Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C13 Part 3

“Wow~~~ Isn’t she invincible then?”

“No, long-range attacks are the weakness of war technicians, and she is no exception. It is for this reason that she wanted to form her own team, in order to recruit new students, some mages, and make up for her defects.”

“Really? I’m a mage. When she gets Lin Xiang, I will join.”

“You? Don’t be too optimistic, do you think that no one wants to join? When she first applied to the team, many powerful second-year seniors had to leave their own teams and enter hers. But all of them were rejected, do you know why? Just because she doesn’t like them. Her vision is very special, she only looks at your personality, not your strength. If she likes you, then she will let you in. ”

“What…I was happy for no reason.”

After hearing about the four interceptions that the boy mentioned, I was a little excited. Unexpectedly, the attacks of four interceptions of senior sister were actually defeated by a senior brother at the level of Warlord God,  I really couldn’t wait to see it myself.

“So, is the honored ready? I’m about to begin!” After senior sister finished talking. She started with a side cut, and her wooden knife flew over from my left. The moment I blocked with my sword, she turned around gorgeously and attacked me again.

It happened too quickly. I quickly turned the wooden sword over and stuck the sword body to the arm to block her second attack. After it was blocked, she immediately came back and jumped up. The moment I used my sword to resist her third attack, I knew that the sword in my hand would not work.

With a cracking sound, the wooden sword in my hand broke off, and before the wooden pieces fell down, the fourth attack of senior sister came. She cut it straight from the top…as she’s so used to this trick and she’s incredibly fast, I wonder if she could still take more attacks.

Seeing her sword cutting down violently, my hand moved involuntarily…here comes the ultimate sword skills! Empty hand into the white blade!

With a snap, I immediately saw only darkness and felt a sharp pain in my forehead. Then, I fell and sat on the ground…

Was I a bit too slow…

“Lin Xiang!”

Oh? It seems that I heard Yorikawa’s voice just now. She probably saw that I was hit and she was a bit worried…by the way, I felt really painful!!!

“Oh my God! It hurts so much!!!” I stroked my hot forehead vigorously.

“Ah!!! It hurts!” I rubbed my hot forehead vigorously.

“Huh? Oh~~ I’m sorry, but I’m so excited as I have found an opponent to learn from, so…is the honored still doing fine?” Senior sister squatted down, I saw her thin eyelashes when she frowned.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Hiss…” I kept rubbing my forehead, and soon, the hot feeling had become less obvious. I couldn’t help but sigh. Fortunately, I had become a dragon human, and the defense power had rescued me this time. If I was still an ordinary person, I was pretty sure that my brain was already cut open.

I rubbed it two more times. Although it still hurt, I stopped doing it so as not to make senior sister guilty anymore.

“Are you really okay?” Senior sister looked at me carefully, then poked my forehead with her slender fingers. This immediately made me “sizzle” in pain.

“Do you call this as okay? The honored is really strange…you clearly know sword skills, and I can see that you’re very familiar with it. You also know how to intercept power. And after seeing me do it once, you could already use the ‘sword return’. After I hit you with all my strength, your forehead is only a little red. I’m sure that ordinary people do not possess this kind of defense power.”

“Ha…in fact, my hand weakened your attack just now, haha…”

“Lin Xiang! Are you alright?” Yorikawa ran up to me and looked at me worriedly.

“I’m fine. See, aren’t I doing fine?”

“Are you really okay?”

“Yes, really.” Then, I stood up and jumped twice.

Seeing that I was fine, Yorikawa patted her chest while breathing a sigh of relief.

“By the way, sister, may I join your team?”

“Well, you’re very welcome. I need your strength very much. So, we have two people now…” Speaking of which, she looked a bit sad, and I saw her red lips move, “we still need 3, right?”

At this time, I recalled that a team required more than five people to be formally established. “Yorikawa…Do you want to join?” I asked Yorikawa.

“Well, I will follow you wherever you go.”

“Really? Then it’s really great. Sister, we have three now.”

“Oh? Really? Little sister, do you really want to join us?”

“Yes, really.”

“Really…my team lacks a mage. And you fit this position. So, we now still need two…”

“Xiang, what are you doing?” At this time, Satsuki and Kamiki got out of the crowd, “why is it so crowded here?”

“The honored Lin Xiang, who are they?” Senior sister looked at Satsuki and Kamiki in doubt.

“They are my friends. Uh…by the way, didn’t you gals say you want to join the same team with me? I am now joining the End Zero team of my senior sister, Suehiro. Yorikawa is joining me. Do you want to join us too?”

“The End Zero team?” Satsuki looked at me suspiciously, then looked at the senior sister next to me. She poked my chest with a finger, asking me to bend down to listen to her whisper.

“What is it?” I asked, bending down slightly. Satsuki grabbed my collar and my ears could feel the heat exhaling from her small mouth, “do you want to tell me that you’ve joined because of your senior sister’s beauty?”

“How is it possible? She’s extremely powerful in her sword skills and I want to learn from her.” Right, I really admired senior sister’s sword skills. She could cut open my sword with her wooden one, or even a titanium one which is much harder. I was determined to learn from her. “Really?” Satsuki loosened my collar and took a step back. She kept staring at me.

“Really.” I nodded affirmatively.

“Oh? Well, I’ll join too. I don’t know if sister Suehiro could let me join as well.”

“Yes, you can. The End Zero team welcomes you!”

“Since you have all joined, then I definitely want to join. Suehiro? It’s nice to meet you.” Kamiki said plainly.

Senior sister didn’t mind the attitude of Kamiki. She nodded, “welcome.”

“God!!!!!! The 3 prettiest girls in the school have joined the team of Ice Beauty!”

“I want to join, I want to join!”

“Hey, don’t gather here, bastards. Let me pass through!”

“Idiot, there are 5 vacancies left. Who would let you join?”

After they all decided to join the team of Suehiro, all the guys all rushed toward us frantically…


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