Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C14 Part 2

Hey…did I create too big of a trouble? When I saw the sword wind actually blowing down all the tents used to block the sunlight, I couldn’t help but shiver. This…this wasn’t related to me at all…

I hope that Satsuki and her friend wouldn’t be transported to a place close to the sword wind, otherwise…forget it, I should stop thinking about it, I didn’t have the attacking power anyway…

I supposed that I had to return the wooden sword to my senior sister the next day…wait, what happened?

At this time, I saw that instead of holding the dark grey wooden sword in my hand, what replaced it was a white silver sword.

The silver sword in my hand revealed a bit of coldness. Under the sun, there was a sense of sadness. It seemed to have experienced countless wars. The sword had worn out but it still looked smooth and neat. I used it to slightly cut the iron railing next to me and it was instantly cut into half. It’s like I’d done it so easily and didn’t have to use any strength at all. Just like cutting tofu, I easily cut a piece of iron into half…what’s happening with this sword?

“Well~~ This is the spiritual sword that I told you about. In this world, there are spiritual weapons. They have spirituality and they can recognize their masters. The sword in your hand is one of the many spiritual weapons. I don’t really remember its name…um, I think that it’s called the cold light sword? Doesn’t matter. In short, it is a sharp blade. It is a sword used by heroes eliminating demons a thousand years ago. In ordinary times, it is just a wooden sword. It requires a demon-killing hero or his descendant to turn into its original form. And right now, you’re seeing its original form.”

“Wait, are you saying that I’m a descendant of demon-killing heroes?”

“No, you’re not.”

“Then why…” How come I could restore it to its original form?

“This is why the dragon’s energy is the greatest existence. You know what? The aura converted by the dragon’s energy is the purest. It can be in any form…well, I will teach you more of the aura. I haven’t encountered this situation before, that’s why I never told you. Aura can be generated in everyone, but they are not the same, it’s just like DNA, that’s why everyone’s aura is unique. Of course, the aura among family members are basically the same, but there are still some differences. The aura that the dragon transforms is not affected by any conditions. It is the purest and richest. Do you know what this means? “

“Are you going to tell me that I can control all the spiritual weapons in the world?”

“Correct! You are quite smart.”

“Uh… ok, so why doesn’t Suehiro have the ability to prototype it? She clearly said she was a sword owner. “

“About this issue, I guess that her family is serving the devil-killing heroes for generations. Later, something could have happened, and the descendants of the devil-killing heroes and the ones serving them got separated. This knife ended up in those serving the heroes instead of in the hands of descendants, that’s why they wanted to preserve it and hoped that they could find the descendants one day…”

“I see…”

I didn’t expect that this sword had such a touching story behind.

“Hey, I’ve told you that it’s just my guess. If things don’t turn out to be this way, don’t blame me.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

By the way, the schoolbags of Satsuki and their friends were all thrown to the ground…

I walked to the schoolbags scattered on the arena and picked them up. With four heavy schoolbags, I couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

What should I do with these schoolbags? Satsuki’s, Kamiki’s, Yorikawa’s and my own.

Never mind, it’s getting darker anyway, I’d just go and buy some vegetables.

I picked up the four schoolbags and passed by the beasts that still hadn’t got up.

“Big brother! Help! Please get me out of troubles.” As I walked past the pile of beasts that were wailing, I heard Uraya’s voice.

I saw him pressed by six or seven guys and there was even someone’s bottoms on top of his head…

This guy…he went through a lot.

I walked to Uraya, put the sword in my right hand on the ground, grabbed his collar, and yanked it! With a loud noise, his clothes were torn open and there was a large crack. His chest muscles, belly button were all shown. Fortunately, I pulled him out and he didn’t sacrifice his clothes for nothing.

“Big brother…Thank you so much, that bastard…God knows how long he hasn’t washed his bottom…it stinks to hell…”

“Really…I’m really surprised that you could hold it for so long.” During my conversation with Freed, a few minutes have already passed…How could Uraya endure for so long under a guy’s bottom…to be honest, I really admired him.

“I’ve been holding my breath. When I asked my big brother for help, I tried my best to yell…otherwise, I’d really die…and I’d be dead from the terrible smell…how pathetic would that be? Big brother, do you know what had happened? When I felt a strong aura, that strong wind came…luckily, it can’t cut or scratch, and it just passed through my body. Otherwise, we’d all be dead.”

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