Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C1 Part 2

“It’s just because I haven’t died yet! He knows that as long as I am still there, he wouldn’t be in power, so he united with my grandson and took me to a place with no one. They wanted to kill me and create a fake image that I’d died out of an accident. Although I’m old, my magics haven’t gotten old. In order to survive under the attack of the Ruling Saint’s son and the grandson of the Battle God, I had to use the ultimate skill – ‘Golden Cicada Casting Off Its Skin’. Although it seemed that I died, it was just a fake corpse. The real me came here through a special moving magic, but my spiritual power has gotten really…”

He got more and more depressed when he spoke, and I saw his tree skin-like wrinkles.

How come this person killed his own father when he couldn’t control the power? That’s a real bastard!

“But, why did you tell me all these? Aren’t you worried that I might be someone sent by your son?”

“Ha~~~if that’s the case, then I can only accept my fate. However, I know that you must not be a simple person since you’ve got this unsealed sword. What’s your name?”

“Lin Xiang.” I told him my name with slight hesitation.

“Lin Xiang? This name…are you Chinese?”

“Yes indeed.”

“Really… It turns out that you’re not from our clan… It’s just that, I wonder why the sword can be restored to its original state. Maybe an ancestor went to China and left it to his descendant…” The old man murmured to himself.

“Excuse me, what’s wrong?”

“No, nothing, what I want to say is that we have a common ancestor.”

“What do you mean?” Do we have a common ancestor? That’s not possible.”

“Where did you get this sword?”

“…” This is senior sister, Suehiro’s sword. I couldn’t tell him so easily.

“Huh? Why don’t you tell me? Well~Forget it, anyway, this sword is called the Water ● Green Light Cold Soul Sword, a holy artifact left by the demon-killing heroes in ancient times, which means something left by our ancestors.”

Again ancestors? Wait, according to the old man, he should be a descendant of that hero, that’s why he had the ability to awaken this sword. And because of the dragon’s energy, I got to unseal this sword, it’s natural that he perceived me as someone having the same blood.

“How do you know that this is that artifact?” I was rather surprised, there should be no Dragon’s God in this old man, right? How could he know that this sword was used by a demon-killing hero?

“Ha~Although I am old, I am not old enough to not sense the breath of a family heirloom. This sword exudes the same breath as the scabbard. Tell me, I have been looking for this sword for so long, and I also have maintained scabbards for so long, how could I not know?” The old man laughed and seemed very happy.

“I see.” I nodded. No wonder this sword has no scabbard, it turns out that it’s kept by a descendant of a hero.

Although I was a little confused, as long as I let the old man touch the sword, I’d know whether what he said was true.

I handed the sword to the old man. He glanced at me suspiciously and quickly understood what I meant. He stretched out his wrinkled right hand and took the sword.

After he took away the light blue sword, it immediately changed back to the original silver state…

“This…” The old man was stunned when he saw how the form of the sword in his hand changed.

The old man stared at the silver sword in his hand for a few seconds, then smiled bitterly and handed the sword to me, “it seems that this sword doesn’t recognize me. I can at best change it back to its second form. I remember having read an ancient book at home and it told me that if it turns into light blue after the holder gets it, that means it recognizes that person. If it only changes back to its second state, it means that he’s not suitable to be its owner…”

I glanced at the old man with doubt, took the sword, and the silver sword immediately changed and turned back to light blue.

Strange…When I took this sword, it was only silver, but it only turned light blue after Silent Water touched it…according to what he’d told me, I shouldn’t be its owner then, so why did it change to light blue after I took it back?

“Seeing you doubtful you look, I suppose that you must know the origin of the sword. Who’s your father? Ah! It hurts! It hurts! Is it coming again? Kid, you must go now, and don’t appear in front of me anymore! Or they’ll find out! Run now!” When he almost finished, he suddenly looked painful, he kept holding his head with both his hands and couldn’t stop sweating.

“Hey, what has happened to you?”

“Nothing, nothing, just go right now. This is a kind of magic that intrudes the mind. Now that I have no spiritual power left, I can’t defend against this magic. Recently, they knew about my existence, and they only spared me after seeing how poorly I’ve been doing. If they see your sword through me, then someone will surely come to fetch it. I’m sure that they’ll use it in a bad way afterwards! You just…quickly run away!”


Seeing the old man holding his head in pain, I didn’t know what to do. Ah~~~damn it! Since you are all so evil, I would never let you get hold of it.

“Grandpa, I will come to see you after school this afternoon. You must wait for me here.”

After I finished speaking, I ran forward, leaving the old man moaning in pain. The people on the streets all looked at me strangely, they probably thought that I’d done something to the old man…but I couldn’t explain so much anymore. I had to hurry and not to let people of that family discover my existence.

In the school.

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