Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C16 Part 3

“Don’t you say you were eating mushrooms when I called you? So I brought you some snacks. Oh, the one you are holding is called shrimp strips. And these are called bear biscuits, and these are potato chips… …”I introduced to Valarie what I’d brought as snacks.

“Wow, snacks, I love it the most, lord Fire Dragon, you know what? I used to be a dog, and it was troublesome for me to eat these things. Now that I’m a human, I can eat whatever I like. These are so tasty.” Afterwards, Dusty picked up a bag of chips, torn off the package and started eating.

Valarie looked at Dusty eating happily, then looked at me, as if she didn’t understand what Dusty was eating.

“Oh, these things can be eaten, they’re snacks, just like what I’d told you last time. Look, like this.” I took a piece of potato chip and put into my mouth. Then, I took another one and put it into Valarie’s mouth.

She frowned and looked at the yellow potato chip in front of her. She opened her mouth and bit it, it was instantly broken…

“so strange. The taste. It’s like mushroom. And fish. Taste. Different.” Valarie carefully tasted the potato chips in her mouth.

“Oh, does it taste weird? I think that it’s quite tasty.” Dusty was eating the chips happily.

“Ha~~~this is the salty taste that I told you about. Don’t you think that it tastes quite good?”

“Salty. This is salty. Um. Taste. Although strange. It’s still good.”

“Come, lord Fire Dragon, it’s so rare that you come to my home as a guest. These are for you. I will eat biscuits.” Afterwards, Dusty put the potato chips onto Valarie’s hands and she started eating the biscuits.

“Is. This. Salty. Too?”

“Uh, this cookie is sweet, but some cookies are salty.”

“Sweet…” Valarie stretched her finger and took a bear biscuit. She held it in her lips, then pushed the biscuit into her mouth. She looked very cute.

“Well. I like it. This taste. Is this. Sweet.” Valarie put down the chip in her hand and took the biscuit box in Dusty’s hand. At this time, Valarie was very much like a child, and she was like acting like a child, taking things away from the others…well, all in all, she’s a little girl, and since she’s never had these stuff, it’s normal for her to like it.

Seeing that her biscuit was taken away, Dusty didn’t mind at all. She continued eating the shrimp strips and she looked so happy.

Seeing that these two girls eating so delightfully, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Snacks. Are there. No more.” After eating 5 bags of snacks, Valarie took the last empty one and looked inside.

“um…there’s still some underneath.” Valarie was eating too quickly. Even if Dusty could finish it, she was not as fast.

“I. Want. More. These snacks. I am. Hungrier now.” Valarie put down the snack bag and looked at me.

“…” Why would she get even hungrier? These snacks should contain very high calories, no? After eating two to three bags, I felt full already.

“I still have some here. Take it. Lord Fire Dragon, what else do you want? I am going to take it~~~” Dusty gave the potato chips to Valarie, jumped off the bed and put all the empty snack bags into the rubbish bin.

“Is there. Anything. Tastier. Than this.” Valarie took the potato chip from Dusty and started eating it.

“Let me think…something that’s tastier…it has to my master’s dishes.”

“Master. Is your master. A teenager?”

“Yes, my unique master.”

“Then. The flames. On you. Is it because. Of him.”

“I don’t know about that. After my master created a contract with me, I’ve got fire attributes. However, like what I’d told you before, you have to teach me the magic of fire.”

“I told you. Already. My fire. Is not. Magic.”

“But you were just lighting up flames, and it seems like it. I’ve seen some humans on TV, once there’s fire on their hands, they just need to throw it ahead and a fire ball would be formed.”

“Yes. I am. Different. I am. Fire Dragon. They are. Human. If you. Want to. Learn to. Control fire. Maybe. I can. Teach you. But. Depends on. Your potential. If you. Want magic. Don’t look. For me. I don’t know. Any magic.”

“Oh, is it…” Dusty looked a bit disappointed and she quietly walked out of my room.

“Dusty, after you go down, please don’t tell Reidy that Valarie is here, you understand?” I told Dusty when she walked out.

“Why? Well, since my master said so, then I won’t tell anyone.” Dusty nodded at me and left. In just two seconds, she came back.

“Master, sister Reidy and Silent Water are coming up.”

“What?” After hearing Dusty, I was so shocked that I had cold sweat.

I instantly heard the conversation of Silent Water and Reidy.

“Is it really appropriate that we don’t wait for Dusty? Could anything happen to her outside?”

“No way. She must be with that human. Just follow me.”

Dusty was wrong. They were coming.

I looked at Valarie who’s eating potato chips on the bed calmly, and Dusty tilting her head with confusion. I didn’t know what to do at all.

Oh right!!!

Suddenly, I had an idea. Although I had no idea if it’d work, that’s the only solution.

I walked in front of Valarie and held her in my arms. Then, I quickly jumped on my bed and used my quilt to cover our bodies…

“If I ever see that human doing bad things to Dusty, I won’t forgive him…oh? Dusty, what are you doing in front of the human’s bedroom?” I heard Reidy’s voice outside my bedroom.



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