Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C16 Part 1

Red rock armor, snacks, benefits with good hearing ability

“Hey~~young man, it’s been quite some time.”

There was a 12- or 13-year-old girl with short red shoulder-length hair in front of me, she had a childish face and a pair of red eyes. Her name was Valarie.

Why did Valarie appear in front of me? I didn’t get it, what happened just then…

“You. Looked for me. What’s. The matter.” Valarie, who was sitting on my tummy, was checking out my bedroom thoroughly.

“I…” I didn’t know. How would I know why you’d be here? Damn it, what to do now? Although I wasn’t sure why Valarie was summoned here, she told me that whenever I encountered any problems, she would help me at once. And now there’s no enemy, could she hit me then…

When I thought of how Valarie punched a demon to death, I couldn’t help but have cold sweat. If I had to punched by Valarie, I’d rather receive ten times of electric shock of Reidy…

“Why. Are you. Not. Talking. Where. Is. This place. Where Is. The enemy.” After seeing that there’s no danger, Valarie had stopped looking. She tilted her head and looked at me on top.

Oh my god…I was going to die. How was I going to answer her? By the way, her outfit seemed to have changed. She was previously wearing a set of red outfit, and now it somewhat looked like a samurai’s. Although it’s still red, it seemed to be darker. There was also a brownish red armor on her hand, it seemed that she’d fully entered into the fighting state…

“I…Valarie, what’s up with the armor on your hand? How come I’d never seen it before?” I carefully watched Valarie’s unchanged facial expression, and I switched the topic.

“Oh. This. This is. Red Rock Armor. My ancestor. Left this. I am. Asking You. Where’s. The enemy.” Valarie looked at the armor on her hand, introduced to me briefly, then went back to the previous topic.

“About the enemy…” The enemy had fled. I was going to say so, but my bedroom was tidied up by Silent Water. It was so clean and tidy and didn’t look like there was a fight at all. That’s why I withdrew what I was going to say.

Valarie turned her arm and looked at the armor. Then, she said plainly, “then. Is there not. Any. Enemy.”

It really looked like she’s going to kill someone.

“Yes, there’s no enemy…” I’d rather be honest with her. I was hoping that she could forgive me as we were once fighting together anyway.

Um…it’s more like I dragged Valarie behind…

“Then. Why. Did you. Call Me. I was. Eating. Mushrooms. Just now.”

Eating mushrooms? Was she having dinner just now? Then I bet she was starving then…

“Ugh…in fact, didn’t you say that I could call you whenever I had troubles?”

“Yes, when there’s trouble.”

“Then, I have having troubles now.”

“What. Trouble. You want me. To destroy. Here?” Valarie looked up to the ceiling and around her, she was thinking about how much strength she needed to destroy this room.

“No, no, don’t. This is my room.” I quickly shook my head.

“Oh. Then. Tell me. What trouble. You have. I’ll. Help you.” Valarie tightened her little fist, and she especially looked cool since she had no particular facial expression. There’s no way she looked like a 12, 13-year-old and she was very reliable. Wait, I don’t think she’s that young anyway…I reckoned she’s at least a few hundred years old.

“My trouble, my trouble is… that something I can’t share with Valarie. I feel very uncomfortable, that’s my trouble.”

I let it be. All in all, she’s already there, I had to let her enjoy the things in human’s world. Wait, I couldn’t take her out or let her be seen by Reidy, or Reidy might get pissed off again. If Reidy gave me another electric shock, Valarie might take revenge on Reidy…

“Then. Is this. Your trouble.”

“Yeah, think about it, if I don’t feel comfortable, it must be a trouble for me, right?”

“You. Don’t feel. Comfortable.” She slowly frowned, as if she was thinking about something.

“Yeah, wait here, don’t go anywhere. I am going to solve my problem now.” Afterwards, I held her up and put her a side. I got out of bed and walked outside, “remember never to leave here.”

I closed the door after reminding Valarie.

After closing the bedroom door, I saw Valarie thinking deeply. What’s wrong with her?

“It’s probably because of what you said and I thought of Venus. I never expected that she’d die. I thought that she’d live for three to four thousand years.”

“Hey, Freed, Venus died and for what reason? Is it because that she’s too old?” I didn’t get it, if Venus didn’t die because she’s too old, why would she abandon her own daughter and make her guard the Fire Dragon Valley herself? Wouldn’t it be better to stay with her?

“It’s definitely not because she’s too old. When I and Yalide died, Venus was just three or four thousand years old, and it’s the most active period of a dragon. Usually, a dragon lives for five thousand years. Those having pure blood can even live for seven to eight thousand years. Ancient dragons can even live for 10,000 years. Venus is one having pure blood and she just lived for 3000 years. How could she die so soon? I’m guessing something happened.”

“Something happened? Sigh…anyway, Valarie had lived alone for so many years. It’s such a misery for her.”

“Yeah, that’s why I infused the dragon’s energy into the dragon crystal, asking her to come over here.”

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