Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C6 Part 1

Not matching, I’m not, Is it black?


After I went back to the living room, I sat down on a cushion and enjoyed the cup of tea prepared by sister Suehiro. She was sitting opposite to me and poured tea for me from time to time.


“The tea that you make tastes so good. How long have you learned making tea?” I knew that sister Suehiro was using ordinary tea leaves, and although they were ordinary, the tea tasted rich and fragrant. I was sure that she knew how to make good tea, since she could turn ordinary tea leaves into such a nice cup of tea.


Sister Suehiro didn’t reveal any delightful facial expressions after hearing what I said. She just answered me lightly, “I haven’t reached that level yet. I think I’ve been making tea for five years. Since my father loves drinking tea, that’s what I do in my free time. Whenever there’re guests at home, I’d make tea for them. Over time, I know a lot about tea.”


“Really? You see, all skills are accumulated over time. You learnt it all by yourself, and that’s really something.” I praised her after taking a sip.


“Not really. It’s good that you like it.” Sister Suehiro looked humble, as if she was a samurai being praised by a master.


“Has sister Suehiro been living here all along?” I looked at the tatami on the floor. Although it was a bit old, it was still very clean. It seems that sister Suehiro was really good at maintaining her house.


“It’s okay.” After hearing what I said, Suehiro’s gaze moved a little, I saw a faint disgusted facial expression on her face, I was sure that I had said something wrong.


“Aha~~ That…oh, yes, what kind of person is your sister? She seems very shy.” At this moment, I thought of the cute girl who opened the door, so I changed the topic.


“My younger sister? Well, she is really shy and afraid of strangers. She has always been like that, but ever since…” Sister Suehiro was trying to tell me more, but her initially plain facial expression immediately got colder and there was a sign of disgust on her face again. It was also getting more obvious.


Apparently, I asked another question that shouldn’t be asked, but I was just asking about her sister…why was she acting like that?


“Ah, I’m sorry, Young Master Lin Xiang, I was thinking about something just now. In fact, although my sister is a shy person, she is really god at housework and learning. She’s a very good girl.”


“Oh, is that so?” It turned out that her younger sister was the one mopping the floor. How impressive.


“Yes.” Sister Suehiro didn’t continue after replying me.


As she had stopped talking and I didn’t know what else to talk about, the atmosphere in the living room instantly sank.




About ten minutes later, someone knocked on the door. It must be uncle Sunao.

“My father is back, Young master, please wait here for a moment, I have to open the door.”


Sister Suehiro stood up, opened the door and walked out.


“That girl is pretty cool. She doesn’t have any bullshit and she likes to do things neatly.”


“Oh, Freed? How come you have such a thought now?”


“Let me ask you, have you ever thought of being the real sword owner?”


“Ugh? What about that? Why did you ask?”


“Just answer me.”


“Sword owner? Honestly, I don’t intend to do so. All in all, I’m not the real descendant of heroes.”


“Then, do you know what kind of a person the descendant is?”


“That old uncle? I guess it’s ok.”


“I’m talking about his sons and grandsons.”


“And that’s because I’m still alive. He thinks that as long as I’m here, he can’t take control. Therefore, he tried to unit with my grandsons…” At the moment, I thought of what the old man had said and how sad he looked.


Indeed, who would be so cruel to kill his father and grandfather?


‘They have no conscience and cannot be sword owners” This happened to be how a descendant of heroes is like. When that hero knew about it, he would surely feel miserable.


“Well, it’s good that you know. If in the future, no, if in the near future, they want to get this sword from you, what would you do?”

“Of course, I won’t give it to them. They aren’t worth it.”


“Ha~~~how simply you’re thinking. Are you sure that you won’t give it to them?”


“This…” As it had been passed down by the ancestors, if I didn’t give it to them…


“Ha~~~their ancestors left it. You should return it to them at that time.”


“Wait, what do you mean by that?” Return it to them? Didn’t you just tell me not to return it?


“I’m asking you, the sword belongs them. They have the scabbard as proof. However, you, as a fraud, have nothing. What do you have as a card? Don’t make yourself a fool.”


“But…didn’t that old man say that, once they get hold of the sword, they’ll use it to do bad things? I can’t give it to them, right?”


“Do bad things? What kind of bad things can they do, except enhancing the reputation of their family? Don’t worry about it, even after giving them the sword, they can’t use it. They can at most turn it into its second form.”


“Oh, why? They’re the descendants of heroes.”


‘In the process of human reproduction, although genes are passed on to offspring’s, they are not complete. The genes between fathers and sons are always different. So, after a thousand years of changes, can a hero’s genes still be the same as their current ones? They can change the sword back to its second form, and that’s already something. After some time, I’m sure that they can’t awaken the Cold Sword.”


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