Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C7 Part 3

After taking a shower, Silent Water was wearing a pink t-shirt and a white skirt. Her pale skin and the pink color of her t-shirt matched well, and she looked pretty youthful.


“Yeah, I’m back.”


“Is my master hungry? Silent Water has left something to eat for you. If you’re hungry, I can heat it up again.”


“Ha~I am not hungry. Thank you, Silent Water.” After I said so, I walked toward Silent Water.


“Master, what’s the matter?” Silent Water smiled and asked me.


“Nothing, I just want to see the complete information of Silent Water.”


“Huh? What sort of information?” Silent Water tilted her head and looked at me with confusion.


“Oh, information about your physical conditions. Like your height, your measurements, etc. It’s for the profile that we’re trying to build for you at school.”


After hearing what I said, Silent Water lowered her head and she blushed. There was also white smoke coming on top of her head.


I haven’t seen Silent Water like that for a long time. What happened to her? Was it really that embarrassing to tell me her personal information?


“Silent Water, if you mind, then it’s okay.” If she didn’t want to, then I’d let her. I didn’t want to force her.


“No…it’s okay…” Silent Water stretched her hand and grabbed my wrist. Then, she slowly raised my hand…


It’s so soft…and it’s so warm…


At this moment, my hands were on the chest of Silent Water. What happened? I had no idea…aside from touching a soft and warm thing, I had nothing else on my mind.


I didn’t know why my hands would be on her chest. As I’d lost some consciousness, my fingers moved a bit.


“Uh ah…” Silent Water moaned a little and she slightly panted, “master…so…what’s the measurement…of my chest?”


“Eh? Wow!” I quickly withdrew my hand after realizing what had happened. As Silent Water’s hands were still grabbing my wrist, after I withdrew it, she lost balance and fell towards me.


I hugged Silent Water’s waist, stabilized her body and asked her in my arms, “hey…Silent Water…what are you doing…”


“Master…you want to know my measurements…and…I don’t know about my measurements…that’s why…” Her voice was as low as a mosquito’s. If I had poorer hearing, I would have no idea what she was talking about.


“Uh…even if you do that, I wouldn’t know.” I still had the warmth of her chest in my palm…that feeling…was indescribable. By the way, I had never touched a girl’s chest.


“I see…there’s a program on TV…once a guy touches a girl’s chest, he would know her measurements…I thought that master could do the same…”


“No…I don’t have skills like that. Also, what kind of programs are you watching?” Those programs really had a bad influence on them.


“I’m sorry…” Silent Water stopped talking, she was lying in my arms quietly.


After contracting Silent Water, I had never hugged her like that. I really missed that feeling.


“Understood? From now on, you need to bring the clothes I place in the living room to the bathroom, and after you finish taking a shower, you need to…hey! What are you two doing?” Reidy’s voice scared me, just like a person suddenly slips and falls after climbing a high mountain.


I quickly let go of Silent Water and smiled to Reidy, “nothing, I am just collecting information.”


“Oh? And you need to do that by hugging Silent Water?”


“Yes, just like that. I need to take her measurements, so…”


“Oh? That…” Reidy frowned.


“Yes, I was just trying to find out the measurement of her waist.”


“Is that so, Silent Water?” Reidy looked at Silent Water who’s completely blushed by now.


“Yes.” She nodded and looked at me.


“Then, there’s no other way. Oh, wait, measurements? Human, you…” Reidy seemed to have thought about something.


“Uh…” I naturally knew what Reidy was thinking about. Just when I was going to say something, Reidy walked to me and said in a low voice, “I see, no wonder Silent Water blushed…”


“You’ve misunderstood me.”

Just when I closed my eyes and anticipated something bad was coming. I felt that something had grabbed my hand and placed it on something soft with an appropriate size.

Oh, is that how it feels? I grabbed it with my hand and Reidy said, “um.”

I instantly knew what’s going on. I opened my eyes and saw Reidy looking shy. She looked at me somewhat angrily, “in order to go to school, I’ll let you take advantage once. Remember, it’s once and for all.”

When Dusty saw it, she also took my other hand, “I don’t know what information means, but master, don’t hesitate. Whatever you want, you just need to ask Dusty.” Afterwards, she put my hand on her chest as well…

At this moment, Yalide started yelling, as if he’d just run out of an asylum, “wow!!! It’s so great to be alive!!!”




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