Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C7 Part 2


“Hey, answer me now. You damn human.” Reidy asked me angrily once again.


“Oh, okay, I will answer you…”


“Answer what?” Dusty interrupted.


“It’s about Valarie.” I patted Dusty’s head and said to Reidy, “about one week ago, I accidentally felt into the rift of the dimensional space and I was chased by a bunch of demons.”


“Hey, what did you say? You fell into the rift of the dimensional space and you what…you were chased by a bunch of demons? Although you have immense magical power, it isn’t obvious, is it?” Reidy asked me with doubt, as if she didn’t believe what I’d said. Indeed, it’s normal that she didn’t believe me, as who they wanted to kill was Valarie, they really shouldn’t have invested so much energy into killing me, a useless human being.”


“Ugh…do you still remember about the boulder demon when we first met?” In order to make Reidy believe that Valarie was a good dragon, I decided to tell a lie.

“Of course I remember, its name is Guntheru.” When talking about the boulder demon, Reidy’s eyes were filled with hatred. She felt ashamed to her loss that day. Then, she immediately asked, “what does it have to do with you being chased?”


“Of course it’s related. Didn’t I kill him? Then, his brothers led the other demons and they looked for me for revenge in the human’s world.”


“Oh? It seems to have really happened. I once saw on TV about demons intruding schools one day.”


“Yeah, as I didn’t want to drag other schoolmates into this trouble, I jumped into the rift of the dimensional space.”


“You…are you a fool? Weren’t you afraid of death? The demon’s world is extremely dangerous.”


“Ugh…” Looking at Reidy full of nervousness and blame, I scratched my head, “it’s already in the past. Also, don’t interrupt me, I still haven’t finished.”


“Huh…you fool!” Reidy stopped talking.


“Okay, so I came to the fire dragon valley after arriving in the demon’s world.”


“Wait, I have to interrupt you. Are you saying that it’s the fire dragon valley, the one with flames?”




“So, it’s actually the red dragon, Venus who’s on your bed?”


Oh? It seems that Reidy knew about the existence of Venus. I am sure that its name was pretty popular in the demon’s world.


“No, that’s Venus’ daughter, Valarie. I got lost in Fire Dragon Valley, and then I ran into Valarie. She gave me something to eat, and then she protected me from the attack of the demons.”


“Is it all true, the story that you told me?” Reidy’s eyes widened and she looked at me with disbelief. She also raised her head and looked at the staircase.


“Of course, it’s true.” I nodded.


“But, the patriarch and the others have said that all dragons are evil creatures. Even the daughter of Venus shouldn’t be so kind, right? Hey, human, are you lying to me? Venus caused a huge damage to the spirits seven hundred years ago.”


“Oh, seven hundred years ago? Reidy, what is this about?” Since she said that it had caused damages to spirits seven hundred years ago, then Venus must have been alive at that time. Where did she go then? Did she die or just hide in somewhere?


“I don’t know. For specific details, you should ask the patriarch. Also, don’t change the subject. Let me ask you again, regarding the dragon called Valarie, are you sure that she’s not evil and won’t hurt the others?”


“Well, I can guarantee that with my life.” I nodded heavily.


“Yes, so is Dusty. Master Dragon is so easy-going.” Dusty interrupted.

“Really…In this case, human, let’s go up now, I want to see if this dragon is really as harmless as you’ve said.”


“Ha~~~Sister Reidy, let me take you up.” Dusty came out behind me…making me dizzy at once.


Dusty was completely naked, her brownish red hair only covered her back, revealing her pale shoulders. There were a few drops of water on her shoulders. No wonder the feeling that I had was so real just now, it turns out that she’s naked…?


“Hey, what are you doing? Didn’t I already tell you that you have to put on your clothes after shower? The human will take advantage of you.” Reidy yelled and quickly got in front of me. She used her hands to block my vision, “you’re still looking. I will dig your eyes out.”


“Ugh…sorry.” I turned my back against Reidy, letting her pull Dusty away.


“Eh? I want to let myself dry first before doing so. There’s no need to be in a hurry.”


“What are you talking about? Don’t you have a towel? You can wipe yourself dry after shower.”




As Reidy and Dusty’s voices got more vigorous, I sighed while looking at the floor.


I didn’t understand Reidy. She was going to see Valarie, how come she changed so quickly?


“Master, welcome back.” Just as I was thinking about it, I heard Silent Water’s voice. She was standing in front of the bathroom, welcoming me.


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