Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C17 Part 3

“And because the environment has changed, the dragons have gradually diverged, and each has its own attributes…and because of the dysfunction of attributes, some dragons have become natural enemies…Is that what you mean?” If it’s really like what I’d thought, then Venus might be her natural enemy. Eventually, it’d be the final competition between the water dragon and the fire dragon…

“Yes, that’s right, I guess that’s what it’s like. The dragon’s world is very complicated, just like human beings. They fight with each other for territories. They bite each other and tear their enemies down. They also roar to scare the enemies away. Finally, it would turn into the fight between two breaths, and that would be fight of the dragon’s roar.”

“Then do you know about that water dragon?”

“Of course. Although I and Yalide are friends of Venus, we’re also Bessica’s friends.”

“Bessica? Is it the name of the water dragon?”

“Yes, although I’ve been to the demon’s world many times, every time, I invited them to play around.”

“They? Aren’t they intolerant of each other? Why could you still let them play with each other? Also…anyway, it’s not the time to ask about that now.”

“Okay, I’m the God of dragon, the ancestor of all dragons. Of course, the dragon clan is very respectful to me. As for Bessica and Venus, they have to fight to get on with their lives. Whenever I and Yalide are not paying attention, they would fight to death. However, their relationship should have improved instead of getting worse, why are they fighting again?”

“Well…indeed…something must have happened…”

“Then, master, goodnight. Fire dragon, goodnight.” Silent Water waved to me and Valarie. After seeing Valarie nodded, Silent Water led Dusty out of my room.

“Oh? I don’t want, I don’t want to leave my master, I don’t want~~~” Dusty was struggling.

“Dusty, you have to listen to me and stop being like this. If you keep being like this, then I won’t bring you to school tomorrow.”

“Ah~~~sister Silent Water is threatening me.” Dusty obviously got quieter after hearing Silent Water. She looked at me pitifully and wanted me to let her stay. With a bitter smile, I could only let her be taken away by Silent Water.

After Dusty left, I looked at Valarie who’s still eating snacks on my bed. And I was wondering where she could sleep that night. Dusty slept with Reidy, so Valarie couldn’t sleep with them. As for Silent Water…although they had no intentions to harm each other, I was still worried that there might be a problem.

Sigh…forget it, since I couldn’t decide where she’d sleep, I’d let her decide.

When I was thinking about this, I asked Valarie, “hey, Valarie, where do you intend to sleep tonight?”

Valarie looked at me for a long while before responding, “Here. I. Have something. To. Tell you.”

“Ugh…” Looking at the small Valarie, I nodded. Initially, I was going to sleep on the couch in the living room if Valarie was going to sleep in my room, but my decision was changed after she told me that she had something to tell me. Also, Valarie was just a child, there’s no harm in sleeping with her.

Seeing me nodding, Valarie put down the snacks and started removing the armor on her arm.

I scratched my head and put the snacks on my desk. When I turned around, I saw that Valarie had already changed. At this moment, she was looking at me and there was just a thin, red cloth on her body.

Seeing her delicate and pinkish skin, I took a deep breath. I told myself continuously, “Valarie is just a kid. Valarie is just a kid. Lin Xiang, you bastard, don’t you have any dirty thoughts on Valarie.”

I slowly calmed myself down. I sat on the side of the bed and looked at the clock, “Valarie, what do you want to tell me?” I decided to sleep on the sofa after hearing what she had to say. Although she’s just a kid, it’s still not appropriate to sleep with a girl.

“Lay down.” She patted on the position beside her.

What to do? Should I lie down? If I didn’t, then perhaps Valarie wouldn’t tell me what she wanted to say. And what if I missed an important detail because of this…

In order not to miss something important, I decided to lie down.

After looking at the white ceiling for a while, Valarie started talking.

“I feel that. The fire energy. In your body. Has gotten. Thicker. That spirit. Called. Dusty. Fire Energy. Is also. Flowing inside her. Looks like. You created. A contract. When you were. Under the. State of. Flames. Right.”

“Yes.” Was that the fire energy? So, it’s an attribute of fire energy?

“Yes, you’ve achieved it. Turning into flames. That means. You’re suitable. To control. The ability of. Fire.”

“Controlling fire? Do you mean that I can control flames freely like you?”

“Yes. Freely control.”

When I thought of how Valarie attached the flames onto her fists and used them to hit the demons, I felt incredibly excited. I really wanted to be like her, I wanted to attach flames onto my fists as well.

“Then, what should I do?”

“Well. I don’t know. About this. All In all. I learned how to. Control fire. Four hundred years ago. Now. Time has passed. It has been. Three hundred years. I have forgotten. How I practiced. In the past. But. I remember. I suffered. A lot. To survive. Now. I don’t know why. Demons frequently appear. You have to. Practice more. When you have. Little troubles. Try to. Solve them. Yourself. Of course. If you have. Big troubles. I will. Support you. Because. You are a. Special person. I will. Protect you.”

After listening to Valarie, I turned my head and looked at her.

Her eyes were full of determination, she was serious.

Why would I need a girl to protect me…although she’s stronger than me, she’s still a kid, it should be me who ought to protect her.

I stroked her head and smiled at her. Then, I listened to what she had to tell me next.


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