Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C15 Part 3

“Human…about going to school…” After Reidy had her meal, she wiped her small mouth and stuttered.

“Oh…school. I’ve already discussed this with the headmaster and he said yes. He said that whenever you want to be there, just tell him in advance. He will arrange some tests for you. After you pass the tests, you can then start school. “I grabbed some vegetables with difficulty and put it in my bowl. Obviously, they’d all filled their stomach and I just started eating, how pathetic…

How come they’d all eaten and I was still having difficulties picking vegetables? This is all because of Reidy’s lightning flashes.

Reidy’s lightning flashes has two functions, namely refreshing effect and transient hypnosis. These two functions can be replaced with each other depending on the intensity of Reidy’s lightning flashes. If you don’t feel energetic enough, just look for her and you’d certainly feel a lot more refreshed afterwards. Also, if you lose sleep, just get some of her electric shock and you’ll quickly enter sleep mode. These two effects work perfectly, the only disadvantage is that it’s got some side effects. Anyone who’s received her electric shock will become much slower in their reaction.

Just now, Reidy thought that I was tricking Dusty to do those intimate action, and she gave me an electric shock without a doubt. I was initially very tired, yet I instantly became very energetic, but my fingers became less flexible.

“Test? What test?” Silent Water put down her chopsticks and joined our conversation.

“I don’t care what test it is, I will surely pass it, and so do you, Silent Water.” Reidy patted on Silent Water’s shoulders.

“As long as I can be with master, I will work hard to pass the test. By the way, what is a test? Is it something like a road?”

How come Dusty would think that it means road? Did I use an inappropriate word?

“No, it’s not a road. A test is a…abstract thing. I don’t know how I should explain it to you. All in all, tests are pretty simple. It’s just to let you release magic and test your attributes of spirituality.”

“I see.” “What? It’s so easy.”  “Oh~~~so this is the so-called test. In order to be with my master, I’ll surely work hard!”

“Yeah, just work as hard as you can. By the way, when do you want to be there?”

“It’s your decision, master.” “Tomorrow!” “Now~~~”

“Um…we can’t go now. Just like what Reidy said, let’s go tomorrow. Is there anything you should prepare?”

“Thing? What thing?” Reidy took a bowl next to her and blew the hot air on top of the soup.

“Um…I don’t know, I was asking if you have anything to bring along when you go to school.”

“Huh~~(the sound of drinking soup) I don’t think so, there’s nothing much that I need to bring.”

“Silent Water?”

“I’ll bring bento. Master, you must guarantee the quality of your food.”

“Haha…Silent Water is so obedient. What about Dusty?”

“As long as I can be with master, I don’t care~~~wow~~~”

“Really? Wait, let me call the headmaster. I’ll tell him that you will go to school with me tomorrow. How does it sound?”

“I’ll listen to whatever my master says.” “Then, let’s decide it like that!” “Yay~~~~”

“Then, go to bed earlier. Tomorrow, you’ll have to get up early.”

“No, it’s the final episode of this TV series tonight. I have to finish it with Silent Water.”

In my own bedroom.

“Hu~~~” After taking a shower, I lied on my bed and took a really deep breath.

I rubbed my tired eyes, took my phone on the cabinet and dialed the headmaster’s number.

“Hey~~~is it Xiao Xiang?”

“Yes, it’s me. Grandpa Ijima, have you had dinner?”

“Ha~~~I’ve already had it. I’m playing chess with uncle onion.”

Uncle onion? Could that be the old guy who’s really great at medicine, but very much into girls?”

“Oh~~~I am so sorry, did I disturb you?”

“No, no, what is it about? Anything happened?”

“Nothing. It’s just that the daughters of my uncle’s friends have well prepared themselves and they can be there tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, is that all? Then come here earlier tomorrow morning. Test earlier then we can attend classes earlier as well.”

“Okay, sorry to trouble you then, grandpa ljima.”

“Hah, you kid, why are you suddenly so polite? Just find me whenever you need. By the way, teacher Meko is going to attend the exam of demon hunter.”

“Teacher Meko?”

“Yeah, hasn’t it been some time since she went to school? It’s because she’s practicing, when she gets the title of demon hunter, she’ll naturally go back to school.”

By the way, teacher Meko started taking leave three weeks ago. I almost forgot about her since I hadn’t seen her for a long time. My god, how could my memory be so bad? I almost forgot someone who treated me so well…

“Oh, okay, I’ve got it. Then I won’t disturb you now. Goodnight, grandpa lijma.”

“Ha~~~it’s only 10pm now and you sleep so early. Then, young man, sleep earlier.”

Afterwards, I hung up and put my phone onto the cabinet.

Oh? I recalled having put Valarie’s dragon crystal into the cabinet.

I opened the cabinet, and a smooth, fiery red crystal with a flame in the middle that would not extinguish was laying quietly on a book.

I carefully picked up the dragon crystal, laid back on my bed, pinched the crystal with my fingers, held it high, and admired the tiny dragon crystal carefully under the light.

I was wondering what happened with Valarie. It had been a week since I returned to the human’s world, so it must have been two weeks in the demons’ world…

At this time, Valarie was under the huge volcano, she was squatting beside a tree and picking mushrooms. Her lone figure suddenly flashed in front of my eyes.

Could she be thinking that I’d forgotten about my promise? All in all, I told her that I’d bring her snacks and dolls…

When I thought of that, I took a deep breath and I grabbed the dragon crystal more tightly…all of a sudden, there was a red, shining light in my palm. The next second, I felt someone sitting on my stomach, and I heard a familiar, deep voice of the girl.

“Hey~~young man, it’s been a long time.”


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