Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C5 Part 3


“This…” Keiko knew Taro Ushio’s personality very well. He worked as the vice manager of her company. Before she left home, he had fallen in love with Keiko. At that time, even after giving birth to two girls, she still looked young and pretty. She had been feeling depressed after Sunao stopped having an income. Then, Taro Ushio told her to consider being with him, and he could give her many things. Therefore, Keiko decided to leave home with Taro Ushio. After one month, she became his wife. Apparently, Kaoru didn’t know that her mother had divorced Sunao on the third day after she left.


After their marriage, Taro Ushio had been incredibly nice to her. However, it only took him a short time to get tired of Keiko and started affairs with other women.

Keiko was getting older as well, and she had no other ways to control him…One day, she started wondering if things would change after she invited her daughters to live with them. She tried discussing with Taro Ushio, who accepted the request.


Initially, Taro Ushio wasn’t sure if it’d be a good idea, but after seeing both girls, he became attracted and accepted to take them home at once.


For a month, he was trying to get close with the two lively girls but he never had a chance. That day, he went drinking with his client and screwed up with his proposal. After returning home, he started sleeping on the sofa. When he was woken up by Choshi, he couldn’t help but touch her cute, round face. He thought that it’s perfectly normal for them to serve him, since he’s the one raising her, and he grabbed her hand…


Keiko was worried. What to do? She knew that Taro Ushio was way too interested in girls, but if it’s about her daughters…


“Hubby, can you let them go?” Keiko asked.


“No way!” Taro Ushio roared and slapped her, “if you aren’t willing, go outside and don’t disturb us.”


Keiko, after being slapped, sighed and ignored the screaming girls. She walked outside and closed the door.


“Mother…” Kaoru felt empty in heart after seeing her mother walking out. She felt like having lost everything, and Choshi kept grabbing her sister’s collar and weeping…


“Huh! Why are you calling your mother? Trust me, although you’re still young, it’ll feel good after you get used to it.” Taro Ushio started approaching them.


“No…don’t come near…” Kaoru kept retreating with her sister and smashing Taro Ushio with a cushion or pillow. Her reaction aroused the filthy nature of him. While smiling like a thug, he started taking off his clothes. The two girls posed no threat to him at all…

With a loud “bang”, the door of the living room flew in and slammed on the TV. Taro Ushio had removed half of his clothes, he was shocked and turned around. A tough-looking man stood in front of the door and he was holding a wooden sword, “what are you doing in my house? Get out now!”


“What do you want to do to my daughter!” Sunao yelled and slashed his back quickly. Taro Ushio, who had wanted to release magic, passed out.


Initially, Sunao didn’t want to come, but he was upset for a while after his daughters left. He didn’t want to join the birthday party, but he was worried about his daughters’ safety since it was getting dark. Although he was late, he caught up with Kaoru and Choshi pretty quickly. He even got to take a sigh of relief after seeing them walking hand in hand happily.


Sunao told himself to give up, as he thought that not living with him would make things easier for his daughters.


After entering the house, Sunao saw Keiko covering her face and crying. He also heard his daughters yelling in their bedroom.


He glanced at Keiko angrily, took out the wooden sword he was carrying, and smashed away Keiko who wanted to stop him, slashed and opened the door…


Afterwards, Although Kaoru and Choshi returned to Sunao’s side, he wasn’t happy at all. Choshi was an introvert and now it had gotten even worse. She stopped talking and looking at the others. Also, she’d start crying whenever she’s touched.


After seeing her daughter like this, Sunao took his sword and marked an “X” on his face, reminding himself that he had to give them better days. He also started learning using sword. As he wasn’t popular, he had to rely on the Kamikawa family. After seeing his sword skills, this family gave Sunao a sum of money and was willing to spread his name, in exchange of Sunao’s secret in using his sword.


Seeing that the Kamikawa family was willing to help him, Sunao was very grateful. He decided to tell them all his secrets of sword.


Unfortunately, afterwards, the Kamikawa family took his sword skills as their own, and didn’t mention the name of Sunao at all. On the contrary, this family acted like victims, and started telling outsiders that after Sunao got their money, he then sold all the problematic sword skills to the Kamikawa family. They also told the others that they had to spend time fixing the problems and gave raise to the Kamikawa sect…


After knowing what’d happened, Sunao didn’t complain a bit. Instead, he continued studying sword skills and later invented sword skills that were no less than the Kamikawa’s. He also invented some other new skills and got famous. Unfortunately, since he was suppressed by the Kamikawa, he didn’t have as many disciples as they had.



“Okay, I’ll try.” I nodded and answered sister Suehiro with guilt. I followed her to the living room.



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