Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C9 Part 3

“Oh? You didn’t fall? That’s not bad.” Nakamura smiled. “You can last quite long. Okay, I will play with you.”

After Nakamura finished speaking, his fists came again. He used his left and right fist simultaneously, just like a free kick. I had to say that he was pretty quick with his fists. If it were somebody else, he would have beaten down already. His punching speed was comparable to the competitors I have played in boxing matches before.

I blocked his hand while looking for space to break in. I had thought about kicking him away with my feet, but the distance was too close, and I couldn’t do much with my feet. If I had to defeat any enemy, I still had to rely on my fists.

How long hadn’t I felt like this? How long hadn’t I fought as much as I wanted? Ever since I went to high school and transmigrated, I hadn’t fought like this. I had to enjoy the moment.

I hit Nakamura’s arm heavily. I turned to a side and grabbed his fists with one hand, then quickly pulled him to my side. I punched him heavily on the head…

With a snapping sound, after I hit him on the head. He’d lost consciousness and he lied on the ground.

I combined my pulling force and the attacking power of my fist. As a result, he was hit by two forces and there was a greater damage.

Seeing Nakamura falling, I couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Fortunately, I didn’t dare to use too much force, I only used about 20% of my strength. Otherwise, his brain might even explode.

Seeing his team member fall to the ground, Ishihara and another unimportant guy instantly panicked, “Damn…what the hell are you doing? Although Nakamura’s defense power is not as high as Kamikawa, he’s still much stronger than ordinary people. How could he possibly be hit by just one punch?”

“Um…I’m guessing that’s because I am quite powerful. Hey, bald guy, let me hit you a few times, and I’ll disregard this incident. I still need to go to school.” How long hadn’t I said something like this? It felt really awesome, it’s just like be back to my previous life.

After hearing me calling him bald head, he was furious. He was making noises with his fists and his eyes were filled with rage. His look was quite scary, “little guy, how daring you are. You aren’t allowed to call my nickname!”

“I’m daring because I can.” I smiled and shook my head, then ran toward him.

I really didn’t want to spend time on him, I had seen bastards like him way too many times. You really need to beat them to teach them a lesson.

…After a minute.

“Pa Pa!” I picked up the schoolbag that I just dropped on the ground, patted away the dust on it, then looked at the three fools wailing on the ground and another one who’s already fainted. I walked toward the direction of the school without turning my head.

At school.

“Big brother!!!” Soon after I arrived, Uraya who’s standing at the entrance ran toward me.

“What are you yelling for? Didn’t I tell you not to call me big brother?”

“No no no, you’re definitely my big brother. Don’t deny it, okay?”

“Well…whatever then.” I shook my head helplessly and decided not to dwell on this issue anymore. Since last Tuesday, I had told him not to call me big brother yet he still hadn’t changed a bit. I didn’t want to waste any more time.

Also, there were quite many girls looking at me. I didn’t feel good and it was like being back to the past…

In the teaching area.

“Can you be my girlfriend?” When I stepped into the teaching area, I heard some guy showing affection to a girl at a turning corner in the corridor.

“I have said it many times, I don’t want it. Didn’t you hear me?” The girl scolded him loudly. Her voice was so familiar…was that Satsuki?

“Now that Kitashima has dropped out of school, so I don’t need to worry about anything anymore. Anyway, you just need to be my girlfriend!” The guy sounded very arrogant.

“I don’t know you, you must leave immediately.” Satsuki started to sound angry.

I quickly walked toward their direction. In the corner, I saw a bunch of boys and girls surrounding Satsuki and a guy.

“Listen, Satsuki. No…Satsuki, I really like you a lot, and I’ve adored you ever since school started. Before, Kitashima told us that you’re his, that’s why I didn’t say anything, but now, he’s already dropped out, this gave me courage to say it in front of you. I apologize for my tone just now, but I really want you to be my girlfriend. Let me tell you some good news, I’ve already joined the fighting team and it has quite a high ranking. It’s called…”

“I don’t want to listen to you. Don’t bother me anymore.” Satsuki turned around and left.

When the guy saw what she’s doing, he grabbed her hand instantly which made her struggle. I was pissed off after seeing this and I quickly walked toward the guy.

“I will love you a lot, trust me. I’m on sixth grade and I belong to the team. I’m much better than that Lin Xiang who always has shitty luck, so…”

“Who has shitty luck?” I pulled away his hand and stood in front of Satsuki, staring at the guy furiously.


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