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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C10

Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C10

Narcissistic guy, test required to go to school, the pathetic narcissistic guy


After I appeared, the boy’s face twisted. Satsuki stood behind my back and she pressed herself tightly against me, she was also grabbing my clothes tightly.

“Hey~~~Isn’t this the useless thing Lin Xiang?” The guy yelled arrogantly.

The people around me were very quiet, and no one said a word. If this happened before, I was sure that they’d tease me and make me feel worse. It’s just that I hadn’t heard of anyone calling me useless Lin Xiang for quite some time.

“I am asking you, who were you referring to when you mentioned about shitty luck?” I tilted my head and looked at the guy.

I suddenly felt that I’d changed back into the old proud self.

“Ha~~~doesn’t the rubbish already know how much he’s got? I was obviously talking about you, you crap.” The guy pointed at me and looked as if he wanted to eat me.

I looked at Uraya standing in the crowd. He didn’t walk toward me and it made me feel strange.

I’d known Uraya for five days already. He always rushed toward me whenever a guy was acting offensively, but how come he had stopped doing that? Was he scared?

Uraya looked as if he was watching a good show, and I finally understood that he wanted me to teach this guy a lesson. Also, since he didn’t come, it’s probably because he knew that it would be useless anyway, as his level wasn’t as high as the guy in front of me.

So, what should I do to make him stop? I thought for a while, then smiled at him.

“Si~~” After seeing this scene, the students around him all took a deep breath. They also started whispering, “is it real? He was still smiling so happily just a minute ago and he was instantly beaten up by Chino Yusuke so violently.”

“Lin Xiang is just so cool…he successfully defeated Chino Yusuke and he couldn’t even fight Lin Xiang back.”

“Right, how come I never found out that he’s so handsome? I start to regret now as the prettiest girls in the grade have already got him, there’re even 3 of them.”

“Looks like we have no hope. Sigh…”

“Hey, pretty, have you seen me? I’m also very powerful.”

“I don’t ask you to defeat the first one of the grade. Can you at least guarantee that you can defeat the sixth one? I bet that you can’t.”


“Oh! So painful! You rubbish!!! Let go of me!!!” The narcissistic guy called Chino Yusuke kept hitting my arm. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel painful at all.

“Yeah, I’m rubbish, but what about you? You’re not even a rubbish!”

“You…you rubbish, let go of me! Do you know who I am? Do you know what my team is called?”

“Ugh~~~ I’m not interested in your identity or the name of your team. I just don’t want you to cling to Satsuki anymore!” Afterwards, I let go of the narcissist guy.

After I let go, he took a few steps back while covering his face. After he rubbed his face with the marks of my fingers, he looked at the students surrounding him and Satsuki behind me. Suddenly, he rushed toward me with a loud scream.

What was he doing? He’s a mage but instead of using magic, he chose to fight with me in a short distance. Wasn’t it equal to asking for death?

I wanted to punch him straightly, but I just wanted to scare him. If he didn’t stop and if I destroyed his looks, it wouldn’t be my fault…obviously, he was scared by my action and stopped at once. He panted heavily and his eyes were bloodshot…his looked at me like he wanted to kill me, and his lips were shaking. Then, he pointed at me and shouted, “well, you rubbish! Since you ambushed me, just wait and see! I’ll surely make you regret!” Afterwards, he turned away and left in the crowd.

Oh? So he could still act ruthlessly? Was he going to find someone from his team? If that’s the case, things might get even more dramatic. However, my principle stayed the same – if no one offended me, then I wouldn’t offend anyone either, but that doesn’t mean that I would let others bully me. If anyone dared to do so, I’d surely make them pay the price.

“Ok, then I will wait for you in class C.” I waved at his shadow and I didn’t see him again.

“Hey, what happened? How did you know such a guy?” I patted on Satsuki’s head.

Satsuki grabbed my arm and held it tightly. Her bright eyes kept staring at me and I could feel her tremendous happiness. Her pink lips moved a little, as if she wanted to say something. In the end, she only smiled a little and buried her head in my arms.

I was shocked by her action. We were in a public place and this intimate action would make other people misunderstand…although I didn’t mind, her reputation was still very important.

I looked around me and found that the students who had initially been looking had already left, they hadn’t seen the intimate action of Satsuki at all. What happened? Had they all already taken me as her boyfriend? Um…if it’s true, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Although we were not a couple, if people started thinking that we were, then perhaps those guys would stop bothering Satsuki.

“Big brother, I’m going back to the classroom first, and I’ll ring the class bell.” Uraya gave me a thumbs-up and blinked, showing a filthy smile.

“Ah, go back. I’m going to class too.” Then, I pushed Satsuki’s shoulder and whispered, “hey, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so happy?” Although I couldn’t see Satsuki’s face, I could feel her smiling.

“Haha~~Of course I’m happy, it turns out that you really care about me.” Satsuki raised her head and showed me a sweet smile.

“You only found out that I care about you? I’ve always cared about you, right?” As I said, I was about to knock on her head.

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