Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C15 Part 2

“Hey! What happened to the light just now?” Reidy walked out of the house, and after seeing the sword in my hand, she asked again, “what about this sword?”

“Uh… you just said that it is a sword, but you still asked me what it is. You’re really cute.” I smiled helplessly.

“Stupid…stupid! Why did you say I am cute? Do you think…do you think that I’d be very happy even after you said so? Let…let me tell you, there’s no way! Bastard!” She was angry, and her pink cheeks became even redder.

“Uh…sorry…actually this sword belongs to my classmate, I promised her to take care of it for one day.”

“What…what does it have to do with me?! I didn’t ask you, and you didn’t have to explain…”

“Didn’t you ask me?” I was speechless.

“Huh! I didn’t ask you that detailed situation! And you haven’t told me what the white light was just now. Just now I was collecting clothes in the yard, suddenly a strong light came from behind… ”

“That? That’s because of this sword. Having said that, you were just collecting clothes in the yard? I didn’t hear it wrong?” Wasn’t Reidy a princess? Since when did she start helping out with chores?

“What do you mean? Is it strange that I was collecting clothes?” Reidy opened her eyes widely and looked at me with confusion.

“Uh… no, I think that Reidy is the greatest.”

“That’s for sure. There is nothing that I can’t learn well. Also, did you just say that the light was emitted from this sword?”

“Yes, because this sword resonated with Silent Water, that’s why it lightened up.”


“Have you ever heard of guidance by element?” I placed the sword on the cabinet of the entrance and walked towards the house.

“I have heard of guidance by element. According to you, does that sword have water attribute?”

“Yeah. Like Silent Water, it’s of water attribute.” I pinched her face when I passed through Reidy, and she punched me like she’s giving me massages.

If it happened before, I would never dare to do such a thing to Reidy, but after getting along with her for so long, I understand more of her character. Although she looked fierce, it was just on the surface. She wouldn’t really beat up anyone if no one crossed her bottom line.

“Asshole! I just finished taking a shower, don’t touch my face with your hand! Asshole!” Reidy wiped her small bulging face and raised her fist to hit me again.

In the living room.

When I came to the living room, I put my schoolbag down and sat on the sofa like a deflated balloon. I was so tired that day. I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples.

“Wow! Master is back! That’s great!” I opened my eyes and saw that Dusty running towards me from the door, and she sat on my lap. It was a bit painful, still, I was grateful that I was turned into a dragon human, or my leg would have been broken.

The scent of shower gel still remained on Dusty, who’d just taken a shower. That day, she was wearing a yellow sportswear and she’d tied up her hair, looking very energetic.

“Yes, I’m back.”

“If I knew that you’d come back so early, I would’ve waited for you to take a shower with you.”

“I have already told you that I would not take a shower with you.”

“Eh~~~how come it’s this sentence again? My master is so bad.” Dusty climbed up and her face was getting nearer me.

“You…what are you doing…” I was used to Satsuki kissing me and I didn’t know what to do as I thought Dusty was going to kiss me. I could only watch her getting nearer and nearer to me.

I saw that the arc of her face change and she came towards my side. At that moment, I was relieved. However, the next second, with a “sizzling” sound, I felt a soft, warm and wet thing moving on my neck.

“Dusty, don’t fool around, it’s itchy.” Although what Dusty was doing was just like before, when she was still a dog, it really made me feel weird when she did that as a human.

“Why? I just want to be closer with my master.” Dusty licked my neck happily after saying this.

“Ah!!! Dusty is really too great! I…I feel like I can’t take it anymore…how could you have such a flexible tongue…oh (moaning sound) I feel like going up to Heaven…”

“What are you yelling for, pervert?” after scolding Yalide who was moaning like a slut, I patted Dusty’s head, “okay, Dusty, stop it. I haven’t taken a shower and I’m dirty.”

“Is my master dirty?” After listening to me, Dusty stopped. It’s clear that she preferred cleanliness. Even before she came a human, I knew that she liked being clean.

“Yes, without a bath, of course it’s dirty.” I stroked Dusty’s round head.

I only heard Dusty laugh near me and said, “if my master is dirty, then I’ll lick away your sweat.”

After that, Dusty continued licking me.

“Dusty…I’m so sweaty, stop it.”

“For Dusty, my master is everything. I don’t care whether my master is clean or not, you’re my master and no one can stop me from being close to you. Also, master, have you forgotten? When you first met me, I was lying in a corner and I was also stinking and very dirty. But my master didn’t mind, you held me up, gave me magic and healed me. You also took a bath for me. I love my master the most.” She held my neck tightly and kept stroking my neck.

“Really…” I almost forgot about that if Dusty didn’t mention it. Dogs really have the greatest memory.

Well~It doesn’t matter. Anyway, Dusty is Dusty, even though her appearance has changed, she’s still the same Dusty. People have to communicate to create bonding, and between dogs and men, it’d be more about physical interaction. Since Dusty changed from a dog to a human being, it’s normal that she’d retained some of the habits of a dog. It’s me having impure thoughts and misinterpreted her intimate action.

“Human! The water is now ready for you to take a shower. Hey, you…what are you doing?” I titled my head and looked outside. I saw that Reidy was standing on the corridor and she’s looking at me with her darkened facial expression.

“Oh…are we being intimate?” I said with caution.

“Intimate? Are you still a person? How many days has Dusty become a human? She’s still a child and you’re already doing this to a child!”

“It’s a misunderstanding.” Looking at the flashes in Reidy’s hand, I felt chills down my spine.

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