Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C14 Part 3

“I…I am not sure. Perhaps it’s summer and typhoon has come.” Sigh…I really couldn’t tell him that the typhoon was actually the sword wind that I created, as there was already a huge mess in anywhere that’s swept by the sword wind.

“Typhoon? No way. How come there aren’t any signs? Big brother, don’t lie to me anymore. You must know something about it. Whatever…even if you don’t want to tell me, it’s fine. I’m just curious. Oh? This sword…” Uraya’s gaze was fixed on the spiritual sword that I put on the ground.

“What happened?”

“Nothing, this sword seems to be really powerful…look at this smooth blade…Big brother, is this yours? Just now, I saw how you inserted it into the ground.”

“It’s not mine, it’s senior sister, Suehiro.”

“Sister Suehiro? Can I have a look?” When talking about sister Suehiro, Uraya’s eyes flashed.

“Be careful, don’t break it, it’s the heirloom of a family.”

“What!?” Uraya, who was originally about to draw a sword, stopped after listening to my words. He took a closer look at the spirited sword, then quickly pulled it up, “big brother, what were you doing? Why would you put someone’s heirloom on the ground? Eh!!! What’s going on? How did this sword turn into wood?” The silver sword in Uraya’s hand suddenly became wood. He was so scared that he immediately dropped it on the ground.

“It’s you who’s mistaken. You dropped someone’s family treasure on the ground.” Then, I picked up the wooden sword. At the moment I touched it, it began to slowly become silver again.

“Wow! Boss, isn’t this too amazing? How did you do it?” Uraya put his hand on his mouth and his eyes became widely open.

“Uh…this is a spirited sword, and only a combat technician can make it return to its original state. Having said that, thank you for the teleportation circle. By the way, where have you transferred them to?”

“Oh, that? I sent all my sisters-in-law to the roof, and there’s no one.”

“Really.” It’s been so long, I supposed Satsuki should have returned already…oh, did Uraya just say his sisters-in-law? Or was it an illusion?

At the school gate.

“Did you see it just now? That gust of wind is terrifying.”

“Yeah, yeah, wasn’t I just signing the admission card of the team? Suddenly, a gust of wind blew away the card I was signing on, and the people in front started screaming and running towards us. I was stunned…it was such a strong gust of wind. Anyone who’s swept through it would fall on the ground, and all the tents around us started flying up…it scared me to death.”

“Yes, don’t know which sick mage released such magic. Fortunately, it doesn’t have any attack power or someone would have injured.”

“Yes, oh look! See that pervert, his clothes are in pieces.”

“Oh? He’s Uraya and a pervert. Watch out.”

“Big brother, see, they are all discussing the typhoon just now.” Obviously, Uraya hadn’t listened to the conversation of the girls behind him.

“Right…right…” As someone who’d released the magic, I felt very embarrassed.

“You don’t seem to look fine. By the way, big brother, where’s your home?”

“My home? My home is…there is no house number, it’s quite remote.”

“Really, I was going to come over for a visit this weekend.”

“There is no need.” There are girls in my house. Imagine the drama that would happen.

“Eh! You’re so cold. So, where is my big brother going now?”

“Me? I’m going to the supermarket to buy some vegetables.”

“Um, um, is doing housework a way to attract girls too?” Uraya hit his palm and looked as if he’d understood it all.

“Yes…right, do your housework seriously and become attractive for all.”

“Ok, then I’ve got it! Bye, big brother.” Afterwards, Uraya got into a small car parked by the road. At the same time as Uraya got in, the car started driving forward.

Was he from a rich family? I shook my head while seeing the car leave.

In the supermarket.

“Hey, you can’t carry weapons in the supermarket.” At the entrance of the supermarket, a security guard blocked my way.

“Uh… so what should I do?”

“You just have to put it in the shelter.” The security guard pointed to the shelter not far away.

After placing the spirited sword in the shelter, I asked for a code. I bought a few vegetables randomly, picked up the spiritual sword and arrived Satsuki’s home.

“Ding Dong!” I pressed the doorbell.

“Come, is it Risa? Didn’t you say you want to have a meeting with the team’s senior sister? Why did you return so early…Um! It’s Xiang, isn’t Risa with you?” Satsuki’s mother looked shocked when she opened the door.

“Uh… something happened. I had to separate with her. Oh, this is her schoolbag, I took it back for her.”

Satsuki’s mother looked at me and smiled, “in fact, Xiang, you have to care more for Risa. You have to learn how to comfort her when you guys argue, okay?”

“Wel…actually, there’s no argument. We just had to come back separately out of some incident. By the way, is she still at school?”

“Yes, she called back just now and said that she would have a meeting with a senior sister at school and that she’d return later.”

“Oh, I see. Then I’m leaving first.” What were they doing? I was also a member of the team, OK? Why didn’t they call me for the meeting? Well…I sighed and left after giving Satsuki’s schoolbag to her mom.


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