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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C14 Part 1

The crazy wolf disease, sword wind, spirited weapon

“I want to join, I want to join. Sister Suehiro, although I rank the 100th in the grade, I am very powerful.”

“Please let me join, sister! For my senior sister, I am willing to do anything!”

“Sister Suehiro! I want to join!”

“I, I, I, I like sister Suehiro. Please let me join, I promise that I’ll care for you dearly.”

The situation became chaotic, and several guys reached out their hands trying to touch Satsuki. I instantly held all of them in my arms and tried to protect them. I also kept pushing them to somewhere with no people in the arena.

“Hello! That bastard! What are you doing? Why should we be prevented from joining the End Zero team?”


“Isn’t this damn bastard really thinking that he’s owned Satsuki and her friends?”

“Damn it, scum!!!!”

How can you bastards say these words so righteously? Didn’t you just want to touch them? Jerks!

Oh!? Who had hit me? Just now, someone punched my shoulders and I felt a bit numb. Oh? Again? I felt someone kept punching my shoulder.

“Boss, hurry up to that teleport!” I vaguely heard the weak voice of Uraya amidst the surging crowd.

I fixed my gaze on the innermost part of the arena , and there was a teleportation circle, which seemed to be set by Uraya.

“Run quickly to the teleportation circle.” I shouted to the four people in front of me.

After hearing me, they nodded and ran towards the teleportation circle.

“Sister Suehiro! Lend me the wooden sword!”

“Eh?” Sister Suehiro turned her head and looked at me, then looked at the wooden sword in her hand. It seemed that she had made a lot of determination and handed it to me with a sigh, “this is my ancestral sword. You must protect it well. If you lose it, I won’t be so lenient to you next time!”

“Understood!” After listening to sister Suehiro, I suddenly felt that the wooden sword in my hand became heavier.

An ancestral wooden sword? Is it true? Forget it, I didn’t have any other weapons anyway. And that’s the only way I could stop them beasts!

“Satsuki, please run quickly. I have no idea where the teleportation array will go, but it should not be far away. After you leave, just return home straightaway.”


“Don’t say it any more. Sister Suehiro! They are all your team members. You have to take care of them.”

“Of course, but these guys are so terrifying! Why did they get crazy all of a sudden?”

“There has been a crazy wolf disease spreading recently. They may have been infected with this disease.” I stopped and clenched my sword, watching the surging crowd.

“Xiang~~ you have to be careful!” “Darling, you’re the best.” “Lin Xiang…” “Then, I’ll hand these crazy wolves over to the honored.”

Satsuki probably knew that once they stayed, they’d get abused and humiliated by these beasts. That’s why they didn’t say that they’d stay.

Seeing that Satsuki and her friends stepping into the large teleportation circle, the beasts became even crazier.

“They are running away!”

“No! It took us so much courage to start the riot! We can’t let her leave when we haven’t even touched her yet!”

“Which bastard started the teleportation array?”

“Who has a magic wand? Hurry up and release the magic!!!”

Have you guys gone crazy? Dreadful! In this case, I had to attack!

“Freed, can I turn dragon energy into spiritual power? “

“It probably can…um? This sword is quite interesting, it can recognize its owner…”

“Recognize its owner? What do you mean?”

“Let’s put this as simply as possible. This is a spiritual sword, and only special people can make it reveal its true colors. Well, I’d better stop now or you’d be killed the next second. I know what you’re going to do. You want to attach your spiritual energy onto the sword, release the sword wind and blow them away. Right?”

“Yes, right! I’ve seen people doing the same during a previous competition.”

“Okay, then I’ll convert your dragon energy into spiritual power. But, be careful, don’t let anyone see you as a monster.”

“It’d be best if they can see me as a monster, at least they won’t look for troubles anymore! So, right now…”

“Ok, ok, let me see how much you’ve comprehended, kid!”

As soon as Freed finished talking, I felt that the original weak energy in my body became richer and more powerful. Without my control, this energy naturally flew into the wooden sword in my hand. The wooden sword shook slightly and I could feel it filled up with power.

I looked at the wooden sword in my hand and waved it hard!

A huge whirlwind followed the wooden sword’s swing and exerted, striking the beasts rushing toward me. It immediately blew them over and they all fell. One had his feet hanging on another’s head, while one’s hand stuck in another’s nose. I nodded in satisfaction. Satsuki had already left when I used the sword wind.

“Ah!!! What’s this?”

“Escape now! This is the dragon wind!”

I quickly moved my gaze from the beasts to the sound. The sword wind didn’t disappear. Instead, it was blowing to other teams which were still recruiting. When the students saw the wind, they all ran and escaped. The trees kept swaying and some branches even fell…


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