Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C7 Part 1

Sickness, seven hundred years ago, it’s so soft


“You have to explain to me first!” Reidy didn’t realize that Lin Xiang had already seen her underwear, and she just kept grabbing his collar.


“That…” Lin Xiang hesitated. He was wondering whether he should tell Reidy about her underwear being revealed.


If he said so, then Reidy would surely let him go. But he was also worried that Reidy would give him another electric shock afterwards.


“Ah, don’t just stutter. Also, don’t turn your gaze to anywhere else. Look at me.” Reidy shook Lin Xiang and she was commanding him.


“Uh…in fact, Valarie is…”


Just when he was about to speak, Reidy noticed that he dared not look her in the eyes. She shook him again, “I told you to look me in the eyes.”


Lin Xiang sighed and thought, “there’s no other way. I have to look at Reidy or she’d think that I was panicking…”


As he thought so, he slowly turned his gaze to Reidy. He dared not look at her body, so he was just staring at her face. When their eyes met each other, Reidy started blushing.


Reidy had recently watched a romantic drama, and she had a deeper understanding of relationships of opposite sexes. At this moment, she seemed to have forgotten about Valarie. She was just looking at Lin Xiang in the eyes, as if she was hoping something to happen. She was wondering whether Lin Xiang would do anything to her. All in all, he had told her that he liked her.


While Lin Xiang was looking at Reidy, he was silent. It wasn’t because he was attracted by her beauty, but he had spotted a sense of sickness in her eyes.


Had her magic power nearly consumed totally?


He was looking at her face, while thinking about this.


Although Reidy blushed, the redness couldn’t cover the feeling of sickness on her face.


What to do?


Lin Xiang was somewhat confused – if he suddenly hugged her now, he’d surely get another electric shock. But if he didn’t do so, he couldn’t send her much magic power just by touching her head or pinching her face. He could at most make her hang in there a little longer…well, let’s just do so, it’s not like he hadn’t got an electric shock before.


Lin Xiang, who had made up his mind, stretched out his hand and hugged Reidy’s waist. At the moment he did so, Reidy felt like she couldn’t think. There was a humming sound left in her brain and she just let Lin Xiang hug her in his arms.


At the moment when she was in Lin Xiang’s arms, Reidy felt an unprecedentedly powerful magical power pouring into her body. She was feeling Lin Xiang’s body temperature, his familiar scent, his powerful magical power. The strength on her hands started to change. She slowly held Lin Xiang’s neck.


———————— 10 seconds later


Oh? That’s strange, he wasn’t electrified at all. Reidy must have realized that Lin Xiang was transferring her magical power.


About 10 seconds later, Reidy’s arms wrapped around his neck. Her face was close to his chest and her breathing was a little quick. It could be that too much magical power was transferred into her body and she found it a bit hard to breathe…


“Master~~” Suddenly, Lin Xiang heard Dusty’s voice. The next second, he felt two soft things pressed against his back and someone was hugging him from behind.


“Dusty?” When Dusty hugged me, Reidy quickly withdrew her hands. She pushed me and wanted to break free.


Of course, she couldn’t as she was weak. In order to avoid unnecessary damage, I quickly let go and let Reidy free.


After I let Reidy free, I saw her face totally red. She was looking at Dusty behind me and stuttered, “Dusty…you…you have seen…what have you seen?”


“Oh?” Dusty touched my back with her face and put her chin on my shoulders, “what have I seen? I saw that sister Reidy was being intimate with my master~~~how cunning you are, you took the opportunity when I was having a shower.”


“Don’t talk any nonsense! Who…who was being intimate with this human? Let me tell you…the fact is that he suddenly hugged me. You think I like it? I was forced actually…you know?”


“Oh…okay.” Dusty nodded, then turned to me, “master, if you want a hug, you can look for me. I wouldn’t mind.”


“Ugh…” I was just trying to send Reidy a bit of magical power. Also, Dusty didn’t need any more supplemental power, she could use mine directly.


“Dusty, don’t say such things, or this human will surely do whatever he wants, even something bad. By the way, human, you still haven’t answered me! What’s up with the dragon?” Reidy suddenly thought of Valarie and she kept staring at me. However, she had to turn her reddened face away after a few seconds.


Although her magic power was only replenished by about one-fifth, but the feeling of sickness on Reidy’s face had already disappeared, which was good. I would look for another opportunity to fully replenish her magic power, and I hope Reidy wouldn’t give me another electric shock by then.

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