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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C4 Part 1

Suehiro Sunao, Passive Pupil Technique


“Father? Why are you here?”


Following Suehiro’s gaze, I saw a tall man standing behind me.


The uncle was wearing a kimono and with a short ponytail. He had a stern facial expression and there’s some beard on his face. Also, there’s a faint X scar on his left cheek.


“I’m asking you. Since you haven’t returned home after school, what are you doing here?” The uncle yelled and was quite furious.


“My father, I…” Suehiro lowered her head and there’s no longer a sense of seriousness on her face.


“If it’s the activity of your group, then I can forgive you for coming home late, but you can never just wander around on the streets, have you forgotten what I’d taught you?” Suehiro’s father took a step further and looked at me from above, “it’s you who’d brought my daughter here, right?”


Suehiro’s father was 5 centimeters taller than me. He is strong, the scar on his face was long and made him look profoundly serious. I could feel a strong vibe when I was looking at him from a short distance. I even felt a bit of difficulty breathing.


“…” I couldn’t speak, as I didn’t know what I should say. All in all, it’s me who wanted to look for Terayama Kikai, so it’s exactly me who’d brought sister Suehiro here…


“So, don’t you have anything to say?” Her father’s voice was as loud as a lion, scaring Satsuki and her friends.


“My father, I’m actually really wandering on the streets, but that’s to realize Young Master’s wish.”


“Young Master?” Suehiro’s father frowned when he heard Suehiro mentioned the term “Young Master”, he slightly frowned and checked me out carefully. At last, he fixed his gaze on the cold sword in my hand. He stared at it for a while and turned to Suehiro, “could it be…”


“Yes, father. Didn’t you just tell me not to give away the sword to anyone? Well, I gave it to him and the sword has been awakened. And it’s him who awakened it. All this is the guidance of the God of Sword.”


“Yeah…” Suehiro’s father groaned, then stretched out his thick palm to me. He said in a commanding tone, “bring me the sword!”

I suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable being commanded like that. However, it’s not my sword and there’s no reason for me to keep it for myself. I gave it to him.


When the cold sword was on his hand, its shine faded bit by bit and finally turned back into a wooden sword.


Suehiro’s father looked at the wooden sword and there’s golden light emitting from his eyes. He stared at me firmly for a while. Suddenly, he bowed to me deeply, “please pardon my rudeness, Young Master.”


“Huh? What’s the matter?” I was a little confused, didn’t he want to take away the sword? How come he apologized to me all of a sudden?


“I behaved like that, it’s because I wanted to prevent any fraud. Please forgive me.”


Oh~~ It turned out that he was worried about me being a scum, that’s why he wanted to take the cold sword back and check if there would be any changes…


“Uh, it’s okay. Please get up first, uncle.” I held Suehiro’s father on the shoulder and made him straighten up.


“Please don’t call me your uncle. This is not in line with the master-servant relationship. My name is Suehiro Sunao. You can call me Sunao directly.”


“The master-servant relationship…do we still need this? What era are we in now? Also…” Also, I really am not your Young Master.


“No, this is a rule, a rule set by the ancestors.”


Was Suehiro’s father really such a rigid and strict person? Now that I’d seen him in real person, I understood instantly that Suehiro was learning from him all along, as they had the same temperament.


“I’m younger than you, I should call you uncle Sunao.”


“No!” Uncle Sunao turned down my suggestion instantly.


He wouldn’t believe it even if I told him that I wasn’t the real Young Master. Well, I might as well be the fake one for a while.


I frowned and said to him, “hey, we can always change the rules. We have to flexible, please just accept my request to call you uncle Sunao.”


Seeing how determined I was, uncle Sunao nodded, “since the Young Master insists, then let’s do it this way!” Afterwards, he held the sword in both hands and held it in front of me. Once I took it, changes instantly occurred on it. After seeing this, uncle Sunao nodded and said to Sister Suehiro, “Suehiro, take Young Master back. We will prepare some nice food and wine. We have to welcome Young Master nicely.”


“Yes.” Suehiro nodded deeply. Then, she asked Satsuki and Kamiki, “are you two joining us?”


Kamiki and Satsuki looked at each other, “of course we are.”


“No way! Who are you both?” Uncle Sunao who’s going to buy something in the supermarket, suddenly turned around and looked at Satsuki and Kamiki.


“We…” Satsuki and Kamiki shivered after being looked at like that.


In fact, it wasn’t for their courage, but uncle Sunao had practiced kendo for many years, and he had the spirit of a swordsman. Different fighting professions have different spirits. The so-called swordsman spirit is a kind of overlord spirit. My kendo coach used to be a similar person. His eyes and movements can make you feel the real meaning of majestic.

With this kind of temperament, they could make a person breathless even with just one look. Fortunately, I was used to being looked down by my coach, and I was already immune to the way uncle Sunao looked at me.


‘It’s wrong, it’s nothing to do with his temperament, but it’s kind of pupil technique, a technique that makes you scared.” Oh? Is that the pupil technique? How come I can’t feel it?”


‘Of course you can’t feel it. This is a passive pupil technique. It doesn’t need to be released. As long as you make eye contact, it will be activated.”


“Is it? Then how come sister Suehiro doesn’t have it?”


‘I don’t know either, maybe something to do with invisible inheritance.”


“…understand? Please come again next time.” After I realized so, I saw uncle Sunao talking with Satsuki.


“Yes, understood! I’m sorry to have bothered you.” Satsuki and Kamiki bowed and walked in front of me.


“Xiang~~~that uncle is so scary, I’m so sorry that we can’t come with you. Just remember, never do anything bad to Suehiro and her sister, got it?” Satsuki whispered in my ears.


“Don’t worry about it.” I patted Satsuki’s head, “you really don’t trust me, do you?”


“Ha~ I believe you~~” Satsuki blinked at me, showing a bright smile.


“Darling, remember, don’t engage in any affairs, okay?” Kamiki whispered in my ears after Satsuki finished.




“So, isn’t our marriage cancelled?”


“Who canceled it? This is set by your father and my father.”


“Uh…” Your father? Don’t be kidding, it’s difficult to understand a rich man’s temperament. If I had a choice, I’d choose never to see him. If I ever offended him, I could guarantee that I could never ever buy a single thing in this city.


All in all, the Kamiki group is a big one. And what made her get so close to me anyway? Given her conditions, she could find a much better one to get married with. How come she’s giving me so much, even her first kiss? I remembered that she disliked guys quite a lot.


“Okay, since you aren’t speaking, I’m assuming that you’ve agreed to our marriage, right? Then, you have to remember your fiancé’s words. Let’s go, Satsuki, get on my car.”  Kamiki waved at Satsuki, telling her to follow behind. Then, they got on a car not so far away.

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