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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C3 Part 1

Terayama Nagahiro, the auntie with a store


“Young Master Lin Xiang, where is the person that you mentioned?” Sister Suehiro looked around and asked me.


“I, I don’t know either, I told him to stay here and wait for me.” Could it be possible that he didn’t hear me because of his headache?


“Do we need to wait?”


“Yeah, I guess we do.” Maybe he didn’t come for some reason. I was certain that he’d show up later.


“Xiang, what kind of person is he?” Satsuki seemed to be curious about the person that I was expecting.


“I don’t know him too well, he’s a senior member of the Chester family, a former patriarch, I think.”


“The former patriarch? What’s his name?” Kamiki, who’s from the upper class, seemed to know about something.


“Ugh…let me think. I think it’s Ishiyama Kageumi?” I tried hard to think of the old man’s name.


“It’s Terayama Kikai, correct?”


“Seems like it.” Was it Terayama Kikai? I couldn’t remember exactly.


“If that’s Terayama Kikai, then he surely is the clan chef of the Chester family. However, didn’t he die out of an accident before? How come he’s still alive? Also, his family is in Okinawa, why would he end up here?” Kamiki supported her chin and was seemingly thinking about something.


“Yes, it was said in the news that he’s dead, yet he’s not. He was actually harmed by his son and grandson. In order to survive, he used the trick called ‘Golden Cicada Casting Off Its Skin’, saved himself and ended up here.”


“The Golden Cicada Casting Off Its Skin? I’ve heard that this trick can help a person change all over, but it’d also make him lose all his power. Ordinary people will never learn such self-suiciding magic. I’m guessing that Terayama Kikai encountered an imminent risk and using this trick was the only thing he could do.”


“Indeed. Oh, by the way, Kamiki, do you know about him?”


“I don’t think so. He used to look for my father and wanted his grandson, Terayama Nagahiro to get married with me. However, my father is very traditional and totally determined that I’d marry you, that’s why he rejected his proposal. I’ve heard from some people that his grandson is a bastard. Once he’s into a girl, he’d certainly look for a way to get her. Then, he’d dump her when he gets tired. That’s an absolute bastard!”  Kamiki’s voice became cold and hard in the end, revealing absolute hatred.


It’s indeed understandable why Kamiki was furious when he heard of that guy’s name. I also wanted to beat him up after hearing about what he’d done. How could there be such a bastard? How could he dump any girl after getting tired of her, instead of cherishing her? Sigh…


I felt miserable about those girls.


“Have you ever met him?” If Kamiki told me one day that the guy’s Terayama Nagahiro on the street, I would never hesitate before punching him a few times.


“I haven’t seen him, and I don’t want to see him. I’ve heard that he’s quite handsome but he’s just a scum.”


“I didn’t expect there to be such a guy in this world. Xiang, fortunately you aren’t like this.” Satsuki raised her head, looking at me full of tenderness. Maybe she was thankful that I am not such a person.


“Huh! For this kind of scum, it’s a shame to live in the world! Just like the bastard just now!” Suehiro snorted.


The bastard just now? If I ever saw him bullying sister Suehiro next time, I’ll never let him go!


“So, my dear, if Terayama Kikai is the one that you’re waiting for, are you saying that he’s a descendant of the demon-killing heroes?”


“Well, probably he is. Suehiro, not sure if you’ve heard of the surname Terayama?” Although he could turn the cold sword back into its second state, I wasn’t sure if he’s the real descendant.


“Terayama? I find it strange, actually. And I’ve never heard father mentioning it. By the way, Young Master Lin Xiang, can this person called Terayama Kikai awaken the sword?”


“Yes, he can, but…” He could turn it into its second state but not the third one.


“But what?”


“Nothing. It’s just that he can awaken the sword.”


“Darling? We have been standing here for a few minutes, why isn’t this Terayama Kikai here already?” Kamiki seemed to want to see the old man.


“I don’t know.” I looked around again, but still didn’t see the old man.


“Xiang, maybe he won’t come, or perhaps he returned after waiting for you here for a long time.” Satsuki analyzed.


“Indeed.” What Satsuki said indeed made sense. He might have waited for me for a long time and left after seeing that I hadn’t shown up.”


“Why don’t we ask someone over there with a stall?” Kamiki seemed to be interested in the old man’s trace. She wanted to know what’s really happening.


“Okay, let’s go and ask.” There’s another possibility – the old man was having a serious headache and he had to be hospitalized.



“Auntie, hello, I wonder if you’ve seen an old man with torn clothes and grey hair?” I asked a woman in her forties with a stall on the roadside.


“A torn coat?” The aunt with a stall frowned, as if she was trying to remember something. After a while, she seemed to think of something, “oh~~~is it that old man with a coat?”


“Yes, it’s him.” The person wearing the torn coat on a hot day was really eye-catching.


“Why are you asking that old man?”


“I have something to ask him. Where did he go?” After listening to me, the auntie with the stall looked at me carefully, then smiled and shook her head. She also kept rubbing her hands.


“What’s the matter? Auntie?” I looked at her with some confusion. I still saw her shaking her head and rubbing her hands.


“One bottle of drink for each person.” Kamiki took out a five-thousand banknote and placed it on the stall table, and finally added, “keep the change.”


“Ah, good.” The auntie at the stall immediately took the money with a smile, and she took out four bottles of drinks worth only 1,000 yuan from the freezer to us.


So, it turned out that she’s looking for money? She could have told us earlier…fortunately, Kamiki’s good at socializing and she intuitively knew what she wanted.


“Why don’t we go on with our topic just now? Where’s the old man?” Kamiki didn’t get the drink instantly. Instead, she looked at the auntie in a serious manner.

The auntie at the stall was not angry, she put the drink on the table and said, “that old man? This morning, a boy with a knife was talking to him. It seems that he was hit by that boy and while he’s covering his head, that boy fled…”


Oh? Why did I hit him?


“…when people were discussing whether to bring him to the hospital, he didn’t seem to be in pain anymore. Instead, he was just panting and sitting there, as if he was waiting for somebody to come. About half an hour ago, I saw several black cars stopped in front of him. A tall man got off from the car. He looked kind of like the old man. He said something to the old man…wait, no, it’s not something, but a lot of things. He even kneeled down and started crying, as if he was begging the old man something. Then, the old man seemed to be touched. He wiped his eyes and got on the car…” The auntie was trying to remember what’d happened.


“Oh? I see. Then, do you know what that guy was? Did you ever see him on TV or anything?” Kamiki asked.


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