Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C5 Part 2

After her mother left, her father hadn’t looked for a job either. He just kept waiting for that descendant and this incident was later found out by the Kamikawa family. They kept bullying her and her little sister. In order to become stronger, Suehiro decided to learn the sword and she started doing so at the age of six.


When she was 10 years old, her mother returned home. Since she had left home for 4 years, Suehiro was thrilled. However, her mother came back with an uncle in his fifties and his name was Taro Ushio. He told Suehiro Kaoru that he had been taking care of her mother all along.

Upon hearing this, Kaoru and Choshi were incredibly grateful and they became very close to the man.


In the living room, Kaoru’s mother Keiko and Taro Ushio were sitting opposite to Sunao. They were talking about taking away Kaoru and Choshi. Kaoru was thrilled after knowing that she could leave her useless father. She was the first one to accept the proposal and she also encouraged her younger sister to live with their mother.


After seeing that her mother was willing to leave, Sunao closed his eyes and nodded silently.


The 10-year-old Suehiro Kaoru and the 8-year-old Suehiro Choshi were very pretty. They were also much prettier than other girls of the same age.


After living with their mother for a month, Kaoru and Choshi were very happy. Although they lived in a private house and it wasn’t as big as the mansion before, they got a lot of things like toys, snacks, etc, which they’d never had before. It made them fall in love with the life there.


After a week, it was Kaoru’s birthday and it made her think of her father.


In turn, they returned to their old house and invited their father as guests in the new home.


After losing their daughters for a month, Sunao looked much older. There was a loss of liveliness in the house. At this time, he was looking at the sky in the courtyard and thinking about how useless he was.

Just when he felt distressed, there was a sweet voice behind him, “father.”


Sunao turned his head in surprise. He initially thought he was a hallucination, but he didn’t expect seeing his daughter there. He hugged them very excitedly, “how come you’re here? Did Keiko treat you badly?”


“No, no. Mom is very nice to us.” Kaoru shook her head quickly, “it’s my birthday today.”


After hearing his daughter’s reminder, Sunao realized that it’s her birthday and he smiled, “what gift do you want? I’ll buy it for you.”


“I don’t need any presents, father. I just want you to come to our house and to celebrate my birthday.”


Our house. This sounded like a knife stabbing into his heart.


Sunao’s facial expression became cold. He let go of them and took a deep breath. He was going to reject them, but after seeing that his daughters were really looking forward to it, he accepted.


The two girls exclaimed and hugged each other after knowing that their father was coming along.



“Dad, why aren’t you coming with us?” It was getting darker, Kaoru was holding her younger sister’s hand and asked her father.


“Dad is going to get ready. Why don’t you return first?” Sunao’s heart was aching, as he didn’t want to go.


“Oh, okay. Father, you have to come.” Kaoru and Choshi walked out of the door and said loudly at Sunao.


Sunao nodded, turned around and entered the house.



“Mother, we’re back.” Kaoru pulled Choshi and opened the door. Then, they entered the room.


“Ah, now you’re back. Let’s have dinner soon. Your uncle is drunk and is lying on the sofa. Go and wake him up.” There was Keiko’s voice in the kitchen.


“Oh, okay.” Kaoru responded, took off her shoes and walked into the house with Choshi.


Taro Ushio was snoring on the sofa.


Kaoru saw that her uncle hadn’t woken up. She then poured him a cup of tea. Choshi tried to wake him up.


“Uncle, wake up and have dinner.”

“Huh? Oh, Okay.” Taro Ushio responded in a daze. He grabbed Choshi hand. Since Choshi had never practiced kendo, and her bones still had to grow, she felt painful and yelled, “uncle, let go.” Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to hear her. He sat up and grabbed her other hand.


After seeing this, Kaoru pulled away his hand and told him to back off. Instead of doing so, he wanted to hold Kaoru even more. Since Kaoru knew Kendo, she’s very quick and managed to avoid his hug. She took a step back and looked at her uncle strangely, “uncle, what’s up? Let go. You’re hurting Choshi.”


“Oh, it’s okay. It’ll be the first time and it’s normal to hurt a bit. Come over, let uncle love you.”


“Let go, uncle, it hurts.” Choshi’s hand became bruised and her tears started falling down.


“Does it? Haha, well, it won’t hurt very soon.” When he said so, he approached his fat face towards her, making her scream.


Kaoru had seen a similar scenario on TV and she knew what he intended to do. Therefore, she immediately rushed over and made his nose bleed.


After snorting painfully once, he let go of Choshi. Kaoru took a few steps back with her and looked at Taro Ushio carefully.


He had completely woken up now. And he was furious, “hey! You both! Come over here! I have fed you and I’ve given you clothes to wear. What’s wrong with serving me a bit?”

“Husband, what’s the matter?” Keiko, who heard the movement, came over from the kitchen. When she saw that Taro Ushio’s nose bleeding, she screamed and took a piece of tissue for him.


“You, you both! I’ve spent so much money on you both and you’ve eaten so much. Can’t you serve me for a bit?”

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