Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C13 Part 2

“Huh? Aren’ you Yuuki Uraya? Hey, be careful, this guy is a pervert.”

“Who the hell are you referring to? I’m not a pervert!”

“So, let me introduce myself. My name is Suehiro and I’m from the second grade. I’m the master of the Suehiro family and the daughter of Suehiro Sunao. It’s nice to meet you.” Standing at the center of the arena, my senior sister bowed to me and we were ready to begin.

“My name is Lin Xiang…nice to compete with you.” I quickly bowed to her.

“Lin Xiang? How come I seem to have heard this name before? Forget it, let’s count to 1 and begin.”

Has my name already been known by second-grade students?

The Pillar Nofu Academy is divided into middle school and high school. The first, second and third grades of high school are on different floors. For example, the first grade is in building A, the second grade is in building B the third grade is in building C. Although each building is connected by a corridor similar to an overpass, students in all grades generally rarely go to other grades.

“Don’t be distracted, let’s count down now, three, two, one.”

As soon as she finished counting down, she started attacking me with the wooden sword in her hand. I immediately blocked her attack and took a few steps back.

I can’t believe that her slender arm could exert such great strength. It seems that she has realized the true meaning of Kendo, and she could perfectly combine the strength of her waist and her hand. Moreover, there was a trace of bizarre energy attached to the blade of the wooden sword. Was that the Qi of sword, mentioned by the bald guy? I think I have met a master.

I was feeling more excited, and a burst of heat emanated from my chest, since I hadn’t competed with a Kendo master for a long time!

I stared firmly at my senior sister’s movements. She also stared at me closely, her slender feet were moving towards me in small steps.

She should know that I had mastered Kendo, right? I used some subtle energy just now and it was still a greater strength than most ordinary people. I spent two years to learn that.

My senior sister approached me bit by bit, and I did the same. When there was only three meters between us, she held a wooden knife, took a large step, and used the most basic style to approach, that’s “attacking the face”. I  quickly put the blade on my head, blocking her attack.

It’s now! Oh? what happened? How come I couldn’t move?

Just when I thought I could fight back, I found that my arm could not move, and both of my hands were numb…Could this be the subtle attack? It’s really powerful, she even knew how to use the most basic attack method. When I thought that I could easily resist, she used the subtle energy to irritate the nerves of my arm, making it temporarily numb…

My senior sister used the “face attacking” trick again and this time, she hit the wooden sword in my hand. My arm became numb. It seemed that the bald guy had just suffered from her attack just now. No, I had to find a way. I have seen some cracks in the wooden sword. That was the second attack. The titanium sword couldn’t resist such an attack, let alone my wooden sword.

I took a deep breath and tightened my arm, blocking the wooden sword that senior sister threw down for the third time, then quickly rotated the sword body, swinging a circle, unloading the strength of her attack.

“Oh? Your blocking skills just made me shocked for a while. Now you can even spread the attack power underneath. Have you practiced sword skills for at least ten years?” Senior sister kept attacking me from all directions.

And I was constantly resisting her attack, “it hasn’t been that long…” Ten years? I started practicing in middle school and had only practiced for three years.

“There’s no need to be humble, you are really powerful. Use your genuine strength and see who wins.”

“Eh? When did it become a competition? Didn’t we agree that it’s just to learn from each other?” I pushed the sword across like a baseball and pushed her away.

“Is that the sword return? Did you learn it just now, after seeing how I did it?” She looked a little surprised and excited.

Eh? Is this trick called the “sword return”? I just saw that she used this trick to push away the bald guy, so I wanted to use it to keep a distance from her. I didn’t expect that she would be surprised…this trick did not seem to be that difficult.

“Aha~~Isn’t this trick quite simple…” I slowly moved backwards, trying to keep my distance from her, who was approaching now.

“Is that so? Well, yes, you know how to use force-cutting techniques (the subtle energy), and it’s natural for you to think that the sword return is a simple trick.” She thought about it for a while, and I saw a beautiful arc on the corner of her mouth.

“Ah!!! Did you see that? Ice Beauty just smiled, she just smiled!”

“Where? I didn’t see it.”

“Just now. Although it only took a moment, I saw it still.”

“I saw it too! Although it was only for a second, I still saw it. Ah~~~ I should have prepared a camera.”

“What!? How come I didn’t see it? Ah!!! I hate myself, I hate that I have short-sightedness!!!”

After seeing senior sister smile, the surrounding beasts started discussing among themselves.

“Neh, I want to know if the honored can take my attack of four interceptions.”

“The honored?” Why did she suddenly change her way of calling me? I remember that it’s used for calling highly respected people. Does it mean that she’d recognized my strength?

“Don’t mind, this title is an acknowledgement of your identification with your sword skills. The honored is a strange person. Although your spiritual power is very weak, you’re much more powerful than those generals and warlords. This is admirable. Then, the honored, please take my attack of four interceptions.”

“Oh~~~the attack of four interceptions, I’ve heard that Ice Beauty had used this trick to defeat Matsuzaki Musashi of the second grade, and he’s claimed to be at the second level of the God of Warlord.”

“The second level of the God of Warlord? Isn’t that the A grade? Ice Beauty only has reached S-level (level 5) at most, how can she defeat someone of a higher level?”

“This is the power of Ice Beauty. Otherwise, why do you think the surrounding teams have such a small place, but she has a place as big as an arena to recruit new students? Just because she is too powerful.”

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