Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C15 Part 1

Basic form, intimate act, hey~young man


“I’m back.” After I opened the door, I looked at the sword in my right hand, the bags of ingredients and three school bags in my left hand. I just recalled how people looked at me strangely on the streets, and I found it hilarious. All in all, I was looking too ridiculous.

“Welcome back, master. Oh hey? Master, what’s wrong with your forehead?” Silent Water walked out of the house and found out instantly that my forehead had been hit by a wooden sword. Although it was much better now, she could see a red mark on it.

“I just bumped into somewhere, it’s fine.”

“Oh, is it? Master, you were really careless.” Afterwards, Silent Water smiled at me and looked at the ingredients on my hand. She asked me in doubt, “oh, master, did you bring us food?”

“Yeah, judging from your tone, did you buy some as well?”

“Yes. Didn’t master tell me before, that I should buy some food?”

“Yes, indeed. I said that.” Only I never expected her to buy it so quickly…I thought that she’d need time to adjust…it’s true that Silent Water learnt so quickly.

“Master, what’s up with this sword?” She pointed at the sword in my right hand.

“Is it this?” I raised my silver sword. There’s a cold light emitting out of it from time to time. “Yeah, it makes me have a familiar feeling…” Then, Silent Water leaned over and unconsciously touched the blade with her finger.

“Boo (sound of water dropping)” At the moment when Silent Water touched the blade, the sword body became like the surface of the water. The place where it was touched was like a small stone falling into the lake with ripples. This strange phenomenon scared me. Silent Water also immediately took her hand back. Along with the ripples spreading across the sword body, a wave of mist emanated from the silver sword, and the next second, it emitted a dazzling white light…

“This light…this coldness…this feeling…haha, is this the work of Harris?”

“Harris? Who’s that?” The intensity of the light from the silver sword was so great that I couldn’t look straight to it. I had to close my eyes.

“Ha~~~ my friend, uh…if we are friends, I’m guessing that he won’t admit it. Well, he’s my disciple…”

“I’m not interested in your relationship, I just want to know who he is. What do you mean when you said that this sword is his work?”

“He? He is a man of heaven, that is, an angel. He is called a melting pot angel. Any weapon created by him would become the top of all spiritual weapons. This sword is his work, it seems to be called Water●Sword of Green Light Cold Sword? I don’t remember, it seems to be this name.”

“According to what you said, this sword actually doesn’t belong to the so-called demon killing hero, right?”

“No, it is indeed used by the demon killing hero. There were only two people using the cold sword about one thousand years ago.  The Cold Light Sword was used by one of the heroes, and this sword was used by the other one. More than a thousand years ago, demons grew stronger and began to invade the human’s world. Harris built six magic weapons that were the most powerful at that time. They are…I can’t remember their names. But if I remember correctly, their attributes seem to be water, fire, gold, electricity, earth, wind.”

“You’re saying that he built six spiritual weapons and handed them to the humans to repel the demon? “

“No, at that time, he just handed over the six spiritual weapons to the six powerful angels and let them destroy the demons. Perhaps as the demon was too powerful, those angels died, and the spiritual weapon was left in the human’s world and was later on picked up by a human. This human then used it to kill demons. No wonder I found it familiar when I first saw this sword…” “Is it…”

“Master…this…” When I realized it, I saw Silent Water looking at me with shock.

“What’s wrong? Er? What’s going on?” The sword in my hand has obviously changed compared to the previous one. The silver sword that was originally just like a normal samurai sword had become a broad sword, and although it became wider, it’s only the case compared to before. Now, it has become a thickened samurai sword. The only difference is that its color changes from silver to light blue. There’s also coldness emitting from it.”

“Freed, what is this all about?”

“Well~ Don’t be nervous, this is its third form and its most original form. “

“The most original form? “

“Yeah, the most original form. In order to prevent some evil-minded people from using the spirit weapons that he created to do bad things, Harris gave them a form of magic. Only the talents recognized by the spirit weapons can make them return to their original form. Otherwise, it’s just an ordinary weapon. When the man first picked up this sword, its energy was infused into that person.  It’s because the angel who was using it had attached her power onto it. That’s also why he and his descendants got to use that sword.”

“Oh…I see, so what made it change back to its original form?”

“It’s probably the guidance of the attributes. This sword originally belonged to water attribute, and the water spirit was also of water attribute. Their elements are the same. When the water spirit touches it, it activated its power that had gone dormant for a long time. Then, it was turned into its original form. Also, you know why the water spirit found it familiar? That’s because of the attribute’s guidance. The sword was also calling her, hoping that she’d activate her power, and that’s why she wanted to touch it.”

“Uh…it’s a little difficult to understand. In short, this sword has water attribute, it is similar to the war technician attaching the element to the sword, what’s different is that this sword does not need the holder to give it element, as it’s initially an element sword, correct?”

“Element, element…are you trying to play with words? However, this time you’ve said it right. It’s much better than before. There’s just something that you still haven’t improved.”

“What is it? Tell me and I’ll try to improve.”

“You? forget it. I don’t think you’re suitable to think about that kind of stuff. Just manage with the present.”

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