Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C6 Part 3


I sighed and didn’t say anything.


When sister Suehiro gave us chopsticks, it was time to eat.


She sat next to me and Choshi was sitting next to her sister. She tried to hide herself. As I was there, Choshi didn’t dare to show her body and she was just busy eating. Sister Suehiro knew that she was shy and she served her vegetables from time to time.


I picked a piece of soy sauce shrimp and put it in my mouth. Suddenly, the mellow and sweetness of soy sauce and the freshness of shrimp made me sigh, “Oh~~This soy sauce shrimp is so delicious.”

Uncle Sunao laughed loudly, “Ha~~~it’s great that you like the things my daughter cooked.”


“It suits my appetite very well. They are all unbelievably delicious.” Although I was a little bit flattering, I was telling the truth. Whether it was shrimp in soy sauce or other dishes, the ingredients and heat were all appropriate. She didn’t overcook, make the shrimp too rough nor too raw. Choshi was indeed a great cook.


“No…it’s not like that…it’s important that you…you like it…” Choshi stuttered and her voice was transmitted through the other side of sister Suehiro…


“It really tastes good.” I started eating other dishes.



“Are you going back? Why don’t you spend the night here?” After dinner and some wine, uncle Sunao asked me and his face was slightly blushed.


At the beginning of the dinner, they were still talking, yet they stopped in the end and it was getting odd. All in all, sister Suehiro wasn’t much a talker and Choshi was a shy girl. Uncle Sunao just spent the time drinking wine and I was eating most of the time. However, it’s awesome already that I got to eat something nice. It’s okay to be in a somewhat embarrassing environment.


“No, I have to go back now.” I stood up after drinking a cup of tea. Then, I picked up my schoolbag and the Cold Sword at the corner.


“I see. Suehiro, you should send Young Master then.” Uncle Sunao didn’t make things difficult to me, but he asked sister Suehiro to send me back.


“I have got it, father.” Sister Suehiro stopped what she’s doing after hearing what uncle Sunao had said. She stood up and was ready to walk out with me.


“Oh, sister Suehiro? Why are you following me?” Just when I stepped outside, I saw that sister Suehiro was following me.


“I’m sending you back, Young Master.”


“What do you mean by sending me back? Didn’t you mean by sending me to the entrance?”


“Yes, to the entrance of your door, Young Master.”


“Uh…there’s no need. You can just go back.” So, uncle Sunao was saying that she should send me back to MY door?


“No way, it’s getting dark. I have to ensure your safety.” She looked pretty serious.


“My safety…sister Suehiro, you’re a girl, right?”




“Then why are you sending me back? Isn’t it more dangerous for a girl to walk alone?”


“Dangerous? No, it won’t be.”


“Sure, it will be. You are so beautiful and those perverts will be interested in you.”


“If there’s any pervert, I’ll beat him down.”


“Even if that’s the case, I will not let you send me back. I won’t let a girl do that…anyway, even if you send me home, I’ll still send you back here.” And what if that pervert is better than you in fighting?




“Because you’re a girl.”


“Because I’m a girl…but if I don’t send you back, my father will scold me.”


“It’ll be fine. If he scolds you, you just need to tell him that it’s my idea. Come on, get in now.” I left right away.


“If that’s the case, then please be careful, Young Master.” I heard sister Suehiro’s voice behind me.


“Yes, I will.” I responded and walked towards home.

At home.


“I’m back.” I opened the door and put the sword on the cabinet. Then, I changed into my slippers and walked in the corridor. Suddenly, I heard Reidy scream and saw her running from downstairs in a panic. She grabbed my shoulders and hid behind me.

“Human! There is a dragon, there is a dragon in your room.” Reidy said with a trembling voice.


“Dragon? What are you doing in my room?” It turned out that Reidy really checked out my bedroom. Unexpectedly, the usual brave Reidy would turn out to be so chicken shxt. She’s even trembling…how cute.


“Your phone was ringing and I went to check it out. Then, I saw a dragon and she’s in human form. She was looking at your phone. There were flames in her hand the moment I stepped in and there’s a strong sense of murder in her eyes. It’s really scary. Luckily, I could flee, or I could have been burnt alive.” Reidy looked at the staircase cautiously.


“Ugh…how about Silent Water and Dusty?”


“They’re taking a shower. Come here, you must drive the dragon away. Why would there be a dragon in your room?” Reidy pushed me and wanted me to send Valarie away.


“Reidy, can you relax a bit? Valarie is not the dragon that you expected.”


“Valarie? She even has a name then? So, what you were hiding last night was her? You’re such a pervert, you can’t even let a dragon go.” Reidy wasn’t worried about the dragon anymore. She walked in front of me with a dark expression and grabbed my collar violently.


“Ugh…can you just let go?” I moved my gaze away from Reidy and I just realized that she’s wearing a loose pajama. As she’s grabbing violently, I got to see what’s inside…so it’s black.


“You have to explain to me first!” She kept grabbing my collar and interrogating me.



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