Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C18 Part 2

“Matsuyama Dusty? That sounds quite weird…oh well, it’s okay, let’s go for this one.”

“Okay, Silent Water, Reidy, Matsuyama Dusty. I will get a basic file first, and you can send me the other information via SMS later. About 2 days or so, their personal information will be completed. At that time, they can then go to school. It’s getting late now, go to bed.”

“Wait, old uncle. What exactly do you do for work? Why can you do it so casually…” How can personal files or something be made casually? That should be registered in the national network or something…

“Me? Ha~~ The old man is just a single middle-aged man. What can he do? It’s just an agent who works for the country. I belong to the Japanese Human World Guards Organization.”

“Oh…” My old uncle works for the Japanese Human World Guards Organization? No wonder he didn’t come back so frequently…but ordinary members shouldn’t be able to create files so easily. He should be on a higher level.

“Okay, now you know already. You should go to sleep now. When the files are ready, you can bring them to school. Always keep in mind that some things can’t be rushed.”

“Ok. Goodnight, uncle.”

“Ok. Goodnight.”

After hanging up, I put my mobile back to my cabinet. It had been half an hour. I shook my head…how fast time had passed.

When I turned around, I saw that Valarie was already asleep.

I looked at her carefully. At this moment, she was lying on her side. Her little mouth was slightly open and the rhythm of her breath was regular. She tightly clenched her fists and there was a sense of helplessness on her.

She’s a little girl who’d lost her mother and had been living alone all the time. She was eating plain, tasteless mushrooms, taking a bath in hot lava and sleeping on an icy cold stone bed…Sigh…

I sighed and stroked Valarie’s short and red hair, “at least my old uncle accompanied me during my childhood, and when I grew up, I have friends like Satsuki and Takahashi. What about you? You’ve lived alone for a few hundred years with no friends, nor anyone to talk to…”

I gently covered Valarie with the quilt, lying quietly beside her, feeling the heat coming out of her small mouth, listening to her subtle breathing, I decided that I would protect Valarie. I had to replace Venus and give her the love that she deserved.

“Chichichichi~~” A little bird was singing happily on the telephone pole. Although they were singing, I didn’t know what it’s about…I only found them extremely noisy.

Summer was approaching, the days were long and the nights were short, the sunrise was getting earlier and earlier…so, what time was I waken up that day?

I opened my sleepy eyes and saw the white ceiling that I had to see every morning when I get up. When I wanted to reach out and wipe my eyes to make my vision clearer, I realized that I couldn’t move my hands, neither of them.

I looked to both sides, two girls with red hair were holding my hand. There’s a girl with flaming red hair, wait no, that’s a kid, and she’s actually pressing my hand instead of grabbing it. The girl with brownish red hair was holding my hand tightly, and her mouth slightly biting my arm.

Sigh…so Dusty still came? What if Reidy knew about it?

I gently pushed Valarie aside, pulled away the hand of Dusty, lifted her up and opened the door as quickly as I could. “Um…master, I want to eat this.” Dusty smiled in my arms.

Was she dreaming? Seeing how happy she looked, I smiled helplessly.

When I came to Reidy’s room, I secretly opened the door. At this time, Reidy was lying in the bed, her sleeping posture was as bad as ever…

I gently put Dusty on the bed next to Reidy, then quickly stood up and walked out of her room.

With a “click” sound, I took a deep breath after closing Reidy’s door.

“Huh~~ Fortunately, Reidy did not wake up this time, otherwise I would have to get an electric shock again. Also, I had to tell them openly about what’d happened the previous night. Although I didn’t know if they’d be unhappy, this would be the only way…” I murmured and went back to my bedroom. After I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I walked out of the bathroom and saw that Valarie was already awake. She kneeled on my bed and she looked somewhat confused. It looked like she wasn’t totally awake, and the red cloth on her body seemed somewhat loose as well. It was like one just had to slightly pull it to remove it.

Valarie checked the surrounding environment for a while and asked me, “where is this place?”

“Ugh? This is my home.” Could Valarie be so confused?

“Yes.” Valarie stood up and jumped off her bed. She walked in front of me, “toilet. Where.”

“Oh, here.” I pointed her the direction to the bathroom.

Valarie saw me retreat and enter the bathroom. She looked at the toilet for a while and started removing the red cloth on her. When she saw me, she hurriedly closed the door.

Hey~~~it’s a fire dragon, but that shouldn’t make her let anyone see her naked body so easily.

I thought to myself, then opened the closet and put on my school uniform.

“Valarie, can you please stay in my room?” After I changed into my school uniform, Valarie also came out of the bathroom.

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