Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C11 Part 2

Hey…gals, you both could go on arguing, but could you please not mention me…people would think that you gals were jealous because of me.

“I…I’ve forgotten. I just answered whatever Satsuki was asking me.”

When I finished saying this, Satsuki looked up at Kamiki with her head high, feeling a little proud. After seeing Satsuki’s expression, Kamiki bit her lips and pulled my face in the direction of her, then she pressed her lips onto mine the next second…

“Ah~~ What are you doing, you are being ridiculous.” Satsuki hurriedly hugged my neck and pulled back.

“Ridiculous? How can that be considered as being ridiculous?” Kamiki saw that Satsuki was pulling me away and was seemingly smiling at her.

“Then what are you doing? You don’t have the guts to bully me.”

“And why does it have anything to do with me? I just want to be intimate with my dear one.”

“Look at Xiang, he’s not willing to.”

“How do you know that my dear is not willing? You are not him.”

“I don’t care. All in all, you are not allowed to do this in the future.”

“Why should I listen to you? Weren’t you very arrogant just now? Did you think that my darling was willing to listen to you?”

“I…damn it…if it’s so, then I can…”

Afterwards, the slightly sweet lips of Satsuki were pressed against mine…

How should I describe this…um…being alive is really great…

They were arguing because of me and it was me who took all the advantages, wasn’t I too lucky?

After school.

Satsuki played with her dark hair, picked up her schoolbag and asked me, “Xiang~have you decided which type of team you want to join?”

“Yeah, I also want to know what kind of team you want to join, Darling. After all, we are fiancés. If we can, we must stay in a team.” Kamiki came over and put the school bag on my desk, waiting for my answer.

“I have told you many times that Xiang is not your fiancé. Why did you still say that?” Satsuki also put down her schoolbag, looked at Kamiki, and seemed to want her to explain.

Kamiki smiled and tilted her head to Satsuki, “Ah…my future sister-in-law, did you just say something?”

“I’m not your sister-in-law. Also, what I just said is that you are not Xiang’s fiancée.”

“If I’m not Darling’s fiancée, then who is? You and darling are sisters, then, when I get married with my darling, won’t you become my sister-in-law then?”

“I am not your future sister-in-law! Xiang will never be with you. He already told me that he’d be with me forever.”

“There’s no proof.”

“Who said that? I do have proof.”

“Then show me.”

I felt speechless seeing Satsuki and Kamiki argue…um? Was there a girl outside the door…Yorikawa?

I inadvertently saw outside the classroom door. Yorikawa was holding the door panel with her hand. She carefully stuck her head in and looked at us. Before my gaze even met hers, she immediately retreated and she looked incredibly cute.

I looked at Kamiki and Satsuki who were chatting happily and shook my head. Then, I took my schoolbag and walked outside the door.

When I saw Yorikawa’s small hand still holding the door panel, I suddenly wanted to tease her a bit.

I quickly walked to the side of the wall, grabbed Yorikawa’s hand. I felt it tremble and she quickly took her hand back.

Yorikawa’s reaction was just as I expected. I grabbed her hand firmly with one hand, and touched the back of her smooth hand with the other one, attracting her strong resistance…in less than two seconds, she suddenly stopped moving…wait, what happened? Could she be angry with me?

At this time, Yorikawa was so scared that she forgot how to resist. She looked at me with watery eyes and a pitiful look. Lin Xiang, are you stupid or what? What are you playing with? Yorikawa is a timid girl, why play this trick on her?

When I thought that I might make her cry, I immediately walked out of the classroom.

“Yorikawa, really sorry…” I dared not face Yorikawa directly as I didn’t want to make her cry. That’s why I planned to apologize to her, but I didn’t expect to bump into something soft…

“Lin…Lin Xiang…” Yorikawa’s trembling voice came on top of my head. Her tone was a little higher than usual.

I knew that I was in trouble. Even the stupidest person knew where my head was buried into…what was I supposed to do? I dared not look up at Yorikawa. Although I could hear Yalide screaming and shouting about big breasts swaying on my face, I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing, as I had to face Yorikawa. By the way, it was my first time being so close with a girl’s breasts, it felt kind of…

When my thoughts ran wild, Yorikawa thought that I wasn’t going to get up. She gently stroked my head and said somewhat shyly, “Lin Xiang…if this is what you want…I…I will not object…but there might be some people around us…let’s go to somewhere without a lot of people…”

Without her finishing, I took a few steps back and looked at Yorikawa’s peachy face in panic, “sorry, Yorikawa, I’m really sorry.”

“No…it’s ok…” She dared not look at me and her eyes kept rolling around. She waved her hand, asking me not to mind.

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