Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C17 Part 1

The caring of Reidy, water and fire, I will protect you

“Dusty, what are you doing standing in front of the bedroom of human?” I heard Reidy’s voice outside the door.

“Master, he…” Dusty looked with me as if she didn’t know what to do, her mouth was moving, and she wanted to say something.

“I, I’m sick! Right, Dusty?” I blinked at Dusty.

“Eh? Uh, yes, my master is not comfortable.” Dusty nodded blankly.

“Uncomfortable?” Reidy came in and looked at me who was lying on the bed.

“Yeah, I’m a little uncomfortable.” In response to Reidy, I lowered my head and said to Valarie in my arms, “Valarie, please don’t make any sound, okay?”

“Why.” Her sound was still as plain as before.

“Just, please.” I begged her.

Valarie didn’t act like she’s fighting against it. She just responded with an “uh” and stopped talking.

It’s great that Valarie didn’t seem to get mad at me because of what I said to her.

“Where do you feel uncomfortable?” Just when I took a sigh of relief, Reidy walked toward me, and I got cautious again.

“I…I feel dizzy. I’ll be alright after I get some sleep.” What happened? What was Reidy doing here? Was she caring about me?

“Huh~~~weren’t you very well just now? And now you’re suddenly feeling dizzy? You’re so weak.” In her sarcastic tone, she seemed to be caring about me. Or was it just my illusion?

“Yes, yes, I’m weak, Reidy, just don’t come here, okay?” When she got nearer, I had to hold Valarie tightly. Although Valarie had a small body, it’s summer and the quilt was pretty thin, in order not to let anyone see that there were two people inside, I had to hold Valarie tightly.

“Why? Are you repelling me?” Reidy’s voice revealed displeasure.

“I am worried that this is an infectious disease or something. If it is transmitted to you, it will not look good. So, for your sake, please don’t come near me.”

Ah~~~I felt that the whole of my back was wet. Was it actually okay to let Reidy know that Valarie was there? All in all, Valarie was a fire dragon, and Reidy must have a certain extent of fear towards her. How come I didn’t think of that? Now that we were in such an embarrassing situation, wouldn’t it be more serious than honestly telling everything to Reidy? Well…since I started it, I had to finish the lie, and there’s no way I could let Reidy see her.

“What~~~I am not so spoilt. I’ve never gotten sick since I was little. Let me check you out.” Reidy had already gotten to the side of my bed…what to do?

I was so nervous and I held Valarie even more tightly. I suddenly heard something break, it seemed to be a potato chip breaking or something.

That’s weird. Obviously, I was just holding Valarie and I didn’t touch any potato chips. How would there be such a sound? Could it be possible that Valarie was still eating potato chips under this situation? Or I was using so much strength and I hurt her, making her break a potato chip?

“What was that sound?” Sure enough, this slight voice still couldn’t escape Reidy’s ears.

“Aha~~ I don’t know, perhaps Dusty was eating potato chips here just now, and I accidentally broke it.” I tried to pull a joke.

“Really? By the way, human, you sound pretty energetic anyway. Also, how is your sleeping posture so weird? It looks like…that you’ve gotten fatter?”

“No, definitely not.” Valarie’s arms moved a bit and there was a slight sound coming out of it. So she was really eating chips…in order not to let Reidy find out, I raised my voice, “Reidy, thanks for your care, but I’m really tired now and I only want to sleep. I’ll be better after I do.”

Unfortunately, it only made her more suspicious.

“It looks weird…are you hiding something from me?” After Reidy said so, I felt someone pulling my blanket…damn it! I would be all numb the next day I woke up. Wait, I’d rather pray for Reidy to be lenient and let me go.

“Reidy, come over here. I have something to tell you.” I suddenly heard Silent Water’s voice.

“What’s up?” Reidy let go of my blanket and she sounded in doubt.

I immediately breathed a sigh of relief after Reidy let me go.

Silent Water, you’re the best…I love you so much. I was really grateful towards Silent Water’s help.

“Come here, I’ll tell you something.” I lifted my head and looked back. I saw Silent Water waving to Reidy, and I didn’t know where Dusty had gone.

“What the hell is it?” Reidy walked towards Silent Water, then put her ears in front of Silent Water, listening to what she was trying to say.

“If you…then you will be disliked…do you understand?” Silent Water whispered, and even with my increased hearing ability, I could just hear a little.

After hearing what Silent Water had said, Reidy frowned. She looked at me and walked out of my bedroom.

After Reidy walked out of the room, Silent Water smiled and walked towards me.

She stood by my bed, leaned down and whispered to me, “master, just tell me whenever you have any problems. Don’t put everything on your shoulders, okay?”

Looking at Silent Water’s sweet smile, I couldn’t help but think, “could Silent Water know already?”

“Yeah. I understand.” I nodded.

“Okay, you must keep your promise. But master, you are really amazing, since you are be able to face the fire dragon without fear. But remember not to make the fire dragon angry, as it’s an evil creature. Their temperament is very irritable. Once they are angry, they will destroy everything.” At the end, the sound of Silent Water was very, very low. She seemed to have known already.

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