Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C10

Part 2

Satsuki didn’t hide and she just let me do whatever I wanted. I knocked on her a few times, then said, “hey, are you going or not? Don’t just stand in the corridor, or others will see you as a fool.”

“No, I’m not scared. They’re all fools anyway.”

“You…” I was suddenly speechless and didn’t know what to say. I walked with Satsuki to the classroom.

Inside the classroom.

Soon after I stepped in, the girls looked at me in a way that I was very familiar with. I couldn’t describe what it was. All in all, I had always been stared at like that in my original world.

“My dear, here you are!” Kamiki stood up immediately and held my other arm. She looked at Satsuki somewhat provocatively.

Just when I thought they would quarrel again, unexpectedly, Satsuki didn’t mind the way Kamiki was looking at her at all. She just smiled at Kamiki and leaned on my shoulders. Then, she pulled me towards our seats.

Kamiki was suddenly stunned. She looked at Satsuki in confusion, as she couldn’t figure out what Satsuki was doing. Usually, Satsuki would ask Kamiki to let go of her hand, but she didn’t do so that day…I think it’s because Satsuki was in a good mood that day…

During lunch break, in headmaster’s office.

Yonechi had already gotten used to the fact that I always went into the headmaster’s office. She just smiled when she saw me, and continued working on her files. She totally took me as one of theirs.

“Grandpa Ijima Michita?” I knocked on his door.

“Xiao Xiang? Hurry, come here and take a seat.” I heard his joyful voice.

After I pushed open the door, I saw him sitting in front of his wooden table. He took off his glasses and put them on his desk. Then, he asked me, “do you miss me? Grandpa really misses you these days.” He laughed.

“Uh…” I scratched my head, and I was a little embarrassed, that’s because every time I went there, I had to ask for his help, “Grandpa Ijima, the reason why I came today…”

“I knew that you didn’t miss me. Forget it, come and sit down. Tell me your worries and I’ll help you.”

“Ha…” I smiled embarrassedly, then sat on the sofa and took over the teacup from the headmaster.

“Actually, this is what happened. There are 3 daughters that my uncle knew, and they’re his friends’ daughters. They want to study here…not sure if it’s possible or not?”

“Oh? Are they the three daughters of your uncle’s friends? Um…which school were they studying at?”

“Ugh…they never went to school before.”

“Oh? Is that so? Then, it might be a bit difficult. Although I’m the headmaster of Pillar Nofu Academy, I can’t change the rule just like that. There are clear rules with the academy. It can’t admit anyone except if they’re new students or transferred.” The headmaster showed me a troubled look.

“Oh…in that case, forget it.” Sigh…so I had to wait for the summer holiday before getting them to school. Well, let it be then, it was going to be summer holiday anyway.

“But if it’s you, Xiao Xiang, who’s asking for help, I won’t ignore it. How is their strength?”

“Strength?” After Silent Water contracted with me, her magic power suddenly increased a lot, and she had probably reached the level of a senior mage. Also, I’m guessing Reidy had also reached the level of a mage? As for Dusty…I think that she reached the level of a mage as well.

“What’s the matter? Are they weak? I don’t think so, right? Technically, The daughters of the friends Lin Hao shouldn’t be that weak.”

“No…they’re all quite powerful, I’m not sure if headmaster has any way to admit them to school?”

“Yes, they can join the entrance test directly. As long as they pass, then they can enter the school like a freshman. If they pass the test, then I’ll arrange them in your class. How does it sound?”

“Yes, alright.” Passing a test? I’m guessing it was something like releasing a spell…I was quite sure that they’d pass.

In the classroom.

“Chino, which bastard humiliated you?” Before I entered the classroom, I heard a rude voice shouting.

“No idea where he’s gone to, could he be scared?” I heard the voice of the narcissist guy.

“Haha! That guy who only knew how to ambush should have heard the glorious reputation of me, Rintaro Kamikawa, and that’s why he felt scared and fled?”

“That’s possible…big brother, since you’re so famous, I’m sure that he fled after knowing it.”

“Huh! This is what a normal person would do, it’s just that he’s a real rubbish and he’s not handsome at all. How dare he like the same girl as you do! How shameless!”

“Yes, that’s true. I was going to hand Satsuki to big brother once I get her. Then, when he gets tired of her, we’ll enjoy her.”

“You bastard! Just wait until Xiang comes and you’ll be finished!” I heard Satsuki’s voice in the classroom.

“Chino, please get out with your seniors! Class C doesn’t welcome you at all.” Then, it’s Kamiki who spoke.

“Don’t be so desperate, little girl. I will care for you dearly once I fix that rubbish.”

“By the way, big brother, why is your face bruised? It’s also the same for Ishihara.”

“Sigh…forget it, I was bitten by a dog.”

“What? What dog was that? How could it hurt big brother?”

“That dog was too powerful, we had underestimated it. If it’s still here, I’d surely beat it up to death and it won’t be able to get up anymore.”

“Haha…if my big brother gets very serious, let alone a powerful dog, I’m sure you can even beat a middle-level mage up.”

“Of course. By the way, Chino, what’s the name of that rubbish?”

“That’s a garbage, his name is…”

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