Chapter 9/10

Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C1 Part 1

The Simple Life of Sword Bearer

  1. The wandering old man, the same ancestor, is my Lord…

The weather that day was nice. There was an endless blue sky and it’s cloudless. The sunlight of that day wasn’t too bright. On the contrary, it gave people a warm feeling.

As I left home, I was walking on the way to school. It seemed that the crowd and buildings around me gradually increased, and the sound of cars and stalls started echoing in my ears.

As summer vacation was approaching, the advertisements of summer training courses were found on walls and telephone poles. Some people with poor ability would probably join and use the holiday to exercise hard. They wanted to do something impressive in schools and become famous. Anyway, that’s not my plan. I didn’t like being famous, as you’d catch people’s attention all the time.

There was busy traffic on the streets. I went out early and I got to see a lot of students of Pillar Nofu Academy on my way, also some from Holy Spirit Academy. Speaking of which, I remember someone having said that Kitashima was transferred there. Whether it’s true or not, it didn’t have anything to me with me anymore. I was thinking about Takahashi more. It’s been a month, how come he never contacted me anymore? Was he really practicing alone?

After he dropped out, I hadn’t called him as I didn’t want to disturb him. I was only hoping that he could call me. All in all, it’s been quite some time since he accompanied me, no matter if it’s in this world or that world.

“Come over here, we’re offering a big discount. 50% for all weapons and don’t miss it!”

“Do you want to understand the true meaning of magic? Come here, we have all the magic books that you want.”

On the streets, all the shops had automatic megaphones, and all the announcements were made automatically. Although they had no feelings, they were still better than the people selling things on the street. After all, the people selling things on the streets were relatively poor and they couldn’t afford automatic megaphones. They could only depend on their voices.

Even though I was on such a noisy road to school, I didn’t feel a bit annoyed. On the contrary, I quite liked it. This should be how humans live and I shouldn’t destroy it.

Freed once said that the demon will come out from the demon abyss one day. Although one would come out only after one died, if they were enormously powerful demons, I think only one could turn the human’s world upside down. And I didn’t want that to happen at all.

“Son, son, wait up.” When I walked pass an uncle who looked like a beggar, he yelled at me.

I turned my head and looked at the uncle with grey hair, no, he’s not an uncle, but a homeless old man.

The old man was wearing shabby coat and torn trousers. His messy silver hair was fluttering in the wind. His appearance was very decadent, and his face was stained. However, he had a pair of piercing eyes, just like lights in the dark, they looked totally different from his impoverished appearance.

“Did you call me?” I stopped in doubt.

“Yes, it’s you.” The old man stood up with difficulty and limped towards me.

“May I ask what’s the matter?” What was the matter with this old man?

“You, is the sword in your hand called the Water●Green Light Cold Soul Sword?” The old man’s eyes stared straight at the sword in my hand.

Water●Green Light Cold Soul Sword? I seem to have heard that name from Freed, who’s this old man…

The old man probably saw my doubts and immediately responded, “it doesn’t matter that you don’t know its name, the important thing is that you’ve unsealed it.” Afterwards, there’s a sense of relief in the old man’s eyes.

“Uh…could you tell me who you are?” If someone on the street stopped me and talked to me, I would definitely turn around and leave, but this old man seemed to know the origin of the sword, so I decided to learn more about his identity and the story of this sword.

“Me? Oh~~ My name is Terayama Kikai, a senior member of a desolate family.” There was a helpless smile on the old man’s face.

On the old man, there’s a slight sense of superiority of a senior. This was definitely formed after being in the upper society for a long time. Wait, did he say that he’s from a desolate family? What kind of a family could that be?

“Excuse me, what’s the name of the family?”

“Chester.” The old man sighed.

“The Chester family? This family is quite famous. It seems to rank first in Okinawa. How can it be desolate?” There was some news a few days ago, saying that the family was looking for something and there was a huge reward. It was something important that they were looking for.

“Sigh…it has become desolate. As long as it’s under the management of that douchebag, it’ll be over soon.” When he said so, the old man clenched his fist and he looked furious.

“That douchebag?” Wait, this old man just told me that he’s a senior of the Chester family, why would he be there? Although we were not near Okinawa, a senior person of a famous family shouldn’t end up like this…

“It’s the current master, Terayama Manabu!”

“Terayama Manabu?”

“Yes! It’s my unfilial son, Terayama Manabu!” The old man gritted his teeth and clenched his fists even more tightly.

“Since it is your son, then why…”

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