Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C18 Part 1

Files, Good morning, Cold atmosphere

“Valarie, why do you want to teach me how to control fire?” After listening to some of the fire controlling techniques, I expressed my doubt. Obviously, I didn’t have much of a relationship with Valarie, why did she teach me so much?

“Venus. Said that. If someone. Can learn. The breath of fire. Then that person. Is a descendant. Of the dragon. To fight with. Other dragons. I must use. The power. Of the descendants.”

“Is it like a clan fight?” It turned out that Valarie knew about the descendants of dragon.

I remember Freed once said that the descendants of dragon can kill dragons. Their special power can destroy the soul of the dragon until its complete disappearance. I’ve also heard that when the dragon dies, its soul would be absorbed by the descendant. Afterwards, they’ll also acquire new skills…

If that’s the case, then it might be a good thing to have their assistance during the fights among different dragon clans. However, if someone among the descendants rebels and kills me after getting rid of the opponent, it will be the biggest loss ever. Well…anyway, I won’t kill Valarie or other dragons, except if it’s an evil one.

“Hey, uncle?” I spoke to my phone.

“Ha~~~Xiang, you little kid. How could you use my name and allow human-form spirits to study?” He sounded like he’s half-scolding me.

“Really sorry, uncle.”

“Well, I don’t blame you. I understand how you feel, but aren’t you too impatient? You said that you’d go to school tomorrow?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Think about it. Your spirit is just like a native American that was trafficked, she’s without an ID or a nationality. Then, with what information can we register her?”

Oh~~~right, I almost forgot about it…the school had to have their personal information.


“I know what you want to say. Don’t worry, I will deal with it. If uncle Ijima didn’t tell me about this, I really wouldn’t know. Next time, you should think about more details before you take action.”

“Alright, I’ve got it now, uncle.” Fortunately, uncle called me to make sure, or I’d make the biggest joke ever when I brought them to school the next day.

“Yeah, and remember you should never reveal their identity. Now, tell me what their names are. I will register their information.”

“Oh. Silent Water, Reidy and Dusty.”

“Is there anything special about them?”

“Anything special? Um…they all look very beautiful.” Aside from their beauty and style, there was almost nothing different between them and ordinary people.

“I know this. Humanoid spirits are all beautiful. What I asked about is their attributes and height.”

“Oh, Silent Water belongs to water attribute, and she has blue hair. I guess she’s about 170cm tall? Reidy belongs to thunder attribute, she has golden hair, and she’s about 167cm tall. Dusty belongs to earth and fire attributes…”

“Wait! What did you say? Earth and fire attributes?” Before I finished, my uncle interrupted me nervously.

“Yeah, what about it?”

“That’s double attributes. What kind of a spirit is Dusty?”

“Ugh…” Oh, I just realized it. It’s very rare to have double attributes. It’s normal that he got so nervous. I was wondering what his reaction was after knowing that Dusty actually turned into a humanoid spirit from a dog.

I was thinking about my uncle looking scared and shocked. However, that stayed as my thought only. I wasn’t going to tell him about that. All in all, it was pretty horrifying news.

“Uncle, although she has double attributes, she’s still young and quite weak in magic. So, there’s no need to worry.”

“Although she’s relatively weak, that’s…that’s double attributes…is she the one without a contract?”

“um…there’s already a contract between us…”

“What? Really? Even though she’s relatively weak, this kind of rare spirits should be more arrogant, right?”


“Master, let’s take a bath together!”

“Master, welcome back.”

“Master, I want to sleep with you.”

I thought of how Dusty liked clinging to me. She’s not arrogant at all, she’s super clingy.

“No, she is very obedient.”

“Really. It seems that she is really special and she can see the sealed power, that’s why she’s willing to be your spirit.”

“Ha~~ Probably so.” Was it because of the power of the seal? That power had disappeared as the soul of that nerd, Lin Xiang had dispersed. What’s left was just a very vague spiritual power… “She has brownish red hair and she’s about 165cm tall. Right?”

“Okay, maybe I’ve gone too far. Their names are Silent Water, Reidy and Dusty right?” My old uncle repeated their names.

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“Oh, then I have another question now. For Silent Water and Reidy, I can establish files for them, but for Dusty…you’re her owner, so you can name her.”

“Name her?” Should I think of a new name for Dusty? Well…how should I name her then? Lin Dusty? Ugh…it can’t be. How about ashes? No, no…

When I was bothered by the matter, my uncle laughed, “Ha…is it difficult to think of a name? It’s the same for yours, big brother had to think for a long while before he came up with one…okay, let’s not talk about this. I have already thought of one for you. What do you think of Matsuyama Dusty?”

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