Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C18 Part 3

“Yeah.” Valarie nodded. She picked up some snacks on the table and started eating them.

Looking at Valarie, who was wearing a few pieces of red cloth, I took out a T-shirt from the closet and slipped it off her head.

“What are you. Doing.” Valarie looked up at me.

“It’s nothing, just put it on. When it’s mealtime, Dusty will bring something to eat for you, then you can taste some real good food.”

“Tasty. Food.” There was eagerness in Valarie’s eyes.

“Right. Good food.” I patted Valarie’s head and took my school bag on the chair, “you’ll know at that time. By the way, let me show you something.”

At this moment, I noticed a computer that’s switched on, but hadn’t been touched for a long time.

“What. Is this.” After seeing the computer screen switched on, Valarie came to me curiously.

“This is called a computer, and I can’t really explain it to you in details right now. All in all, this thing called computer is a good stuff. It’s very interesting, and I’ll show you some anime.”

“Anime. Programme.” Valarie tilted her head, and lowered her red hair.

“Well~~you’ll know when you see it.” When I said so, I opened a webpage and showed a few anime to Valarie.

The two-dimensional animated characters, the exaggerated and funny movements made Valarie fix her gaze on it.

After teaching Valarie how to operate it, I walked out of the room.

“Human? I thought that you’re still sleeping.” Just when I walked out of the room, Reidy was walking toward me.

“I’m awake already.” I closed the door quickly, “um? Reidy? You…”

That day, Reidy was wearing a red dress. With her golden hair and beautiful western face, she’s just like a noble princess and she’s glowing.

“Huh~~~” Reidy snorted with confidence and she was playing with her hair. She smiled at me, “am I beautiful today? Well, remember, even though I’m very beautiful today, don’t love me too much, I’ll be very annoyed.”

“Ugh…I won’t…”

“What did you just say?” Reidy frowned.

From my past experience, I couldn’t repeat it, and I decided not to continue this topic.

“Nothing. By the way, Reidy, there’s something that I need to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“Let’s go to the dining room.” At this time, I saw Dusty coming out of Reidy’s bedroom. That day, she was wearing a pair of tight pants and a brown T-shirt, looking very energetic. It looks like they were eager to go to school.

“Good morning, master.” When she came to the dining room, Silent Water was placing the tableware and chopsticks. It seemed that she had already prepared breakfast.

That day, Silent Water was wearing the blue dress that I got her last time, and I hadn’t seen her wearing it for a long time, how come she was suddenly wearing it?

“Well, good morning.” I put down my schoolbag, sat on the chair, and looked at Dusty, who was holding a fork with excitement and Reidy who kept combing her hair with her hands. There was also Silent Water on a faint smile on her face. I sighed.

Well, it seemed that I had to disappoint them…

“Silent Water, Reidy, Dusty, I have something to tell you.”

As soon as I said so, they all stared at me tightly.

Facing their reaction, I really dared not tell them that they still had to wait a few more days until school started…but I knew that I had to tell them, or they would only get unhappier later. All in all, they were really looking forward to it…

“In fact, you all are spirits, and you need something called a file to attend school. Do you know anything about files?”

“Yeah, Silent Water knows about it. On TV, they’ve said that files are used to introduce people or objects.”

“Yes, that’s it. So, no one knew about the fact that you’ve come to the human’s world as spirits…so…”

“Are you saying that we can’t attend school if we don’t have our files?” Reidy stopped playing with her golden hair and looked at me seriously.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Woo~~~how could this be~~I want to go to school with master~~~I want to stay with the master~~~” Dusty slumped on the table after hearing my affirmative answer.

“Dusty.” Silent Water touched Dusty’s head. The smile on her face disappeared without a trace.

“Huh!” Reidy snorted angrily.

“Uh…” I didn’t know how to respond facing their reaction, I just felt like the surrounding air condensing.

“Then what can we do to get those files?” Reidy finally broke the silence.

“Oh, that…it’s actually pretty quick. At night, when I return home, just give me your personal information, and you’ll be able to attend school two days later.” Once I said so, the temperature of the condensed air seemed to rise again.

“What~~~you should have said so earlier. I thought that we couldn’t go to school. Don’t misunderstand me, I didn’t mean that I didn’t want to.” Reidy was a bit shocked after hearing what I said, and she continued playing with her hair angrily.

“Ha~~~so I can be with my master~~~that’s great~~~~” Dusty sat up with a lot more energy.

Silent Water didn’t say much. She only smiled at me sweetly and walked into the kitchen to take some plates.

At the entrance.

“Then I’m going out.” After putting the lunchbox in my school bag, I put on my shoes, picked up the cold sword on the cabinet and waved at them.

“Master, be careful on the road.”

“Master, be careful when you cross the road.”

“Master~~come back earlier~~”

“Yes, see you all tonight.” After saying goodbye to them, I closed the door and started walking to the school.


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