Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C6 Part 2

“I see. Freed, you have quite a good sense of biology.”


“Biology? Not really. After so many years, I have seen mutation in so many organisms. How could I not know about this? However, you should really ask Yalide about this, he should know better, as he lives in the demon’s world.”


“Yalide…” Yalide was the manager of the demon’s world, and it was once a land of abyss. Although there were dragons, it wasn’t suitable for other living organisms. Later, after God changed it, it became more suitable for plants and animals. It’s naturally easy to understand why species changed there.


“You just need to remember that, after giving them the sword, you have to fight to get it back.”


“Oh? I don’t understand. After they get the sword, isn’t there something that they can’t do? If it’s just to enhance the family’s reputation, why would I need to take it back?”


“The family of Suehiro…” When Freed just started talking, I heard a clear and loud voice which pulled me back to the reality.


“I’m so sorry, Young Master, I’ve let you wait for long.”


I tried to fix my gaze and saw uncle Sunao bowing to me. I really didn’t understand why he did that. Obviously, he’s a senior person. Was a sword owner really worth the respect?


“It’s alright, uncle. Please sit down, don’t be like this.” I hurriedly stood up and waved to uncle Sunao.


He bowed again and sat on the cushion, “thank you for your understanding, Young Master. I just saw a thug blackmailing a student and I taught him a lesson. That’s why I came home late. I’m assuming that you’re hungry now? Although my daughter isn’t an expert in cooking, her meals are still quite delicious. Also, she cooks pretty fast, so you can get to eat soon.”


“Oh? Cooking? You mean sister Suehiro?”


“No, it’s my second daughter, Choshi. Kaoru already brought the ingredients to the kitchen.”


“Oh, I see.” I nodded.

“Young Master, before eating, I’d like to know where your parents are. I want to see them.”


“Uh…they’re dead…” Family? Do I have other family members besides my old uncle? No…no, Silent Water, Dusty and Reidy, they’re all my family members…


“I see…I’m sorry to hear that. Really so sorry. I shouldn’t have mentioned this to you.”


“Is that so… It’s a shame. I’m so sorry to mention this kind of sadness to you.”


“It’s okay, I’m used to it anyway.” When I was studying, I was often called an orphan by the others.




I discussed a bit of sword skills with uncle Sunao, and sister Suehiro walked out of the kitchen and told us to have dinner. I looked at the clock and realized that I’d already discussed with Sunao for half an hour. It seems that when one was serious and happy, time passes really quickly.


I washed my hands in the bathroom and went back to the living room. There were already a few hot dishes on the table and there was an attractive smell. It made me hungry just by smelling it.

“Um…that…excuse me.” There was a soft voice behind me.


I turned around and saw a girl lowering her head and standing behind me. She was holding a hot dish and her hands were slightly trembling.


“Oh, I’m sorry.” As I was smelling the dishes just now, I was standing in front of the door all the time and I had unexpectedly blocked the way of Choshi. I immediately sat down in the living room.


After Choshi put down the dishes, she walked out very quickly. In just a while, sister Suehiro put another dish on the table.


At this time, I saw a plate of grilled shrimp with sauce, curry beef balls, fried vegetables, beef rolls, hamburger meat and tonkatsu are placed on the table. Choshi was an extremely talented cook, since she could do so many things in just half an hour.


“Young Master, there aren’t many dishes today. Please bear with us.” Uncle Sunao sat beside me. He was holding two cups and there was a bottle of white wine beside him.


“No, no, there are already a lot.” I saw uncle Sunao pouring white wine into both cups and I knew what he was going to do. I hurriedly said, “um…I’m still under 18 and I can’t drink.”


“Is that so? What a pity.” Uncle Sunao took one of the cups and finished it, “wine is a wonderful thing. It can make you forget the past.”


“Oh? Why are you thinking about this?”  I saw a sense of guilt on the serious-looking face of uncle Sunao.


“Ha~~~it’s nothing, I was just thinking about something in the past. Yong Master, you have to make the Suehiro family glorious again. Suehiro has been suffering quite a lot with me. They all laughed at me and said that heroes don’t exist anymore. However, I don’t believe it, and like my father, I chose to wait. In turn, you appeared and only you can improve the situation of the Suehiro family.”


“Aha~~ Really? I may not be able to…”


“No, you can definitely do it. When I was discussing sword skills with you just now, I saw that you are a person who loves sword skills and understands them. The Water●Green Light Cold Soul Sword can only be controlled by those who loves swords, and you’re that person.”


“Ugh…if I, I’m not that person, then what will you think?” At this moment, I thought of the conversation that I had with Freed. Since that old man was taken away, then they must know about the existence of the Cold Sword, and they would surely come and look for me.  I wasn’t sure how he’d perceive me at that time…


“Don’t joke around. Aside from the descendants of heroes, no one can awaken the sword.” Uncle Sunao took a sip of white wine as if he didn’t care about what I said.

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