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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

The life that I want

V5C1 – Shemale and Saharu, names, discussion


“Um…” Kitashima snorted and slowly raised his head. He looked at me with an expression of disbelief and fainted after making an “uh” sound.

Sigh…he finally fainted. I was going to punch him once more if he didn’t…

According to his personality, there’s no way he would surrender. Now that he’d passed out, I assume that I’d won?

I was standing on the arena and looking at the environment around me. No one spoke, everyone was just looking at me. I also wasn’t sure why there was no announcement…I suppose the camera in the air must be filming my face now?

While I was thinking, I asked, “um…did I win?”

The audience still hadn’t reacted. After a long while, there was a robotic announcement, “bi~~~the competition has ended. The winner is Lin Xiang from class C of the first grade!”

“Wow~~~” There was a deafening noise from the auditorium. I heard a boy yell, “I love you, Lin Xiang!”

Was that my illusion? Right, it must be an illusion.

I nodded silently. How could a guy be in love with me? Lin Xiang, you’re just too tired and you need some rest.

“Medical…medical staff! Be quick! You have to be here ASAP to send Kitashima to the medical room!!!”

Again, it’s that shemale teacher’s voice on the announcement. However, there wasn’t the usual coldness in his voice, it was replaced by fear and nervousness.

“Lin Xiang!!! If anything happens to Kitashima, you’re dead!!!”

I laughed at the air, “well, what if I’m beaten like that by Kitashima? Then will he be dead?”

“You aren’t even comparable with Kitashima, since you’re a useless bastard!!!”

“Oh~~~right, I’m a useless bastard. That’s right. That’s to say, Kitashima is not even a useless bastard. I understand why he isn’t comparable with me. Teacher is definitely right.”

“You…you must have taken some forbidden medicine! You’re a garbage and there’s no way you possess such great power! I have to test you! You…you must’ve taken some medicine! I…I’ll certainly destroy the alchemist who sold this forbidden medicine to you. I will destroy you both!”

“Yeah, except that such an alchemist doesn’t exist. Why don’t you destroy me alone? Come on, I’ll be waiting for you in class C. Wait…why don’t you come now? I’ll be waiting for you here. Otherwise, I’ll hear you using your shemale-like voice to say things like the effects of medicine have disappeared or something.”

“You…how dare you talk back to me? I’ll tell the headmaster, just wait to be expelled.”

The headmaster? Well…I wasn’t sure if he’d ever watched me fight…

“Haha~~~are you scared? Let me tell you, it’s useless to be scared now.” When I was thinking, that shemale talked to himself.

“Uh…yes, I’m so scared. Come to catch me now, don’t forget that teachers can’t insult their students either.”


There was no more announcement. Now, don’t tell me that he’s coming…

“Lin Xiang!” At this moment, someone called me from behind.

I turned around and saw Saharu…what’s he here for?

“Teacher, hello.” Although he was only nice to me because of the headmaster, he’s no longer looking for troubles. Therefore, I still had a lot of respect to him.

“Ha! Lin Xiang! I knew already that you’re a talent! I had already told the headmaster how much talent you’ve got! I’ve said the right thing!” Saharu acted like he’s very close to me. He held my shoulders and laughed. I felt like he’s just selling something…what’s he here for?

“Ugh…” When I wanted to ask if he could let me go, I heard the shemale talk again, “you! Come over here! I will take you for a test now!”

Saharu turned around and saw that goddamn shemale. He looked unhappy but he still tried to smile, “isn’t this Mr. Katou? Let me tell you, you’ve really pissed me off by how you hurt my student. Do you understand?”

“Isn’t this Mr. Saharu?  I highly doubt that your student has taken forbidden medicine, and I have to take him for a test.”

“Oh? In fact, I’ve always doubted that you’re a woman, so I must check your body now! You must take off your clothes! Can you do that?” The smile on Saharu’s face disappeared.

“You…” The shemale was so pissed off that he couldn’t say a word. His face was all red…well, don’t tell me that he’s really a shemale.

I checked him out thoroughly and shook my head, I started to pity that Kitashima who was carried away.

The pitiful Kitashima…it turns out the shemale teacher admired him, or maybe they adored each other. Otherwise, he wouldn’t care about Kitashima so much.

Well, now I could explain everything more clearly. I was having such evil thoughts.

“Mr. Katou, I’m sorry, I was too agitated and I said something that I didn’t mean to.” Saharu suddenly bowed deeply to that shemale teacher…what was he doing…

The shemale snorted after seeing Saharu acting like that. Afterwards, Saharu said again, “fortunately, you didn’t take off your clothes, or the students would feel deeply traumatized after seeing your body on the screen. I won’t be responsible for that.”

“Asshole!!!” The shemale scolded Saharu and he didn’t know what else to say. He looked at me fiercely, as if he was saying, “just wait for me.” Then, he turned, twisted his bottom and left with Kitashima who was being carried away.

I felt so disgusted at this scene…

Saharu turned to me and the he was having a wide smile. Then, he hit my arm with his elbow, “Lin Xiang, you’re really something, I didn’t expect it at all. Even if you’re without spirits, didn’t you defeat the so-called first one of the grade? I have known for a long time that you’re so powerful.”

“In fact…I’m not…it’s just a coincidence.” Indeed, it was my second time defeating the first one of the grade…

“Haha~~~Lin Xiang is such a humble guy! You have to learn from him more. Also, I’m Saharu, and Lin Xiang is my good student.” Saharu laughed again in the air.

I raised my head and looked at the big screen hanging on top. It was showing Saharu’s filthy smile…I was thinking whether he was here to sell or to destroy his image…

Inside the headmaster’s office.

“Xiang! You’ve done a great job!” Once I stepped into the headmaster’s office, he immediately stood up and approached me.

“Well…it’s you who’ve taught me well.”


“Mr. Ljima Michita…”

“Haha…I’ve already watched the video. Your performance really surprised me, and I was very satisfied with it. No wonder you’re the son of Lin Fan.”

“Thanks…thank you for your compliment. I wasn’t sure what you’re looking me for…” When the competition ended, Saharu, the guy who liked taking advantages of the others, kept holding my shoulders and laughing in front of the camera. He had such a disgusting laughter and once he started laughing, he wouldn’t stop. He also kept blinking at the camera. In a minute, the assistant Yonechi came over and looked at Saharu disdainfully. Then, she brought me to the headmaster’s office.

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