Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C5 Part 1

Little sister, new home, I’ll try my best


“Doo doo doo~~” There was a busy tone on the phone, Lin Xiang smiled helplessly and hung up.


“Young Master, have you been with your family?” Seeing Lin Xiang hanging up, Suehiro immediately walked over, bowed slightly and asked politely.


After all, Lin Xiang was the sword owner and her Young Master, she had to be polite to him. Also, it’s her father who insisted to make him stay, and it’s kind of inappropriate. It’s only that Lin Xiang didn’t reject it and it’s her father’s request. She could only hide away her guilt to Lin Xiang.


“Uh, um, all right.” Lin Xiang turned around, scratched his head, and smiled helplessly.


“That’s good.” Suehiro nodded. She couldn’t see the helplessness in Lin Xiang’s smile. Instead of not seeing it, it’s more accurate to say that she didn’t know about it at all. As she’s not talkative, she wouldn’t join any conversations except it’s a topic that interested her. That’s why she’s not used to socializing and she’s not good at observing the others’ facial expressions. She had to judge a person by his behavior and sword skills.


“Please wait for me in the living room and enjoy a cup of tea.” Suehiro turned around, her waist-long ponytail gently swept through Lin Xiang’s nose, leaving a faint fragrance.


“Oh, okay.” Lin Xiang wiped his nose with his hand. He had an urge to sneeze, but he resisted it and followed Suehiro to the living room. If it was someone else, he would still be reminiscent of the faint fragrance that she’d left. Of course, at the moment just now, Lin Xiang thought secretly, “sister Suehiro’s hair smells so nice.”


In a corner of the corridor, a lovely girl was looking at Lin Xiang with a thoughtful look, “that guy…it seems that I’d seen him somewhere…”


This lovely girl was Suehiro Kaoru’s younger sister, Suehiro Choshi.


Suehiro Kaoru was cold on the outside, giving the others a feeling of inaccessibility, but because of her beautiful appearance and exquisite figure, she was called the ice beauty and has a certain popularity in Pillar Nofu Academy. Since she was very interested in Lin Xiang’s sword skills, Lin Xiang was lucky not to see Suehiro Kaoru’s cold side, he only thought that Suehiro Kaoru was rigid.


For a long time, the boys who approached Suehiro Kaoru were all for her beauty. She was clear about this, so when she was recruiting people in the team, she deliberately set up an area. She also set a rule – those guys who could take her trick successfully could join her team. However, the seemingly weak Lin Xiang managed to block all her heavy attacks and she was in turn interested in him. Right now, Suehiro was sure that Lin Xiang was the sword owner, and he’s the target that she had to protect. She was naturally more respectful to him.

The younger sister, Suehiro Choshi was the just the opposite of her sister Suehiro Kaoru. She’s a cute and shy girl.


She was very shy and she’s afraid of strangers. She didn’t like looking at the others in their eyes and she tended to stutter. Because of that, many people were pitiful of her. In the middle school section, she was once voted as the girl that guys wanted to protect the most. Many guys tried to pursue her, but since she’s too shy, she always just ran away when they did. That’s why she’s named the “angel that can’t be touched”. Also, there’s another reason why she had this name, and that’s because Choshi didn’t like to be touched. Aside from her sister and her best friend Sugiyama Kusunoki, no one could touch her, not even her father Suehiro Sunao. Once, a guy that liked her tried to grab her school bag and made her cry. Although she was just weeping, other people wanted to fight back for her, and that guy ended up being beaten heavily.


“Sister Suehiro’s house is so big.” Lin Xiang was looking around when walking on the corridor.


“This house was founded three hundred years ago by the Suehiro and Uekawa families, who did not give up looking for the descendants of the demon-killing heroes. According to my father, there used to be more than two hundred people living here, so it’s normal to have a big house. Later, as they couldn’t find the descendants, the families were going to split and only my ancestors stayed. They kept waiting and looking for the descendants…” When she was talking about this, Suehiro looked a bit sad, as if something had come to her mind. However, she quickly pulled it together, “I guess those people who had left would surely regret, as the descendant has already been found, and my family can now be rejuvenated.”

“Ahaha~ Really.” Lin Xiang smiled bitterly. He was a bit panicking because of Suehiro Kaoru’s words, after all, he was not a descendant for real.


“Yes, so, please use that sword well to slash and slay the demons and become a new demon slasher. I will follow you and back you up.” Suehiro Kaoru clenched her fists, her deep-looking eyes seemed full of hope.




Since Suehiro Kaoru grew up, she had lived in an environment where she’d always been teased by the others. That’s because Suehiro Sunao was a traditional person and he had been waiting for the descendant of the demon-killing heroes the whole time. When he didn’t have to work, he’d teach the others how to use a sword. However, as he’d been spending too much time looking for the descendant, people also stopped coming to train. Her mother then had to take the daily burden onto her shoulders. One time, she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to leave. Suehiro Kaoru was once extremely angry of her father.


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