Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C8 Part 2

“Oh? What’s wrong with waking up early?” Reidy looked at me and continued with what she’s doing.


“You’re right, nothing wrong with that. But why would you help out?” I finally found out what’s wrong.


“OH! Are you saying that I shouldn’t help?” She put down a plate and looked at me while supporting her waist.


“That’s not what I mean…anyway, I think that you’re very happy today.”


“Happy? No way! Absolutely not. I am not happy because I can go to school with you. Don’t take me wrong!” Reidy’s voice suddenly got louder, as if she’s trying to explain something to me.


“Ugh…I didn’t misunderstand you…”


“Well, it’s good that you didn’t.” Reidy stopped looking at me, she continued placing the plates and there was some redness on her innocent, pale face. Was that because she’d talked too loudly?


“Master, good morning.” Silent Water walked out from the kitchen and showed me her beautiful smile that I never got tired of.


“Um, Silent Water, good morning. Oh~~~are we going to eat curry today?” I saw the rice cooker in her hand.


“Yes. Not sure if it suits master’s appetite.”


“Ha~I don’t mind. As long as it’s cooked by Silent Water, I’ll like it.” I smiled at her.


“Huh~” Reidy seemed to be pissed off out of some reason. She stared at me once before entering the kitchen. What had I done wrong?



“I’m going out~~~”


“Please be careful.” “Huh! Watch out for cars.” “Master, you have to come back earlier~~~~”


“Okay.” I responded. After waving at the three girls, I walked toward the school.



“Boss Lin Xiang! Good morning!” A tall, bald guy stood at the school gate, he bowed when he saw me approaching.


“Huh? You are…” The bald guy in front of me seemed a bit familiar…um…where did I see him?


“It’s Rintaro Kamikawa from the Kamikawa family.” This time, the guy raised his head.


“Oh~~ You are the bald guy from last time. What’s wrong, do you want to fight?”


“No, no.” The bald guy waved his hand quickly, “big brother Lin Xiang, it’s true that I am a member of the guardian of the holy sword. I have had some unhappy moments with you before. I hope that you can forgive me and be more understanding.”


“The guardian of the holy sword?” I looked at the sword in my hand, then looked up at the bald guy, I couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled.


“The holy sword is the one that you are holding. The full name of this sword is Water●Green Light Cold Soul Sword. It’s left by the demon-killing hero called Olic a thousand years ago.” The bald guy seemed to notice my doubt and explained.


“Oh? Is it a holy artifact?” The surname of the bald guy was Kamikawa…I remember sister Suehiro had once said that aside from the Suehiro family being the guardian, there was another family called Kamikawa. It must be this guy’s family then.


“Right, I’m the guardian of the tenth generation. Our family has been anticipating your appearance for a long time.”


“Oh? You’ve been waiting for me for a long time? Wasn’t it the Suehiro family?”


“The Suehiro family? Huh! They’re rubbish! Lin Xiang, let me tell you the truth. They aren’t good people. That person called Suehiro Sunao was a bastard. The sword skills were obviously invented by our family, yet he insisted that it’s his. Later, he might have found out that he’s the wrong one, that’s why he stopped insisting. But he invented similar sword skills as the Kamikawa sect, and it’s called the Suehiro sect. Also, the bitch called Suehiro Kaoru…she…”


“Hey! You shut up!” This bald guy really deserved to be beaten up. I didn’t care whether he’s from the Kamikawa sect or the Suehiro sect, he shouldn’t have called sister Suehiro a bitch. Also, since Suehiro Sunao was such a traditional person, would he be so shameless and claim the other’s sword skills as his own? Something weird must have happened.


“I’m sorry, I will shut up, I will shut up.” I saw the unwillingness in the eyes of the bald guy. I remember that he had asked their captain to teach me a lesson, so why would he apologize to me now? Did he think that he had to respect me since I was the sword owner?


“Why did you come and look for me?”


“Ha~Actually, the Kamikawa family is aware that the sword owner, and that’s you, has appeared. That’s why we want to invite you for a dinner.”


I see. As I was the sword owner, the Kamikawa family wanted to celebrate about it. Could my presence raise their popularity?


“I am not interested.” I responded directly. Then, I continued walking toward the school.


I really couldn’t face the bald guy’s smile. Obviously, he hated me, but he pretended to want to please me. It’s just too disgusting.


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