moment I touched her shoulder, she shook her face, her face flushed and her eyes closed.  She dared not look at me and her body seemed to freeze. Then, she responded robotically, “yes!”

Yorikawa was probably scared, right? I had to be more careful next time…

“Yorikawa…aren’t we friends?” When I had the intention to have a serious talk with Yorikawa, when I was grabbing her shoulders and she was closing her eyes, I looked as if I was about to kiss her…also, when I looked at her at a close distance, I found that she’s incredibly cute.

“Eh?” Yorikawa opened her eyes and looked at me a bit doubtfully.

“Let me ask you, are we friends? You, me, Satsuki and Kamiki.”

When I said this, Yorikawa secretly glanced at Satsuki and Kamiki behind me, then answered carefully, “probably…”

Probably? Why probably? Weren’t we together all the time? And weren’t they already familiar with each other? Well, let it be then.

“So, if we are friends, you don’t need to be too polite. Do you agree with that?”

“…” She lowered her head and seemed to be thinking about something. She lowered her curly and thin eyelashes and said shyly, “I joined late…and, it’s me who’s shameless and who always wants to be with Lin Xiang…really sorry for that.”

“Yorikawa, what are you talking about?” What was happening all of a sudden? I didn’t get what Yorikawa meant.

“Satsuki, Kamiki, I’m really very sorry.” Afterwards, Yorikawa let go of my hand and ran toward the crowd.

“Yorikawa?” What’d happened?

“Look at you, it’s all your fault. Why did you show her your angry face?” I turned my head and saw Satsuki yelling at Kamiki, who was standing a side, holding her hands.

“Ah ha, and aren’t you the same? We are just the same. Having said that, I truly dislike girls like her. I’d prefer everyone to be thick-skinned like you. She’s too weak and too fragile. You can’t even argue with her a bit.”

“What are you talking about? Yorikawa has a very good personality. I stayed with her for a while. I know her very well. She’s very gentle, how can it be so negative for you?”

“Then why did you just show her an angry face?”

“That’s because…” Satsuki glanced at me angrily.

“I hate to say that, but I’m too soft-hearted. I can’t sneer at such an enemy. Hey! Aren’t you going to chase her? If you don’t, wait until she runs into the crowd, and you won’t find her anymore.” Kamiki dropped her hands and walked straight towards the crowd.

After listening to Kamiki’s words, I finally reacted from their conversation. After all, the conversation they just had was a bit strange, and it made me feel completely confused. I had to rethink what they actually meant. Now that Kamiki finally spoke, I stopped thinking about their meaning, and I had to chase Yorikawa first.

Yorikawa did not run fast, but during the conversation of Satsuki, she’d already run into the crowd. I had to hurry up. While I was thinking like that, I quickly ran towards Yorikawa’s back that was gradually disappearing…

“The Herbert team is recruiting~~”

“Reginold is currently recruiting new students, first graders, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and join.”

“Team McKee, here are…”

Running into the crowd, I had to admit that it’s really crowded. There was basically no room for me to walk normally, let alone run.

“Hey, what do you think of this team?”

“No, it’s too weak. We have to join a strong team.”

“Is this…Huh? Isn’t that Lin Xiang’s classmate? Has he come to join the team? Let’s go and check which team he wants to join.”

“I don’t think so. I just saw Yorikawa passing by here. He should be chasing her. There are three pretty girls around him. Don’t dream anymore.”

When I squeezed myself through two girls, I heard clearly what they were saying.

Did Yorikawa just pass by here? That was great news.

Yorikawa suddenly became like that, that’s probably because Satsuki and Kamiki weren’t friendly to her. Yorikawa felt being hated and left out, that’s why she ran away.

I knew that I should have told Yorikawa before that Satsuki and Kamiki were often arguing because they liked doing so to improve their relationship. Although they were fighting all the time, I knew that they were actually pretty close. When the bald guy was bullying Satsuki, Kamiki said something to defend her and she did worry about her.

“I’m sorry, excuse me.” I pushed away the crowd with my hand, opened a path, and squeezed through to walk forward with difficulties. There were students everywhere, and some were taller than me. I couldn’t find Yorikawa, I only saw that not so far away, there seemed to be a large space like an arena, and many students were surrounding it as well.

Perhaps Yorikawa was there. I started walking toward it.

“Which bastard has hit me… oh? Little sister, do you want to play with big brother?” As I was almost close to the arena, I heard an extremely sharp voice.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.” After that sharp voice, I heard Yorikawa apologizing to someone.

“You don’t need to apologize. Just like what big brother said, do you want to play with me?”

“No……there’s no need, I’m looking for someone. Sorry, I need to go first.”

“Hey…why are you leaving already? Brother, I’ve found a really cute girl here. She’s got fair skin and really big titties.”

Bastard! After hearing what he’d said, I hurried up.

“Please…Please let me go, okay?”

“Haha, no.”

“Son, what are you doing? Hmm? Isn’t this Yorikawa? You kid, do you want to die? This is the bastard boy’s girl, don’t touch her.” I heard a somewhat familiar voice.

“Brother Ishihara, is she the girl of that kid? No wonder she’s so cute. It turns out that she’s one of the prettiest in the school. I didn’t realize it before.”

“Now that you know, why aren’t you letting her go already? Do you want to be punished by that bastard again?”

“What are you afraid of? There are so many people here. I don’t think that bastard is here. We don’t have to be afraid. Brother, what do you think?”

“Well, son, you’re right, that bastard is very arrogant. Wait a minute, I will take her to the storage house and fxxk her. Although she’s second-hand, she’s so beautiful and it must feel great, her titties are so big.”

“No, don’t……”

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