Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C2 Part 3

“Bah~~” With a loud sound, the boy blocked Suehiro’s with his palm and squeezed her elbow.

“Oh~~what a nice feeling.” After he touched sister Suehiro, she quickly withdrew her hand. She wanted to kick the boy’s head from above but was stopped by him.

“What a pity~~~I almost saw your underwear. Um…perhaps next time you can kick higher?” The boy showed a pitiful facial expression.

“Stupid.” She wanted to strike again but was stopped again.

The continuous rapid attacks made sister Suehiro pant, but the boy was completely alright. His breathing was still gentle and stable. It looks like he’s been through some kind of difficulties and he’s really strong.

“Eh, I think I’ve fallen in love with you. You suit me well. Come over and accompany me? You know, ordinary girls are only good enough for me to play for one day, and only one girl lasted for 3 days. Since you suit me so well, you might be good for me for one whole week.” He looked at Suehiro with greed.

“Stop your bullshit!” Sister Suehiro was irritated by what the boy had said. She kept striking and people on the streets had to stop by and watch.

The boy dodged Suehiro’s fist sideways, quickly reached out and grabbed her hand, flipped it, she immediately turned around, turned her back to the boy, and the boy immediately grabbed her hands, successfully controlling her.

“Yeah~~what an attractive fragrance.” The boy was enjoying the smell of Suehiro’s hair, and he was about to grab her breasts.

“Smack~” I punched him in the face, and he immediately let go of sister Suehiro, blocking my fist.

“Hey! Is that enough?” I pulled Suehiro who was pushed away and looked at the boy angrily.

I couldn’t bear it anymore. Just now, I chose to be silent because I couldn’t intervene. Now, he obviously wanted to take one step further and he wanted to touch and insult her in broad daylight. How could I let him succeed?

“You’re quite fast~~” The boy looked at me with a faint smile, “but it’s a pity that you are not qualified to be my opponent. Huh? The sword in your hand…I feel like I have seen it somewhere. “At this moment, the boy noticed the sword in my hand, he frowned and looked thoughtful.

“You’re an idiot.” I cursed and said, “let me tell you, if you don’t give way, I’ll make you…”

“DaDaDa” “Hello? Well, Dad, it’s me, why? Oh? Oh, did you find it, right? Well, okay, I’ll go back in a while.” Before I finished speaking, the boy answered on his phone and started talking.

“Sorry, I had to take this call, did you just say something?”

“Asshole!” “Calm down, sister Suehiro.” I blocked Suehiro. She seemed to be furious. After all, she was touched involuntarily by some boy. It’s really a pity that I couldn’t intervene at all…

“Oh, beauty, I have to go back now, since I have something to do. I like you very much, and you’re from Pillar Nofu Academy, right? Well, I’m going to school there later, I hope I can see you again then.” The boy said to sister Suehiro with a handsome smile, then turned and walked away from the crowd.

Sister Suehiro looked at the boy angrily and clenched her fist, “I really hate guys like that, just like that bastard.”

That bastard? Who was she referring to?

“Xiang, why didn’t you beat that guy? He is so disgusting.” After leaving the crowd, Satsuki said a little angrily.

“Stupid Satsuki, in a one-on-one situation, and in close combat, it is difficult to intervene. If you rush in, you may injure or be injured by your companion.” Kamiki smiled and seemed to indicate that Satsuki was a bit too innocent.

“I…” When Kamiki said so, Satsuki was speechless. Since she couldn’t refute, she could only keep hitting my arm.

“Sorry, sister Suehiro, it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have said that there’s someone I need to look for.” I ignored Satsuki and Kamiki, and I only apologized to sister Suehiro who’s still angry.

“It doesn’t matter. What the guardian has to do is to meet all the needs of the sword owner. That means that I have to meet all your requirements. So, Young Master, please don’t worry about it. Also, didn’t I already tell you not to call me sister Suehiro?”

All the requirements? I forgot what her last sentence was, except that fully tempting “I have to meet all your requirements” …

“Ah~~~Young Master, you can’t…Oh, Young Master is so bad, you’re abusing me~~~Oh~it feel so amazing!” Yalide started saying these disgusting things after hearing what Suehiro had said.

“You pervert, can you be quiet?”

But, it felt quite good…

Under the influence of Yalide, I started imagining the way Suehiro looked in her lingerie, her slim and fit body after intensive training, and her breasts which haven’t become small at all…shit! I had to stop thinking about it…

“Meeting all your requirements? No, Xiang, you can’t do something like that to sister Suehiro.” After hearing what Suehiro had said, Satsuki became nervous.

And Kamiki looked kind of unnatural as well.

“Something like that?” Suehiro tilted her head and looked at Satsuki. She looked really cute for once, and she looked super super cute.

“Sister, don’t tell me that you haven’t realized the special meaning in the sentence that you’d just said.”

“I said that I’d meet all of his requirements. That’s right.”

“Um…if he wants you to…” Satsuki whispered in sister Suehiro’s ears.

After hearing what Satsuki had said, sister Suehiro’s facial expression changed, “uh! I really hate those stuff.” Sister Suehiro looked at me, gritted her teeth and said with difficulty, “however, the Suehiro family is born to serve the sword owner. If Young Master really wants that, I won’t reject it. I’d at most feel like rejecting.”

“No! Xiang, you can never raise such kinds of demands.” Satsuki grabbed my cheeks, as if she’d tear off my mouth if I ever said something wrong.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” I nodded.

Satsuki felt relieved and let go of her hand.

“It’s right here. That’s where I and the old man separated.” I came to the place where I separated with the old man and looked around. I found out that aside from passengers, there’s no sign of the old man at all.

Could the old man not hear what I’d said at all?



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