“In fact, it’s about that teacher called Katou. I’ve heard his announcement and he really crossed the line. Do you have any thoughts about it?”

“Thoughts? Well, no…that shemale…ugh, Mr. Katou is a fool. I don’t want to calculate so much with a fool and it’ll only degrade me…”

“I knew that you’d answer me like that. You can bear with it but I won’t. There’s absolutely no use in keeping such a teacher at our school. I’ve decided to fire him.” The headmaster said with strong determination.

Fire him? Indeed, many people hated him. God knows how many students he’s already insulted.

“Okay, you’re the headmaster. It’s your decision.”

“Well. I have just called Master Qian Libing just now. He was very happy when he heard the news, and he immediately hung up and said that he’s coming here to watch the video, also to see you.”

“Ugh…Qian Libing is coming here…” At this time, a white-haired Ruling Saint appeared in my mind.

“Yeah, he told me that he wanted you to try for the title of ‘Mage of Demon Resistance’.”

“The Mage of Demon Resistance?” He’s never heard of it. In the memory of “Lin Xiang”, this had never existed.

“Well, for that…look at me, come here, sit down.” The headmaster smiled, I felt that he’s happier than usual that day.

“The so-called Mage of Demon Resistance is someone who can fight against the demons. You know what, you contributed quite a lot in the attack of demons yesterday. Let alone this title, I think that you can even pass the test for an exorcist.”

“Then is this title meant for someone with spiritual power?”

“Right. If you pass the test, someone will give you a badge and prove that you’re the mage of demon resistance.”

“Then…even so…what can it do for me?”

“There is a lot that you don’t know. Later, when you enter the team, it will have to take missions. The chief has to check the grades of the members, and he’ll decide whether you’re fit for the mission. Also, you cannot pick which mission to complete…later, you will also encounter a new place, but I won’t reveal much now.”

“Oh? I really didn’t know about this.”

“He he, now you think that’s quite important, isn’t it? Those senior brothers and sisters in second and third grades might carry the title of Mage of Demon Resistance, but only five to six of them carry the title of exorcists. Think about it, if you start carrying this title, do you think Kitashima will still look down on you?”

“Then…Mr. Ljima, what titles do you carry?” The headmaster is a Battle Elder level 5, I suppose he should have a kick-ass title.

“Me? Well, I have a title that’s called C grade of demon killer, not even B grade…”

“Demon killer? It sounds cool.”

“I think that’s ok. For me, the most impressive title would be Demon Slasher. Once you become Demon Slasher, and no matter if you’re in grade C or D, you’ll earn respect everywhere. Master Qian Libing is in grade D of Demon Slasher.”

“That’s really amazing.”

“Ding ling ding ling ding ling.” “Oh~~~the phone is ringing, please wait a minute.” The headmaster stood up and walked to his desk. He picked his phone and said, “Hey? Yeah, I know. Oh, okay, I see, I’ve got you.”  The headmaster said a few words and hung up. Then, he looked at me with a bitter smile, “as master Qian Libing’s guard doesn’t want him to leave, he still can’t get out no matter what. He told me not to wait for him and he’ll come over later.”

“Oh…then…can I return now?”

“Yeah, you can.” The headmaster looked at me and smiled peacefully. Then, he started dialing a number again.

What was he doing…was he going to report some good news…?

When I walked out of his office, I stretched myself and walked toward the classroom.

On my way, people kept whispering about me.

“He…he’s that Lin Xiang. I told you not to watch the competition of the second grade and you still went. That’s how you missed a good game.”

“In fact, I still cannot accept the results of the competition. Isn’t what you’ve been discussing too unscientific? He’s so weak and still he could defeat Kitashima? Have you all had some kind of illusion?”

“How is it possible? One cannot become delusional through an equipment. We were watching it very clearly on the screen.”

“Then why didn’t one single person film it?”

“At that time, everyone was dumbfounded. Who’d still remember to film it? You didn’t watch it, so you have no idea how powerful he was. He was as fast as the wind, no…he’s actually even faster than wind. I didn’t see him use any skills at all. He was only using an ordinary titanium sword to beat Kitashima down. You know how quick he was when waving his sword? Just like raindrops. Every time, he successfully hit Kitashima’s body and Kitashima couldn’t defend himself at all. After Lin Xiang got petrified…that skill became invalid in just five or six seconds, and by just one kick, he kicked Kitashima 50 meters high and 70 meters away.”

“Damn it…even 50 meters high? Is our arena that high? Wait, and you said 70 meters away, do you think that we’re playing football?”

“Now that you mention it, I think that it’s quite like playing football. Finally, Kitashima even released the fire of hell.”

“The fire of hell? Isn’t that the second most powerful trick of the middle-level fire magic?”

“Yeah, you know what? After Kitashima compressed the fire of hell as a firebomb and threw it out, it hit Lin Xiang who’s turning away immediately and he’s instantly surrounded by the fire…”

“First, let’s not talk about why Kitashima used the fire of hell. Usually, one with weak spiritual power would be dead after being surrounded by the fire of hell, right? And although there was a barrier, he’d usually be unable to wake up in a short time, right? So why is he still fine now?”

“That’s why I told you he’s not an ordinary person. Don’t be misguided by his spiritual power.  Let me tell you – just when we all thought that he’s going to lose, he walked out of the fire looking very relaxed.”

“He walked out of it?”

“Yes, he walked out of it, on foot. Ugh…what am I talking about? Anyway, he looked totally relaxed, it wasn’t like he was attacked at all.”

“Is that true or not? It sounds so ridiculous.”

“Hey, if you don’t believe me, you have to believe the 700 people there…”

After listening to everyone’s comments on the way, I was finally back to the classroom.

Soon after I stepped one foot into it, everyone got silent immediately. They all looked at me and I didn’t know what to do.

I scratched my head and quickly got ot my seat…everyone’s gaze moved along with my motion… I sat down and shouted, “what are you staring at?” They’d finally realized that they’d been looking at me for too long and they started whispering and discussing…


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