Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C17 Part 2

Just irritable? And destroy everything when she got angry? Was she talking about Valarie? And why would Silent Water think like that?

Oh…wait, spirits are afraid of dragons. As they’d never seen one, it’s normal to be scared, and it’s also normal to have this kind of rumors.

“Don’t worry, she won’t.” I patted Silent Water, asking her not to worry.

“Okay, master, then I will go out first. You have to sleep earlier, okay?”

“Yes, ok. By the way, where has Dusty gone to?”

“Dusty…” When Silent Water looked outside the door, Dusty came in.

“Master, I’m here.” Dusty walked in with several bags of snacks.

It turns out that Dusty went out to get snacks…looks like she’d told Silent Water everything. Obviously, Silent Water was more caring and she’s also very easy-going.

When I thought of that, I removed the quilt and I was going to let Silent Water see Valarie…

When I removed the quilt, I saw Valarie putting a piece of chip inside her mouth. At this moment, only her hair was a bit messy. For the rest, she looked completely normal, as if nothing else was related to her.

“This…this girl is the fire dragon?” Silent Water looked a bit surprised after seeing the real figure of fire dragon.

“Yes, she’s the fire dragon. Her name is Valarie. She once helped me in the demon’s world.”

“Did she help master before? But aren’t dragons all…” She kept staring at Valarie slowly sitting up.

“That’s a wrong concept. Not all dragons are evil. Right, Valarie?”

“Yes.” Valarie nodded and looked at Silent Water. Then, her gaze was fixed at Dusty’s bag of snacks.

“Do you want any?” Dusty gave a friendly smile to Valarie, putting all snacks on the bed.

Valarie was just like a little kid, she started tearing off the package and eating the snacks.

After looking at Valarie carefully, Silent Water whispered to me while shaking her head, “master, Silent Water still doesn’t believe that this girl is a fire dragon. Usually, they are giant creatures, not like her, she’s in a human form.”

“Kid. You. Are you talking. About me?” Valarie pushed a potato chip into her mouth. Then, she put down the snacks in her hand, staring at Silent Water with her empty, fire red pupils.

It was the first time I saw Valarie having this facial expression. Although her face remained unchanged, I could feel that she was indeed angry, and a suffocating aura was emitting from her. Why was Valarie acting like this? Was it because Silent Water just said that she’s like a kid?

“I…” Silent Water was slightly shaken by Valarie’s sharp eyes, then quickly blocked in front of me, her sweet voice revealed toughness, “I take back what I’ve said. The dragon pressure that you’re emitting has already told me that you’re a member of the dragon clan. I don’t know what you want, but I won’t let you hurt my master.” Afterwards, there was a sense of coldness in Silent Water’s hands. It was the second form of water – ice.

What was happening? Weren’t they going to fight?

“Hey, Silent Water, Valarie, don’t be like this.” I tried to stop them, but it made no changes to the current atmosphere. Dusty also hid behind me and watched the two cautiously.

“Huh. Water. No wonder. You make me. Hate you. Naturally. Just like. That guy.” Valarie moved her gaze away from Silent Water and ate a potato chip next to her, “young man. You have a. Good spirit. Although. I hate. This attribute.”

Valarie hated Silent Water? Was that because fire and water don’t get along? Also, who’s “that guy” Valarie was referring to?

Although I had my doubt, it’s great that they didn’t start fighting, “Valarie, don’t scare me like that next time, okay? You have any idea how scared I will be if you gals start fighting?”

“Because. I thought of. Something. In the past. Young man. Don’t you. Worry. Besides. The demons. My enemy. Is that guy. I won’t. Fight with. Creatures. That don’t. Threaten me.”

Seeing that Valarie had no intention to fight, the sense of coldness in Silent Water’s hands disappeared, “I am really sorry, it was my first time seeing a dragon. My father once told me how horrifying a dragon can be, and I was naturally scared. Since you don’t have bad intentions to my master and you’re his friend, I have to apologize for being impolite, no matter if you hate me or not.”

Valarie picked up a bag of snacks and showed it to Silent Water, “um, I can accept. Your apology. I just. Scared you. Sorry. But. Don’t challenge. A dragon’s respect. Anymore. Not all. Dragons. Can accept. Being threatened.”

A dragon’s respect? What’s that?

Silent Water took the snacks and smiled to Valarie, “um, thank you for being so understanding. Now, I’ve changed my impression toward the dragon clan. They aren’t all evil, there are also friendly dragons like you. I apologize for being rude to you.”

“It’s alright.” Valarie started eating the chips again. After seeing the atmosphere getting better, Dusty sat next to Valarie and ate the snacks together.

After seeing this scenario, I took a sigh of relief. However, I was still wondering who “that guy” was, the one mentioned by Valarie.

“Oh, I see. Then I understand why Venus left, however…”

“Oh, Freed? What are you talking about?” Freed was going to say something, yet he stopped immediately.

“Water and fire are not tolerant with each other; do you know about this?”

“Of course, I do…wait…fire and water? Valarie is the fire dragon, then…”

“You’re right, if there’s a fire dragon, there’s naturally a water dragon.”

“Are you saying that…between fire dragon and water dragon…”

“Right, they’ve been enemies all along. They have been enemies since birth. In ancient times, dragons were born in the underworld. They were huge in size and amazing in energy. They had strong limbs and powerful wings. They can walk on land and fly high in the sky. They are powerful creatures. Later, as the souls of humans do not have a destination after death, the God used the underworld as a gathering place for souls. In order for the souls to live in an ideal environment, the God then changed the underworld, which had only rocks and water, and it later became a world suitable for the growth of plants and animals…”

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