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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C11 Part 1

Chatting, the first time, the market

“Lin Xiang, you’re really too powerful.” At this time, a girl started shouting and some people in the class also started clapping their hands.

“It’s way too cool. The classmates in second grade are so afraid of Lin Xiang. We really misjudged him before.”

“Yeah yeah, I finally know why Uraya, the 18th in the class wants him as his big brother. It turns out that not only his power is greater than those of the first grade, it’s surpassed second grade students now. I used to laugh at him before, and I’m now too embarrassed to ask him to teach me…”

“Yeah, yeah, I really hate it. I really wish that I belong to the next class. And just like what Uraya had said, with a big brother like that, I’ll become more powerful in the future.”

“How boring it is. You have been talking about fighting alone. However, I do admire Lin Xiang. I’m not sure if you’ve all seen him fight Chino in the corridor this morning…he looked really handsome! He could lift a guy of 173cm up with one hand.”

“Yes, yes, I’ve seen it. Also, the guy initially helping Chino has become very respectful to Lin Xiang now. Haha…”

“Yes, I remember those students from second grade…I think they’re called demon hunter team or something. That team ranks in the top sixty of the more than one hundred teams in the second grade.”

“It’s the ‘Devil Hunting Team’. The guy just now is the deputy captain, and the guy who’s called the boss is actually a bastard.”

“Deputy captain? You mean the bald guy?”

“Yeah, that bald guy is very disgusting. Every member of their team is very disgusting, actually. That’s why there’re no girls in their team. And although their captain is a handsome guy, he’s a beast also. By the way, I haven’t seen him the past week, he hasn’t been to school at all.”

“Is that so? I don’t know which team Lin Xiang wants to join. I really want to be with him.”

“What are you thinking? Didn’t you look down on him before? How come you want to be with him now?”

After I asked the bald guy to leave, the boys and girls seemed to be whispering about something.

I slightly sighed, then took Satsuki to return to her seat…

“Dear, you’re really something. Even those disgusting students of the second grade are very respectful to you.” Kamiki was lying on my desk. She supported the chin with her hands and stared at me.

“Yeah, Xiang, how come they seem to be scared of you? Did you do anything to them?” Satsuki’s eyes revealed what she wanted to know.

“Uh…how should I put it? This is probably what happened…” I briefly described what happened that morning.

“What? Are they so unreasonable? Sorry, Xiang, I didn’t expect that I’d affect you like that.”

“Satsuki, what are you talking about? The triggering point is us, you, me and Yorikawa. Those guys are just too stupid! They can’t make a girl fall for them, and that’s why they did something so stupid secretly. Fortunately, you fight well, otherwise…”

“Don’t worry about me. I’m not afraid of those stupid people.” Besides, I was used to being offended. Lately, since no one created any incident, I felt that I was getting weaker. What they said turned out to be true – you get reborn during hard times and you get weaker during peaceful times.

“Xiang, we know you are powerful, but be careful, the students of the second grade are very strong, never underestimate your enemy.” Satsuki said worriedly.

“It’s okay, there’s no need to worry about your dear. His power is much stronger than what you’re seeing now.” Kamiki blinked at me.

When Kamiki blinked at me, I knew that what she meant was the seven gangsters who kidnapped her…

“By the way, can you stop calling Xiang you dear? He already told me about you and him. There’s utterly no relationship between you two. Also, Xiang has no plan to accept the marriage at all.”

“Even if my dear doesn’t want to accept it, our relationship has been made in our past life. We’re technically a couple, but what about you? What’s your role for him?”

“Me…I am Xiang’s good sister and we have even seen each other’s bodies…”

Hey, what does that mean? I don’t remember any of that.

Kamiki’s face turned dark afterwards. She looked at me and smiled at Satsuki, “so what? Anyway, nothing has happened, right?”

“Who…who said that nothing happened? I even slept with Xiang the whole night.”

“Oh? Then may I know what you guys did together then?”

“When a boy and a girl sleep together, what else can they do?”

“Yeah, besides sleeping, nothing can be done. If there’s no charisma, this would not happen.”

“It’s not possible that I don’t have charisma, Xiang was just injured that night.”

“Oh…someone just admitted that she doesn’t have personal charisma, unlike me, you know? My dear approaches me proactively, especially during a critical moment.”

“Xiang has already told me everything about it, he did it just to attract the bastards. Don’t think too much.”

“Hey, how much have you told her about me and you?” Kamiki grabbed my face and forced me to look at her directly.

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