Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C11 Part 3

But how could I not mind? Fortunately, that day happened to be the recruitment day of the team. Just after the class, the students ran to the playground to find the teams that they wanted to join, and that’s why not many students were looking at us now. Otherwise, if any bastard saw what had happened, they would rush in and start beating me…all in all, I’d touched their goddess…

I looked at Yorikawa embarrassedly, and she also lowered her head as she’s too shy. The atmosphere suddenly became a bit cold and sensitive. And just when neither of us knew what to say…

“Xiang? You fool, why did you suddenly run out? Huh? Yorikawa?” Probably because the “Lin Xiang’s theory” came into effect, they gave up arguing and they all looked for me.

“Hello, Satsuki, and hi, Kamiki.” Yorikawa’s voice trembled, as if she’d done something wrong.

“It’s Yorikawa…” Kamiki murmured Yorikawa’s name and asked, “Yorikawa, are you here to see which team darling wants to get into?”

Yorikawa took a few steps back and she looked somewhat embarrassed. She stared at her clenched hands. She kept turning her thumb before raising her head. Then, she looked at Kamiki with watery eyes and whispered, “yes…may I know…if I can follow you? I promise that I won’t make a fuss of anything…and I’m going to be obedient…”

Facing such a soft girl like Yorikawa, Kamiki and Satsuki immediately became gentler as well. They became even a bit embarrassed and said in unison, “just go if you want to, there’s no need to ask for our opinion. Ask Xiang darling if he agrees.”

Satsuki and Kamiki glanced at each other and their eyes seemed to be full of words. They were probably wondering when our thoughts became so in sync of each other.

After listening to Satsuki, Yorikawa raised her head and looked at me as if she was begging me.

I was speechless towards Yorikawa’s action. I didn’t get it, we were obviously friends already, why did Yorikawa have to ask for my permission? Also, I could feel that she appeared to be more inferior in front of Satsuki and Kamiki, just like a guest appearing extra respectful to the master.

“Yorikawa…in the future, you can act according to your decision and you don’t need to seek anyone’s approval. Aren’t we friends already?” I gave a friendly smile to Yorikawa.

“Yeah~~” Yorikawa showed me a smile as bright as blossoming flowers. I was stunned to see that. Aside from her smile, I also had the thought of letting her beautiful smile stay forever.

“Yes, it will. Her smile will always be available for you. You have to protect her and not to let her get harmed. Alright?” Freed started talking all of a sudden.

“Isn’t this bullshit? Since I got this friend with such difficulties, I will cherish her for sure. Also, since the ancient times, it has always been a man’s responsibilities.”

“Only fools like you would think like that. When I was floating in space, I’ve seen many men sacrificing their partners to realize their dreams and interests…well, this also explains how excellent you are…”

“Hey, what are you looking at? Why aren’t you leaving already?” Kamiki pushed me from behind and reminded me.

I turned around and looked at Kamiki. She wasn’t looking well, and same for Satsuki. Yorikawa’s face turned red and she looked at me secretly a few times.

What happened? Could I be looking somewhere of Yorikawa while talking with Freed? If that’s the case, I would be really shameful, and I’d surely be taken as a pervert.

“Let’s go, otherwise good teams will be all occupied soon.” I opened my hands and pushed my arms against the backs of Satsuki and Kamiki. While I was pushing them, Yorikawa walked towards the exit of the teaching area with us.

What was I supposed to do in this situation? I felt like an emperor when one could be surrounded by girls…

Originally, I was just planning to push Satsuki and Kamiki to make them move, but now they were getting closer and closer, and their bodies were closely attached to mine. I wasn’t sure where I could place my hands on. Yorikawa, who’s walking in front of me, was sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Whenever I bumped into her, she’d get faster, but then she’d get slower. Then, I’d bump into her again, and every time I did, I could smell her fragrance…and I was surrounded by them…

On my way, my body kept bumping into Satsuki and her peers. I thought that they’d be angry because of this, but they didn’t say anything. Instead, they seemed to be thinking about something.


At the exit, I suddenly realized that I had been surrounding by them. That’s when I took a few steps back. Pretending that nothing had happened, I continued walking forward. Fortunately, I could think of such a method, or I’d be dead if I walked out like that from the teaching area.

At the playground.

“Yo~~Students of the first grade, come here to see what’s happening. During the official recruitment of the Beechell team, we have a senior celebrity Tosei Taisei who’s at the level of Demon Resistance. Do you want to make some noise with us? Then join the Beechell team.” A second-year senior was holding a microphone and yelling to the students passing by. Other recruited team members followed suit.

“Come, come here quickly, as long as you have the ability, then join us. We welcome the strong, and although you are new students of the first year, but we will never underestimate you. After all, your potential is better than us seniors.”

“The Dennis team is officially recruiting. Come and have a look.”

There were a lot of people in front of us. There were voices of first-year students discussing and second-year students recruiting. The playground at this moment was just like the market in the morning, it’s crowded everywhere.

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