Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C4 Part 2


So, she’s got a housekeeper and a bodyguard? It looks like that Kamiki had always been protected. With the incident of last time, I think they would be more careful. Not sure if they’d already caught the person hiring Wild Wolf.


“Young Master, who are they actually?” Uncle Sunao kept staring at the car driving away.


“Huh? They’re my classmates, and we’re very close.”


“Really? Okay, I’ve got it. Suehiro, then Young Master back home then.”


“Yes, father.”




“Suehiro, you seem to be very afraid of uncle Sunao.” On the crowded street, I asked sister Suehiro next to me.


“Yes.” She had a calm expression and her eyes kept looking forward.


“Why are you so scared of him? Did he hit you before?”


“No, not at all.”


“Then why are you so obedient? I feel like you can’t say no to anything in front of him.”

“Actually, it’s not that I’m afraid of my father, but it’s more an act of respect. He raised me up under a lot of difficulties. And he’d also traded hard work to our pleasant living environment now. He taught me how to protect myself. I’ll listen to whatever he says and I won’t have any complaints.”


“I see…then how about your mother? Are you also obedient to her?” Once I asked, Suehiro stopped and she looked somewhat blank. After a while, she looked at me coldly and said, “don’t ever mention that woman again.” Then, she continued walking forward.


“Eh?” What now? Did I say something wrong?


Seeing sister Suehiro’s tall and elegant figure, I was wondering whether I’d done anything wrong.


“Silly, you’re a real fool. Under such circumstances, you usually don’t ask what you’ve done wrong, you should’ve asked what had happened.”


“Aren’t they the same?”


“My God. If you asked what had happened, it means you wanted to know what had happened on Suehiro. And why would she get upset when you mentioned her mother. Also, do you remember the bastard that she once talked about?”


“The boys that I hate are exactly like that bastard.”


I suddenly recalled what sister Suehiro had said.


At that time, I was still wondering who that bastard was. Now, I was sure that there’s something happening to her family. I had to ask her when I had a chance.




As I’ve said something that I shouldn’t have, Suehiro had kept silent all along. I also stopped talking and the atmosphere was plain and dull. Fortunately, her home wasn’t so far away. After about ten minutes, we stopped in front of a courtyard of a big house.


On the door plaque of the front yard, I saw the words “Suehiro sect”, and there was a white wall around it. There was a big tree behind the wall. I couldn’t what’s inside, until Suehiro opened the door.


The front yard was planted with piles of flowers and plants. A stone-paved road in front of the door was diverged into two. One was a wooden door that was extended to ten meters away, and the other was extended to a place looking like a warehouse. I knew that it’s the arena to practice sword.

“Young Master, this is my home.” After opening the door, Suehiro invited us in, “oh…” I stepped inside.


“Here.” Suehiro closed the door and walked along the stone road towards the wooden door.


“K~k~k~” Sister Suehiro knocked on the door and said, “please wait for a moment here.”


Not long after, I heard a clear voice inside, “who’s this?”


“Choshi, it’s me.” Suehiro answered.


“Oh, sister, you’re here.” The door was opened the next second. I saw a girl with pale skin, bright eyes and bangs.


We looked at each other for a while. The girl suddenly yelled and quickly shut the door.


“Ugh…what is this?” I was speechless towards her reaction. Was I that scary looking?


“My sister is rather shy and she’s scared to see strangers. So…Young Master, please don’t mind. Choshi, open the door, what are you doing inside?” Suehiro hit on the wooden door.


“I…sister…there’s someone outside.” Choshi said weakly.


“Of course, I know about this, please open the door and let us in.”


“No way, sister, I’m scared.”


“Sigh…” Suehiro sighed, “you just need to unlock the door, then we’ll enter after you enter your bedroom. Okay?”


“Ok, let’s do it like this. But you have to wait until I enter my bedroom.”


“Don’t worry.” After Suehiro said so, the door was opened.


“Don’t push open it, I’ll enter my bedroom now.”


“Um, you have to be quick. Young Master, I’m really sorry, my sister…”


“It’s okay, it’s okay.” It looks like that Suehiro’s sister was a real introvert.


After about five seconds, there was a faint sound coming from inside, “I’m okay now, sister, please come in.”


“Then, Young Master, please get in.” Suehiro asked me to enter.


The entrance of Suehiro’s house was no different than other people. The only difference was that there was a basket on both sides of the entrance and there were wooden swords for practice inside.


——-In the living room.


The living room was not decorated. It was simple. There were a few pots of plants, a large, low table and a few cushions.


After Suehiro asked me to sit down, she walked across to me, sat down on her knees, and made tea without saying a word. In order not to disturb her, I didn’t say anything, I only watched her making tea skillfully.


In the silent room, there was only the sound of her making tea and the sound of the ticking clock.




“Young Master, please have some tea.” Suehiro handed me a cup of tea that she had just brewed.


“Thank you.” I reached out to pick up the teacup and inadvertently touched Suehiro’s fingers.


“Ah, I’m sorry.” I quickly took the teacup and apologized.


“It’s okay.” Suehiro poured herself a cup of tea, her facial expression didn’t change.

If I touched Reidy like this, she would definitely see me as taking advantage of her. She’s truly a samurai and she didn’t care about these things at all.


“Before my father comes back, please wait here, Young Master.” Suehiro looked at the old pendulum clock.


“Oh, okay, but can I make a phone call?” I had to call home and tell Silent Water that I wasn’t returning home for dinner. Otherwise, they would surely wait until I did.


“Yes, please follow me, Young Master.” Suehiro stood up and led me out of the corridor. After a corner, I saw the fixed phone on the table.


I picked up the phone, Suehiro took a few steps back and looked at me from a distance. It seemed that she didn’t want to eavesdrop on my call.


I dialed the number of my home, and soon there was a beep.


“Hello, who’s this?” It was Reidy answering the phone, with a very unfriendly tone.


“Uh…Lin Xiang.” I reported my name.


“Oh, human, why haven’t you come back now? The sun is set.”


“I have something to do, and I’m now at my classmate’s house.”

“Is it a guy or a girl?”


“Uh…it’s a girl.” I answered with a bit of guilt.


“What!? A girl? What are you doing at her house?” Reidy’s questioning voice came from the other end of the phone.


“Remember the sword from yesterday? I am here to return the sword to her. In order to pay me back, she has invited me to have dinner with her.”


“Oh, really? Whatever then. By the way, what have you hidden in your bedroom actually? How come Dusty keeps bringing snacks upstairs?”


“Ugh…it’d be better that you don’t know.”


“Huh! If I don’t have to listen to Silent Water, I would’ve checked it out long time ago.”


“What did Silent Water tell you?” At this time, I thought of Silent Water’s intermittent whispers the previous night.


“I…I am not going to tell you. I’ve gotta go now, just come back earlier!” “du du du du” After Reidy said so, she hung up.



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