Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C16 Part 2

“Oh, so it was you after all? Don’t you know that Valarie has no facial expression, and there’s absolutely no way to know what she’s thinking about? Do you know that she could punch me the next second after our conversation?”

“Don’t worry. Since she gave you the dragon crystal, this is already a form of trust. You’re the first human being who knows how to use Dragon Roar in her eyes. And it’s very rare. Also, has she ever beaten you up? No, right? And she even treats you quite well. She might even be looking after you like you’re her little brother.”

“Like a little brother, is it…” And Valarie’s height only reached my chest…

“Do you think you’re the strongest if you’re tall? Why don’t you try killing one hundred demons?”

“Forget it, I can’t do it. By the way, Valarie is not even a thousand years old, how is it possible that she’s this strong?” All in all, Valarie had killed hundreds of superior and super demons…it’s really not a joke…

“Powerful? It’s not that she’s strong, it’s that the demons’ ability has deteriorated. Their grades are just a façade, they’re actually quite weak.”

“They’re not even as powerful as their superiors? Are you kidding?” Could that even be true? They were not even better than superior demons?

“Yeah, demons used to be much more powerful before. Now, since demons only concentrate on grades, they don’t work as hard on their strength. Their grades are thus just a façade.”

“Wait, I seem to understand what you’re saying…the dangerous feeling the middle-level samurai demon gave me was even stronger than the superior one. Also, the demon that hurt Dusty was hurt much stronger than the one Silent Water encountered…”

“Yeah, and you know what? Now whether they are humans, demons or angels, they only pay attention to their level, and ignore their basic strength. Basic strength is the most important. So, kid, when the seal is lifted, although only one demon will appear at that time, you must not underestimate the ancient demons just because you’ve killed the modern one. They aren’t exactly comparable, you know?”

“Got it…” If everyone was paying attention to the level and ignoring the basic strength, then it’s completely understandable why sister Suehiro could defeat the warlord God that’s two grades higher than her. I wonder what might happen the day the seal is lifted…

“Okay, don’t worry about these things that won’t happen now. We don’t even know when the seal will be lifted. It could be now, tomorrow or ten years later. All in all, just enjoy your present life and get stronger.”


“Hello, human! Didn’t you say that you were going to bed first? How come you’re still awake?” When I arrived in the living room, Reidy glanced at me.

“I couldn’t sleep and I want some snacks.” As I put the snacks in the TV cabinet, and Reidy happened to be watching TV, I had to face them.

Hu~~~ I took a deep breath.

Normal mindset, I must keep a normal mindset, I mustn’t let them think that there’s something I was hiding from them.

“By the way, where’s Dusty?” There were only Silent Water and Reidy, I didn’t know where Dusty had gone.

“Dusty is out for a walk. By the way, you usually don’t eat breakfast, right? How come you want to eat now?”

“Um…well, I’m hungry…” If one was hiding something away from a person, he’d panic if that person asked a few things about it…

“Is my master hungry? Silent Water will cook something for you.”

“No need, Silent Water, there’s no need.” I quickly stood up and waved my hand at Silent Water.

“Really, then if you do want to eat something, just tell me.” Silent Water didn’t insist, seeing that I’d rejected. She’s really obedient.

“Thank you, Silent Water.” I went near her and stroked her head, then I took a few bags of snacks in the TV cabinet.

“Hey, human, give me a bag of chips.” Reidy yelled behind me.

“Ok.” I stood up and gave her a bag of it, then turned away and left the room.


“Oh~~~lord Fire Dragon is so powerful.” When I came to my bedroom, I heard Dusty’s amazed voice.

“This Is. Nothing.” Valarie said lightly.

“I want to learn.”

“I said. That. Is not magic.”

I slammed the door open and found that Dusty was sitting cross-legged on my bed, looking at Valarie in admiration, who had a flame floating in front of her.

Hello, what’s going on? Why was Dusty there?

“Ah, Master, look, lord Fire Dragon is so powerful, she can release magic without reading spells.” Dusty saw me coming and quickly waved at me, beckoning me to hurry over.

“Again. This. Is not magic.”

With a bang, I closed the door, threw the snack in my arms to the bed, and looked nervously at Dusty, “Dusty, why are you here?”

“Aha~~ I said that I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t sleep with my master, so I lied to sister Reidy that I would go out for a run, then I climbed out of my window to sleep with my master. Never had I thought that there’s a little girl sitting on my master’s bed. I was shocked. This girl turned out to be lord Fire Dragon. This is so awesome.”

“You…” I didn’t know what to say. I was already grateful that Dusty didn’t yell or cry. Otherwise, things would turn sour if Reidy found out.

“What. Is. This.” Valarie put off the flame in her hand, picked up the snack that I’d brought and checked it out thoroughly.

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