Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C3 Part 2

“I’m not sure. My daughter has been occupying our TV all the time. She is chasing the interview of Kana Kawasumi, and I could only watch with her. Oh, my daughter is coming, we have to take away our stuff now.” This auntie was looking at a twelve-year-old girl walking toward us.


“Oh? Then, I’m sorry to have disturbed you.” Since we knew that the old man was taken away by someone, we decided to retreat.


“Mom~~ What were those beautiful sisters and brothers doing here just now?”


“Oh, they were just here to ask for directions.”


“Really? It seems that they’re all high school students, how could they still lose their way? It’d be much better if they’re half as smart as I am.”


“Yeah, yeah, you’re an adult. My silly kid.”


“Don’t call me a kid anymore. I’m already an adult. By the way, mom, Kana Kawasumi will release new songs today, I want to buy her album.”


“Well, I made some money today. I will buy them for you. However, you must be a good girl and you must learn seriously.”


“Thank you, mother. I am already an adult. Of course, I know about all these. Don’t you worry about it.”


“Okay, okay, you’re an adult now.”



“Young Master, what to do now? The man that you’ve mentioned was taken.”


“Ugh…I don’t know. Suehiro, can you not call me Young Master? I really am not your target to protect, and I certainly am not your Young Master…”


“Young Master, there’s no need to be humble. It’s you, no, it’s your sword that’s proven everything.”


“I…” Well, let it be. I saw no more use in explaining. When the real owner of this sword reappears, I might as well hand it back to him.


Seeing that I had nothing to say, Suehiro probably thought that I’d admitted it silently. She then said to me, “Young Master, please follow me home. I really can’t wait to let my father know of your existence.”


“Back home? No, no, Xiang, you can’t. What if her father is not there?” Satsuki got nervous all of a sudden.


“Indeed. I agree with Satsuki. Dear, it’s not that we don’t trust you, but our opponent is too strong.”


“Yes!” Satsuki nodded.


“Opponent? What’s up with you really?”


“Okay. Darling, we’ll explain to you how strong our opponent is.” Kamiki pulled me to a side and looked at Suehiro directly. Suehiro also looked at us without a clue.


“Please have a look.” Kamiki pointed at Suehiro, “this beautiful face, this clear profile…she’s a beauty, right?”


“Um.” I nodded. Kamiki was right, Suehiro was indeed a beauty and she’s as good-looking as Kamiki.


“Okay, first her beautiful face, then please look here.” Kamiki pointed at Suehiro’s breasts.

“Uh…” What happened to Suehiro’s breasts? Did Kamiki mean that they’re big?


“Are you blushing? Well, yes, she has big breasts. No, it’s because she’s thin.”


Kamiki was right. Suehiro had a thin waist and arms. Perhaps that’s what made her breasts look big?


“But what about this?”


“Sister Suehiro, is it almost time for you to practice sword now?” Kamiki looked at Suehiro who was staring at her dumbly.


“Huh? Huh, huh.” Suehiro nodded.


“So, darling, do you know what this indicates now?”


“I don’t know…” I felt that Kamiki was just like a salesperson, she’s telling me how good and effective a product is.


“She has been practicing sword all along, and there’s not a single inch of redundant flesh on her body. Look at how flexible she looks! She’s got the perfect height like a model, a perfect face and body! Which guy wouldn’t be interested in her?”

“Uh…” I really wasn’t interested…until you said so.


“Oh…no, no, I will get shy if you continue.”


Suehiro became shy after Kamiki described her like that. She kept waving her hand and asked Kamiki to stop.


At this time, Suehiro’s pale, cloud-like skin was like colored clouds dyed by the setting sun, red. She looked very charming…and this was the first time I ever saw her blush…


“Okay, you were interested just now, right?” Kamiki’s cold voice sounded in my ear.


“No, no……”


“You were already watching her with full concentration and you still denied. Darling, just like what Kamiki said, you can’t go home with Suehiro, imagine if her father is not there…”


“Hey, who do you think of me anyway?” I’m not a pervert, so why would I do anything to Suehiro? Wait…I felt myself kind of looking forward to it…? No, no! I had to shake that thought off my head! Right now!


“Xiang, it’s not that we don’t believe you, it’s because our enemy is too strong. She’s better than us in any aspect. Also, she will accept any request of yours…”

“I believe that Young Master is not that kind of person. Also, you two are not worse than me, right? Just like Kamiki, you’ve got a delicate profile, transparent skin and temperament like a noble. You’re definitely a beauty as well. Also, Satsuki, you look so bright and lovely. You’ve also got big eyes. You’re also a good-looking girl, aren’t you?”


“Ma~~~comparing to sister Suehiro, we look much less mature.”


“Yes, yes, and you can’t take Xiang home.”


“No, I have to bring Young Master back. Even though my father isn’t there, my sister will be there. And I can guarantee you that nothing will happen.”


“Sister? Suehiro has a younger sister?” Satsuki frowned.


“Yes, I have a sister who’s two years younger, she’s a middle-school student, what about it?”


Satsuki and Kamiki looked at each other and said in unison, “then, we’re even more sure that we can’t let Xiang go to your place.”


“Why not? Even if my father isn’t home, my sister must be.”


“And that’s what will make things worse. Since you’re so good-looking, then what about your sister? I bet you, as sisters, will accept Xiang’s requests no matter what they are, right? Xiang! You can’t follow Suehiro to her home.” Satsuki ordered me.


“I…” What could I do?


“No! You can’t restrict Young Master’s actions! I must bring Young Master back.”


“In that case, let’s fight!”


“That’s right! Let’s fight and decide!”


So, both Satsuki and Kamiki looked at sister Suehiro vigilantly, and Suehiro also looked at them carefully.


“Hey, you all, please stop.” It’s not looking good, they were going to fight.


“Xiang, just stand there quietly and watch!”


“Indeed, darling, we have to stop all accidents from happening and that’s the only way.”


“Young Master, please let me protect your right to free movement!”


“Ugh…” Watching the aggressive three, I was so helpless.


“Come on!” Satsuki and Kamiki yelled, took one step ahead and Suehiro did the same.


“Rock-paper-scissors!!!” The three girls yelled, and then they started playing rock-paper-scissors!?


“Ha! Senior sister, you lost!” Satsuki and Kamiki hit each other’s hand.


“That couldn’t be counted! You two are fighting me alone and that’s not fair!” Suehiro objected.


“Senior, then that’s your fault. Since we both had paper and you had stone, that means we won. How unfair could that be?” There’s a wise smile on Kamiki’s cute face.


“Ku~~~~” Suehiro was speechless after Kamiki’s argument. She could only frown and look at her hand, as if she’s regretting the choice she’d made.


“Anyway, senior sister, Xiang cannot go home with you!”


“No way! One more time!”


“Suehiro, what are you doing here?” There’s a rough voice behind me suddenly.


Sister Suehiro turned her head and looked at me. No, she was looking at the person behind me and she was somewhat shocked, “fa…father? Why are you here?”



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