Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C10

Part 3

“It’s Lin Xiang, right?” I walked into the classroom and saw the narcissistic guy and the bald guy surrounding Satsuki, Kamiki was also standing at a side, looking anxious.

“How dare you return to the classroom, rubbish? Ha~~You really have no idea what’s waiting for you. Big brother, that’s him, that’s the rubbish. He ambushed me and made me lose face entirely. You must teach him a lesson.” The narcissistic guy pointed at me and he looked like “you’ll surely be dead”.

However, would things really turn out to be what he wanted? I could see the facial expression of the bald guy and his mates and it certainly didn’t look good.

“Hey, do you intend to teach me? You can’t even compete with a dog, how can you be a human being?” I didn’t even look at the narcissistic guy. Instead, I looked at the bald guy with a smile.

Satsuki, who was surrounded, pushed them away after seeing me. She ran over and hid behind me. Kamiki showed me her smile and she looked as if a good show was going to happen.

The bald guy saw the corner of my mouth twitched, he dared not look at me. I saw him turning his gaze to another direction. Suddenly, someone slapped on the narcissist’s face, “who is this nutcase? I don’t know you at all.” After the bald guy said so, he lowered his head and said to me, “Um…big brother Lin Xiang? We were just passing by and looking at class C, we weren’t having any abnormal thoughts. Do you guys agree with me?” The bald guy blinked at Ishihara beside him, as he was afraid that he’d give the wrong answer.

“Oh, by the way, Ishihara, who is this nutcase?” The bald guy pointed at the narcissistic guy standing there like a fool.

“Him? He seems to be someone who joined our team last week. Big brother, perhaps you don’t know him? I

“Oh? Really? I didn’t expect our team to have such a nutcase.”

The narcissistic guy looked at the bald men stupidly. Then, he seemed to have realized something and he said anxiously, “no, big brother, what happened to you? Didn’t I give you a few packs of good cigarettes and treat you dinner? How come you suddenly said that you don’t know me? I wanted you to beat this bastard who’s got extremely weak spiritual power!”

“Fxxk!” Ishihara pushed the narcissistic guy and shouted, “don’t think that you can do whatever you want in our team. Let me tell you, we don’t know you, and you are not a member of our team. Brother Lin Xiang, we really don’t know him. Will you please let us go?”

“Since you are here for sightseeing, why ask for forgiveness? I don’t care if you know each other or not, in short, I don’t want to see you and this disgusting guy ever again. Don’t ever appear in my eyesight again, you got it? Seniors of the second grade!”

“No, no, I will never appear in front of you again. Then, once we’ve finished sightseeing, lunch break will soon be over, and we should return then. Ishihara, take this stupid guy away. Don’t let him cause troubles anywhere, or brother Lin will be angry again.”

“Got it.” Ishihara looked at the guy next to him, then lifted the narcissist up and walked out with the bald guy.

When they were by my side, their gaze didn’t stay on me for too long. They just walked straight towards the exit without saying a word. When I walked out of the classroom, I heard the bald guy’s arrogant voice, “I must take revenge. Now, you can do whatever you want, and I’ll certainly make you pay back.”

“Big brother is right, if we want to achieve something big, we must be persistent. When we have an opportunity, we must beat that guy up until he’s crippled.”

“Yes, we just need to kick him out of the team. The so-called sixth of the grade, what’s even the use of it? In the beginning, when he came to me, he said that a rubbish had beaten him seriously and he wanted me to take revenge for him. However, he never told me what the name of the rubbish was. If I knew that it was Lin Xiang, then I wouldn’t come for sure.”

“By the way, big brother, that Lin Xiang is really powerful…I remember that this morning, I couldn’t defend myself against his fists and kicks at all.”

“Forget it. No need to dwell on the past. Let’s not offend him before we have the ability to take revenge. Regarding the 3 most beautiful girls in the academy, aside from the cute and sweet Yorikawa, I’m assuming that they’re the bright Satsuki and the elegant Kamiki. I never knew who they were referring to when they mentioned about ‘the 3 pretty girls who’re close to the rubbish’, and now I know. Let’s not disturb them anymore or we’ll get beaten up.”

“Got it, big brother.”

“Well, let’s go to the medical room to see if Nakamura is awake. I can’t believe that bastard actually knocked Nakamura down with a punch. He’s got power that can’t be underestimated. If I didn’t need to worry about killing him, I would have cut him open with a knife by now. I would never have let him get so proud of himself.”

“Yes, I’m sure my big brother’s sword skills are impeccable. If you even know boxing skills, you would have defeated that bastard by now. My big brother is the best.”

“Of course. Who am I to you? Hahaha.”

“Big brother, I’ve heard that Suehiro has formed her own team and she’s recruiting now.”

“That bxtch is too proud and sees too high of herself, I’m sure that no one will join. It’s true that her father is a master of sword, but so what? I’m not an inch weaker!”


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