Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C8 Part 1

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“Chichichichi~~” The melodious cry of the birds woke me up from my sleep. I opened my eyes in a daze, and what I saw was the ceiling that I had to see every day.


I moved my left hand and it was completely without any sense. My right hand felt the same. At this moment, my hands didn’t feel like mine. I didn’t have any feeling.


Sigh…I saw Valarie and Dusty pressing on each of my arm and sighed.


Last night, old uncle dialed my phone when I happened to enter the entrance.


The phone rang suddenly. Valarie, who hadn’t heard the ringtone, got nervous at once. She released her dragon’s pressure and looked for the source of the sound. At this moment, Reidy pushed open the door and Valarie thought that it’s an enemy. She immediately lit the flames in her hands and scared Reidy, who thought that she’s under attack. She immediately went downstairs and looked for my help…and as I’d touched Reidy’s chest but I failed to tell her what her size was, I got another electric shock. However, I didn’t pass out, as Freed told me that I’d already got immune to electric shock.

Afterwards, I introduced Valarie to Reidy, and although Reidy was very shocked, she didn’t try to attack Valarie. She might have realized that she couldn’t cause any damage to Valarie. As Valarie was a dragon, she could kill hundreds of demons on her own. This was a kind of incomparable power.


“Hey, didn’t I tell you to sleep in the living room? Why did you end up here? Also, Dusty, you’re the same.” I murmured to Valarie and I turned myself with some difficulty. I withdrew my right hand wrapped by Dusty. In a while, my blood started circulating again and my feeling of touch came back.


I slightly pushed Valarie away. I shook my left hand and sat up quietly. Then, I entered the bathroom.


I turned on the faucet, washed my face and looked at myself in the mirror. I had such messy hair and looked funny. I laughed and it’s not because I looked funny, it’s because I was happy.


When old uncle called, instead of saying that he missed me, it was related to the creation of files for Silent Water, Dusty and Reidy. After confirming some information with old uncle, it was pretty much settled.


Silent Water. Gender: Female. Height: 168cm. Magic: Water


Reiworth Reidy. Gender: Female. Height: 165cm. Magic: Electricity


Matsuma Dusty. Gender: Female. Height: 164cm. Magic: Earth, Fire


For the other information, old uncle said that he’d find a way to complete it. With this basic information, they could start school anytime. It was Wednesday, and after confirmation with the headmaster, they could report at school on Thursday. I was naturally happy thinking that I could finally attend school with them.


After I cleaned myself up, Valarie already got up. She sat on the bed and looked around her with confusion. After seeing that I came out, she jumped out of bed and walked into the bathroom.


“Hey, Valarie, do you want to return to the demon’s world?” I closed the bathroom door.


“No.” She said plainly.


“Oh? Why? Didn’t you say that you’d guard the Fire Valley? Why…?”


“Yes. I want. To. Guard. The. Fire Valley. But. I’m. Here now. How. Can I. Return.”


“Well…you’re right.”


Actually, using the Dragon Crystal to summon Valarie meant that she had used the teleportation magic to be transported here. If she ever wanted to return, she had to do so via the same magic or through the rift of the dimensional space. And here, no one knew how to do so…

“Actually, I have a way to send you back to the demon’s world.”


“Well. What way.”


“Uh…” Yalide had the ability to cut space and he could open a door to let Valarie return. This is the fundamental reason why I could open the space door. But no one else knew about the existence of Yalide. In their mind, it’s me who had this special power, that’s why I could cut open the space…


“Would you believe me if I tell you that I can create a gap in the space and let you return?”


If I told Valarie that a human being could open the rift of the dimensional space, I bet that she wouldn’t believe me.




She did believe me?


“Then, do you want to return?”


“Yes. But. Not now. I want to. Stay for. A few. More days.”


“Oh…it’s alright, then you can stay for a bit longer. I will take you out this weekend.”


“What is. Weekend.”


“Um…a bit difficult to explain, it’s when I don’t have school.”




——–In the dining room.


“Huh~huh~huh~” Reidy was humming and placing the dining utensils on the table happily.


“Reidy? Why did you get up so early?” It’s so strange, how come Reidy wasn’t angry at all after seeing Dusty in my bedroom? Could I still be in my dream? Also, what’s up with this strange, mixed feelings?


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